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0-7, -$285, Every ‘Mania Moment’s A Reminder of My Stupidity

Whether it’s someone gets tossed through a barricade, or a promo line being dropped, everything on this damn broadcast hauntingly reminds me of my idiocy. Literally every single thing on this show. From the second Zack Ryder shockingly ascended that ladder, to 3 WWE legends chugging beers together in the ring, to Shane’s epic leap of Hell in a Cell, and finally just now with this incredibly badass moment of The Rock shooting off a flamethrower, I’ve been consistently mocked by the WWE.

No, I can’t just enjoy the incredible spectacle of The People’s Champ blazing throughout Cowboys Dallas Stadium without thinking of all the ways $300 could be better spent. Including being burned right here. Never again.

Like a lot of tonight, the finish was definitely lackluster — anytime you think you’re in for a surprise Rock match, but it really was just a record chase (6 second pin fall) it’s hard for the balls to not take on a blueish hue.
Still great to see The Rock at Mania.