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Week 9 Game of Thrones Power Rankings

Week 9 Power Rankings

After arguably the best episode of the entire series, the Power Rankings are in upheaval. #BastardBowl gave us a performance for the ages from Jon Snow and helped elevate all those in his squad by taking down last week’s #5 Ramsay Bolton. Yara securing an alliance with Dany is huge for her Ironborn faction, while Euron loses out and sees his stock fall precipitously. Check out this and all the additional movement in The RSJ’s second edition of Power Rankings. (First Edition here).


1. Night’s King (Last Week: 1) BYE WEEK

nights king gif

2. Bran (Last Week: 2) BYE WEEK

bran warging gif

Despite receiving no screentime in Episode 9, the Night’s King’s massive and constantly growing undead army, and Bran’s time-altering powers keep their rankings firm… for now.


3. Dany (Last Week: 3)


Not much to add to Daeny’s profile, as her performance destroying the Masters at Mereen put an emphatic exclamation point on her already crystal clear power. With the addition of Yara’s fleet, The Mother of Dragons could threaten the Super Naturals with another week of massive moves.


4. Jon Snow (Last Week: 9)


An all-time slay fest for the vengeance-seeking Snow pushes him up five spots and into the top four. Defeating his three largest rivals in the North–Bolton, Karstark, and Umber– restored Stark hegemony in the largest region of Westeros. It is unclear how he will split power with his sister Sansa, who officially carries the Stark name; nonetheless, Snow’s leadership and corpse-creating talents fueled their victory and gained this position. Despite the region reeling from a large battle and the possibility of alienating some of its Houses, the alliance with the Vale is enough to push Jon above all other mortal commanders in Westeros. Experience north of the Wall, carrying a Valyrian steel blade (plus an equal sized one in his pants), and his trusty companion Ghost gives him a huge edge in the wars to come.

5. High Sparrow (Last Week: 4)


Hegemony pushes Snow above the divided theocracy now occupying the Capital. As long as the High Sparrow controls Tommen and the throne he will have the upper hand against Jamie, but we shall see how long his reign will last.
The foreshadowing to Wildfire underneath the Red Keep puts the High Sparrow’s reign in further doubt.

6. Jamie Lannister (Last Week: 5)


Jaime Lannister on Game of Thrones Season 6

Be ready for some more upheaval in the power rankings heading into the off season as Jamie returns from a campaign in the Riverlands with a rested army ready to fuck shit up. Bronn and the Mountain in Jamie’s entourage might tip the scale in the Lannister’s favor, but with Cersei’s willingness to use Wildfire, they may not have much of King’s Landing left to rule over following their showdown with the Faith Militant.

7. Littlefinger (Last Week: 13)


Petyr Baelish aka Littlefinger on Game of Thrones

Finally flexing some military muscle, the master of the long con has firmly allied himself with the ruling family of the North and united the two regions. Arguably the strongest alliance at the moment, Littlefinger must get the most out of his position as he can because time is of the essence with the White Walkers a threat to cross the Wall. With the Stark army depleted and other Northern Houses siding with the defeated Boltons, the Vale’s military presence is huge to maintaining Stark hegemony. Depending on what happens in the Capital in Week 10, Littlefinger has room to leap into the Top 5 slot heading into the offseason thanks to always being in the right place at the right time.


8 Tyrion (Last Week:7)


Tyrion reasserts himself as Daeny’s right hand man after some questionable negotiating that resulted in the Master’s attacking Mereen. As always, Daeny saves the day with some top tier carnage and follows his advice in diplomacy with Yara and Theon. Tyrion is the best Number 2 in the game, but until he ditches Daeny for a more monarchial role, he will remain outside the existing powers.

9. Yara (Last Week: 10)

The potential first Queen of the Salt Throne came one step closer in seeing her dream become reality. Bonding with Daeny over the struggles of psychotic fathers and misogynistic rivals, Yara secures an alliance that grants her dominion over the Iron Isles as long as they give up their marauding lifestyle. While Yara will rule, Daeny’s influence over the Islands is already taking shape.


10. Daario (Last Week: 8)

Leading the Dothraki charge into the besieged city of Mereen diversifies Daario’s bonds as not only CEO of the Second Sons but also as a capable cavalry commander. His fall is only due to Yara’s alliance with Dany.

11. Drogon (Last Week: 12)

Drogon comes back to Mereen to team up with his two siblings and unleash a fiery blast, incinerating the Master’s ships and melting men like they’re plastic army figures on a grill. His mercurial personality seems like it is finally firmly behind Dany’s military efforts, and he will surelt play a major role in the shock, awe, and destruction factors of her campaigns.


12. Sansa (Last Week: 14)

The face of the restored ruling family, Sansa now sits at the family home of Winterfell. She proved to be pragmatic in going against her pride and employing the assistance of Littlefinger–a critical in taking out the Bolton infantry. Her tumultuous life gives her plenty of experience in the political sphere, and her alliance with the Vale brings plenty of muscle into the picture. However, as she depends greatly on others for her power, she remains relatively low in the rankings…unless this developing dark side drives her to action.

13. Tormund (Last Week: Not Ranked)

Ramsay’s death created an opening for the red bearded Wildling to make his first appearance on the Power Rankings. Tormund turned in an absolutely savage outing in the #BastardBowl and is rewarded with spots above bye week victims Brienne and The Hound. With loyalty, Wildling connections, and fighting experience & skill beyond the Wall all on the Red Beard’s side, Tormund is a highly valuable ally to the rapidly ascending Jon Snow.

14. Brienne (Last Week: 15)

Unable to secure the Blackfish’s support for the assault against the Boltons, Brienne was absent for the actual battle. Missing out on the carnage costs her ground against Tormund, as the proven fighter has proven to be an integral piece to the ruling Northern dynasty. Despite her own fighting prowess, Brienne’s absence also brings to question her importance to Sansa; maybe the young Stark believed the Keeper of Oaths would be an impediment in gaining the support of Littlefinger and the Vale?

15The Hound (Last Week: Not Ranked)

Capitalizing on Euron’s fall due to an inability to reach Daeny before his niece and nephew, The Hound makes his first appearance on the Power Rankings. Coming off a sabbatical to seek revenge and ruin lives, the Hound now heads North with the Brotherhood Without Banners. Determining whether the revived warrior or Beric Dondarrion, the group’s leader, was more deserving of the final spot was difficult; however, I sided with The Hound since he actually killed Beric in the past and that trumps all. Even though Beric has been resurrected six times, it can be argued The Hound himself was resurrected after his loss to Brienne as recounted by Septon Ray in Week 7. Another savage outing in the mold of Episode 8 could send Burned Face flying up the ranks.

Off the List:

5 Ramsay Bolton

11 Euron Greyjoy


Enjoy what’s bound to be an absolutely epic finale tonight Throners!