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Fantasy Game of Thrones: Jamie Lannister’s Stock Profile

Have two “revenge game narratives” ever been more compellingly scripted than those of the Lannister Twins?

We’ll begin by profiling the male, who we feel offers quite a bit more GoTFantasy upside than his sister. With revenge as his fuel, Jaime Lannister’s fantasy upside is flaming to potentially unforeseen levels.

Almost back to King’s Landing on his boat ride home from Dorne, has just seen his daughter Myrcella die in his arms. Undoubtedly a result of a poisonous kiss from Ellaria, the mother of the Sand Snakes, Jaime’s left crying while Bronn and Trystane (her betrothed) wait elsewhere on the ship, unknowing of the drastic turn of events.

Given “a Lannister always repays their debts,” we have the set-up for a massive, Le’veon Bell type of bounce back from Jaime. Both Jaime and Bell have been wounded, perhaps multiple times. Yet, a relentless appetite for proving others wrong keeps  both highly productive when healthy.


Let’s look at the immense upside of The Kingslayer:


Murder:  Though having his hand chopped off has reduced his natural talent, the man can still fight. Moreover, no one is more dangerous with revenge on the mind than The Golden Boy. He should be ripe for plenty of killing, including major characters, given this Season 6 set-up.

Sex – I don’t know if we necessarily have to separate the two sibilings, as disturbing as that is. In fact, an incestuous performance from Jaime and Cersei is my early favorite for first sex of Season 6, and thus a nice bonus is on the way for our contestants.

In terms of initiation points, this is a scenario where I imagine consensual agreement and no clear receiver. My prediction: the two fall into one another’s arms in despair and, unable to find comfort in anything but ripping the clothes off one another, a fierce, disturbing scene unfolds. In front of Tommen? Let. The boy. Watch.

But as near locks to do the dirty with one another, you have a floor. Cersei’s whorish past creates a higher ceiling than that of her brother. Yet, my gut feels we might see a faithful, more committed couple as the two lean on one another for support.  Still leaves plenty of room for solid fantasy point totals from The Kingslayer.

Drinking – Jamie seems a bit more reserved in his drinking, but he’ll indulge every now and again. While the ceiling is low, the floor isn’t cavernous. Some after-sex drinks after a round with Cersei are plenty possible.

Summary: Guaranteed high screen time and fueled by revenge narratives of the most cruel levels, both Lannister twins offer immense bounce back potential. Jaime seems a safer bet since murder is the most consistent form of points. He also offers more versatility as a 3-down asset, similar to the Steelers workhorse. Both Jaime and Le’veon should be on the top of fantasy owners minds in their respective drafts.





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