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Exploiting…or Being Exploited By The Insane Odds of Wrestlemania 32

Betting on the WWE seems absurd at first glance. Unlike any other sporting & betting event, the results are pre-planned.

Which is exactly why it could be so great.

To keep things under control, a maximum bet of $50 is allowed on underdogs; otherwise corruption could run rampant. That still doesn’t limit how high of earnings you could land if you hit on the right upsets, and I think Wrestlemania #32 could deliver these in spades.

The current state of WWE’s roster is highly depleted. Company icons such as John Cena and Randy Orton have been out of action for an extended time. While there’s every chance one or both will be involved tonight, the actual card is definitely lacking in “big name” appeal.

Which could be an ideal situation for a gambler to capitalize on. Honestly, I’ve never done this shit, so take this all with a huge grain of salt. But I’m thinking at ‘Mania 32, with a need for a huge night and a lack of talent to deliver it, the previously unthinkable becomes very plausible. Big finishes, crazy stunts, debuts, interference, and twists will be necessary to maintain the aura surrounding Wrestlemania.

In front of a historic audience of over 100,000 fans in Dallas, you better believe we’ll be in for some crazy finishes. With that in mind, here’s the wager card I submitted last night:

Now this definitely has the potential to be among the most idiotic things I’ve ever done. It’s planned outcomes, after all.

But you gotta think at least 1 of Kevin Owens or AJ Styles will be promoted as the next big heel or face — potentially both so they can feud post Mania? If I hit on 1, or even both, I’m looking good. Those odds are suspiciously high to be honest, but how could WWE justify losses to potential major players for a droopy, aging veteran in Jericho or a nimrod in Ryder, the rumored favorite given the odds.

The big money, though, could be in the Andre Invitational, where predictability is at an all time low but rumors ran rampant:

Could Cesaro make a splash debut in the Andre Invitational after being spotted at Dallas airport?

Samoa Joe’s loss at NXT Takeover could prelude a huge debut for the big man in the same tournament as well.

Wyatt has to be involved somehow. Perhaps it’s in the Andre Invational he makes his splash (though I could see some Lesnar antics from him).

And look at the ripeness of the two headliners: Hell in a Cell and the Heavyweight Championship match.

With so many big names rumored to get involved, Reigns and Taker may no longer be the locks most would peg them for.  Another Taker loss would seem impossible, yet there’s so many unclean ways like outside interference in which The Deadman could lose without tarnishing his reputation. A strictly baby face win for Reigns would be the worst possible move for the WWE. I am thinking a heel turn, but unfortunately missed opportunities are often more common than actually executing when it comes to WWE Creative.

In all honesty, match placement could really seal my fate. Should Taker and Shane go first, we’re likely in for the standard Taker win despite some crazy spots. Should they go last, however, it may suggest WWE ending on a bang.

Vice versa, should Reigns and Triple H be the final act, it’s a near guarantee Reigns would end up on top. Please, as a heel.  Otherwise we’ll get a historically bad force-feeding of a face no one wants to buy.

Sasha Banks at +500 seemed too good to avoid. I’d consider her even with Charlotte, and with “upsets” a potential theme, she might even be favorite to steal the newly debuting belt. She’s also a Boston product, and Snoop Dogg’s cousin. Can’t bet against that.

The only action I didn’t want to touch was Ambrose Lesnar. While this absolute blood bath has me more excited than any other match, it seems unwise for action. The fact Ambrose could be pushed to stardom, without winning, but by simply going toe for toe with Brock Lesnar under brutal stipulation makes me expect the loss in a steal-showing performance from The Lunatic Fringe.

Will  these pan out? No, not likely. There’s a reason their opponents are heavy favorites, after all. But hell, if it brings more entertainment to my night and my writing, it’ll be worthwhile, right? Ugh, regretting this already.

Good life choices.