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Judging the Game of Thrones Fantasy Draft Top 12 Picks

Despite the different “sport,” our Fantasy Game of Thrones Expert draft maintained everything we love about draft day. The booze. The horrible picks and consequent thrashings. The satisfaction of hearing a “damn, I wanted him with my next pick.”
Below lies The Wolf’s rapid reactions from the course of the night, including commentary from the gaggle of drafters:

Participants / Draft Order

  • Sailor J’s Bastards
  • King Beyond the Wall
  • Wolf of Westeros
  • The Great White Stark
  • Grabbeth My SandSnakes
  • Lord of Tires

Game of Thrones Fantasy Draft Top 12 Picks

Round 1

Pick 1: Wolf – Tyrion Lannister (Wolf swapped 1st and 4th with J)

Reaction: I didn’t write Tyrion deserved locked-in #1 overall status for no reason, and I made every effort to secure my guy. Given Sailor J enjoys trade rape, he didn’t make it too difficult to get the clear FantasyGoT horse on the squad as arguably the safest, yet still high-upside prospect out there. Glad to have the Antonio Brown of GoT on my squad.

Pick 2: King – Jaime Lannister

Reaction: As discussed, Jamie’s floor and ceiling are already incredibly high given his compelling bounce back, revenge narrative ala Le’veon Bell. A very safe investment here at #2.

Pick 3: Sailor – Ramsay Bolton (with pick acquired from Wolf)

Reaction: Great White Stark, “Only J would trade away the top pick to choose someone who’ll die this season. Classic.”

Sailor J retorts, “Yeah, he’ll probably die, but not until after he’s murdered and fucked the entire north in pursuit of Sansa.”

Pick 4: White – Bronn

Reaction: This one was a crowd pleaser, and for obvious reasons. He offers upside in all 3 categories of murdering, sex, and drinking, making him a rare, three down back type in the mold of Matt Forte in his prime.

Pick 5: Snake – The Mountain

Reaction: General consensus agreed this one was quite the reach. While his upside is sky-high in the murder department, you need more potential in the other categories out of your first round selection.

Pick 6: Tires – Daario

Reaction: This went down as the pick of the night. For some reason, we all thought we’d sneak him out in Round 2, but The Tires recognized, “First overall talent…he drinks, he fucks, he kills and has huge hanging cock potential.” Truly poetic, and accurate.

Round 2
Pick 7 Tires – Tormund

Reaction: Generally agreed this was a reach, and particularly underwhelming after such a strong pick with Daario. Tires tried justification, “Lots of kills, drinking potential, and could get a screw in” but in general, the Red Bearded One leaves a lot to be desired at the top of Round 2. Carlos Hyde comes to mind here.

Pick 8 Snake – Daenarys

Reaction: Purely drafted on name, not fantasy potential. Rarely kills on her own, though does offer massive screen time and high usage generally translates into points. Still, a once high-ceiling product has seen her stock plummet alongside her reluctance to show tit. Without a steady source of On Screen Tit Time (OSTT), her upside is limited. An Anquan Boldin type of pick.

Pick 9 White – Cersei

Reaction: The best all-around prospect in a thin female talent pool, Great White Stark lands an absolute steal. As previously observed, the revenge narrative coming off a harrowing walk of shame  boosts the bounce back potential of an already high drinking and sex point ceiling. This creates a Dez Bryant feel.

Pick 10 Wolf – Sansa

Reaction: A slight panic pick, I still see Kevin White levels of untapped potential here. After all the punishment she’s endured, you’d have to imagine a savage side to Sansa is going to be released sooner rather than later. If we get a rebranded side of Sansa, she could offer the most well-rounded upside of any female not named Cersei.

Pick 11 King – Brienne

Reaction: By far the highest upside in murdering among females, Brienne presents limited elsewhere. True, just the name of her sword — Oath Keeper — suggests vengeance kill bonuses will be delivered. But this redwood ain’t drinking or fucking anytime soon. An Adrian Peterson type: offers talent to a limited pool, but is one-dimensional.

Pick 12 Sailor – Margery

Reaction: Uninspiring. Sure, if she ever is released from her captivity in the Sparrows, we could see plenty of boozing and bed-room action. But her escape is no guarantee, thus creating some serious risk.



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