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How To Set Up a Game of Thrones Fantasy League


The throbbing bass drums. The rhythmic dun dun dun dun dun dun duns driving us and a flaming orb down towards the ever changing map of  Westeros.

And with each pound, our excitement ratchets up a notch. Each rising landmark brings a question with it:

–As the castles of Winterfell grow, what will be the fallout of Sansa and Reek’s leap off that wall be? Should I still be calling him Reek, even? Or is Theon finally ready to reemerge and end this demented Jeckyll Hyde once and for all?

–The Red-leaved Weirwood’s face sprout rapidly, and with it come questions about Bran. He’ll never walk again…but will he actually fly? Wtf is going on with this three eyed Raven crap? Can this please become more interesting?

–The Wall grows and my hatred of “The Watch Rats”rises with it. What’s John Snow’s deal, could he really be gone?

If these, and the many other lingering questions after a wild Season 5 finale, intrigue you, then welcome. Yes, we too would use Ramin Djawadi’s epic Intro Song as our pre game  warm up track if we still had any type of athletic value to offer the world.

As interesting as the above story lines are strictly at face value, they are crucial questions to predicting value for Fantasy Game of Thrones.

Yes. Fantasy Game of Thrones.  

As mentioned earlier, an addict of my level must fill his life somehow to get through the NFL Offseason. Thus, my daily life becomes a fantasy draft, and because of this addiction I wanted to share my instructions on how to set up a Game of Thrones fantasy league.  

Of all the idiotic drafts I’ve conducted out of sheer addiction, the Game of Thrones one is something I mark on the calendars. I legitimately look forward to it about 72% as much as I do Fantasy Draft Day.

The reasoning is simply the same driving factor behind fantasy football’s success: something that’s already amazing is turned into something even more engaging and exciting. Once it’s a competition among your friends, where keeping in touch, gambling, punishments, smack talk, and the ability to prove your superiority are all present, the investment becomes that much higher.

Think about how badass a Tyrion Brothel slayfest is, and then if it yields you 8 points against your buddy?! Suddenly Thrones Night, already the most exciting part of an average human’s week at this point of the year, is that much more thrilling. .

rsj addict thrones


Of course, The RSJ won’t just be providing the structure and scoring, we’ll be doing a whole draft kit on Fantasy Game of Thrones. Positional analysis, sleepers, NFL player comparisons, you name it and we’ll provide it.

Before any of that matters, however, a strong scoring system with no question marks must be present. Below is The RSJ’s take on the ideal scoring system for  Fantasy Game of Thrones.

How To Set Up a Game of Thrones Fantasy League

Below represents our Standard League (highly recommended) Scoring. For the particularly demented, “PPR” structure suggestions are provided, but not endorsed.

Standard League Point Categories


Murder Points

  • Any kill (at any point, Walker kills included) = +2
  • First kill of season 6 = +8 bonus (will be a 10 point play)
  • First kill of any episode = +3 bonus (5 points)
  • Any kill of a major character (I.e. Mountain squishing Oberyn’s head like a grape) =  +5 bonus (7 total)
  • A vengeance kill (I.e. Brienne keeping hear oath) = +5 bonus (7 total) 


Sex Points (all points awarded only for consensual intercourse. Rape disqualifies any sex points and potential penalties exist in our PPR Scoring section below)

  • Has sex (at any point) = +3
  • First sex of episode = +2 bonus (5 total)
  • First consensual sex initiator** of season 6. = +6 bonus points
  • First sex receiver** of Season 6 = +4 bonus points
    • **Note – If first sex of Season 6 has no clear initiator, the 10 total points are divided between both and each receives +5.
  • On Screen Tit Time (OSTT) = +1 point for every 1 second (tits must be fully visible, including nipple, for point accumulation.)
    • *Note – (Shame scene repeat offers huge upside)
  • Hanging Dong = +3 per flash
  • Fucking 2+ at one time = +5 point bonus
    • *Needs to be clearly a orgy in your favor, and not you joining into a group affair)

Boozing Points

  • Drinks alcohol at any point = +2 points
  • Full drink chug is done clearly and made apparent, not estimated (I.e. “Here goes Tyrion polishing off another full bottle of wine)= +4 bonus (6 total)
    • (+2 more points if full drink chug is done for intimidation purposes (8 total))
  • Drinks after slaying (in bed or battlefield) = +3 bonus (5 total)

Death Penalty Points

  • Get “killed” (there’s a real chance you’re gone without reincarnating or Red Women Sorcery)* at any point = -5 points.  
    • *Speculation may be apparent you could be alive, but if the show wants us to believe you are dead, I.e. Jon Snow, then you lose the points unless you return to screen.
  • First death = -10 points
    • *If the rare chance this happens to the first character “killed,” then First Death Penalty needs to be reassigned, misusing an additional 5 points to one player while adding the 10 negative back to original score.
  • Return to life / reincarnation = Immediate Eraser of Penalty**
    • *If the rare chance the first character “killed” is reincarnated, was not actually dead, or returns in some form besides a vision or ghost, then First Death Penalty needs to be reassigned. Ultimately, this would mean someone who already had -5 for the second death would increase the debt to -10.

Note – further consequence of death would mean a loss of this point source / roster spot. While we considered waivers, technology does not currently support this. An alternative for deeper leagues would be to include one bench/ IR spot. Ideal roster sizes and positions are established below.

Optional, PPR settings –  Again, let me preface by saying we don’t support PPR Thrones action, as it can be seen as a horrible joke about a horrible act. The RSJ sticks strictly to the standard league rules above.

Nonetheless, the sad reality of Westeros is that rape happens quite frequently — about 1 to 2 rapes per season type of rate. While we don’t prefer to gamble on it, we felt we’d be leaving a stone unturned if it remained unaddressed. As such, here’s potential options:

  • Double negative: It’s such a horrible act, so everyone involved receives a negative. Raper faces a harsher penalty of -5, while the receiver receives -2.
  • Others believed the receiver deserved bonuses for having to deal with this. You could potentially add +2 as some sort of silver lining for having to see a character go through it.
  • If you’re really demented, you don’t enforce any rape penalties and all sexual acts, consensual or not, are treated equally.

Ideal Roster Sizes & Positions

This was a tough struggle over at The RSJ. As mentioned, Waiver Wire + Free Agency options were discussed. Nonetheless, we all ultimately agreed upon the following roster sizes and positions:

5 total players:

  • 2 human males (can include children)
  • 2 human female (can include children)
  • 1 flex (can include any active creature -All types of humans but also the White Walker King (Kevin White type of ceiling here), Beasts (Dragons + Direwolves individual and drafted by name i.e Drogon not “The Black One”),  Giants, etc. 


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