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Wolf’s Watchlist: Top-ranked Westworld is the David Johnson of TV

Yes, fantasy football consumes 93% of my every thought and action. Still, Red Zone is not the only option for sitting on the couch for 7 commercial free hours; TV has gotten so absorbingly amazing that we have plenty of reasons to not move a ligament for Eddie Lacy-sized stretches of time. With so much out there for a viewer to choose from, I’ll be breaking down the TV market every so often to help you budget your hard-earned binge hours.

We begin at the top of The Wolf’s Watchlist with perhaps the most captivating and unique TV debut of all time:

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Last April Vacation (I’m a teacher), I began chasing my fantasy writing dreams by professing my love for David Johnson — at the time a raw, but unbelievably exciting fantasy prospect with a limitless ceiling. Five weeks into HBO’s epic new series, I find myself watching Westworld with the same heart-shaped eyes of adoration.

Labeling both Westworld and D. Johnson’s 2016 debuts “emphatic” would be a gross undersell. They have electrified their respective fields by bringing something completely unique and unparalleled to the table, and seem to only be scratching their surfaces:

  • David Johnson — A 6′ 1″, 225 lb Frankenstein that runs butter smooth routes and plows over linebackers in equal measure.  As the mythical three down workhorse approaches dinosaur extinction levels, Johnson is the last standing T-Rex. He’s been a 2016 Fantasy MVP, and truly exhilarates onlookers as a unique, potential all-time talent.
  • Westworld —  Carries Johnson-esque versatility as an epic sci-fi thriller with an equally impressive Western skill set. At its core lies an artificially created Wild West theme park, littered with eerily realistic AI attractions, that offers high-paying guests a journey of self discovery. As we experience each experimental step alongside visitors and robots alike, questions about the nature of our very own existence stick like glue*. Deep philosophical probings centered around ambition, purpose, and creation are woven into some of the most captivating dialogue TV has ever seen. Each passing episode brings new answers and questions in equal measures to chew on.  A complete and utter mind fuck.

Providing a premise summary of this sci-fi thriller almost seems like a disservice:  half the fun is peeling back each layer of this unique universe alongside the theme park guests and rapidly evolving robots. The grandiosity simply cannot be captured in a few brief lines, and the only somewhat comparable work would be Ex Machina on steroids. If you somehow still need added motivation to watch, you’ll be welcomed into this virtual world by the main character’s sweet, supple, and, yes, robotic tits. Follow metal nips into an experience truly unlike any other. Roughly at their respective season midpoints, both David Johnson’s fantasy campaign and Westworld should rank highly in 2016’s Most Enjoyable Experiences.

*I’m beginning to wonder if Red Zone was created by some higher being (Scott Hanson, hmmm?) as an experiment into the depths of human laziness; my motionless body, labeled display A and strewn on some pitri dish, being analyzed through a microscope by some Alien).