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Why Shaq Has WWE Legend Upside

Shaq flashed a massive WWE Superstar ceiling while also confirming he’s DK from Super Smash during Wrestlemania’s Andre the Giant Battle Royale. He tossed dudes with a velocity that could best be described as vicious, and brought some legit charisma and intensity to his spots.

While his natural goofiness suggests a debut as a face, we all saw his heel acting chops while dumping our pants during his infamous, Oscar-worthy introduction in Kazaam:

The power? C’mon, the dude’s a truck. Did you see ‘Mania?

And, of course, the most crucial pieces to an in-ring persona is the Nickname. HHH wouldn’t be the same without The Cerebral Assassin, nor would Lesnar be Lesnar without The Beast Incarnate.

Shaq’s got one of the most impressive Nickname resumes out there:

WWE, I hope you can recognize upside. Seriously, is there any ex athlete more perfect for the WWE? If you had a choice of anyone in the world, who would you say you truly want to see more between the ropes than The Big Diesel himself?

This guy would put asses in seats.

Give him a simple big – man’s moveset and a couple months of training & seasoning, we’ve got a WWE star.

As “The DK Incarnate,” O’Neill’s finisher is already selected for him: the Wind-up Super Punch.

Imagine how raucous the WWE Universe would get with each whirling swing of Shaqueille O’Neill’s massive arm. Just revving up the audience ala Michaels stomping before a Sweet Chin. Vwwff Vwwfff Vwwwfff. A windmill.

Meanwhile a poor, dazed opponent staggers… Tipping right into … BAM!! Flailing limbs through the air. Think of the sell potential — Stone Cold Stunner type of upside.

Holy shit Shaq please join WWE.