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Daily Fantasy Stock Report: Aaron Rodgers avoids setbacks vs Bears. Good for Week 16

Aaron Rodgers had a down game in the win against the Bears yesterday where he threw for 252 yards but no touchdowns. He’s been bothered by a calf injury for a couple weeks, but it looks like he’s in no danger of missing the fantasy championship week. After watching the Colts rip the Vikings apart on the road, Rodgers owners must be very pleased knowing their QB will be good to go in the finale.

After missing two straight weeks, it looks like Julio Jones could return if everything goes according to plan on Wednesday. Jones would be great to have back in the championship game especially against a leaky Panthers secondary. Check back on Wednesday to see how Jones is progressing and what his status will be.

Terrelle Pryor is dealing with a finger injury, but has said that he expect to play in Week 16’s game. If that’s the case, he will be delaying surgery and will play with an injured hand, which is extremely valuable to wide receivers. The Browns are a shit show, so playing Pryor in the finals isn’t the best look for your team going forward.

Quick Hits:

  • Eagles RB Darren Sproles is expected to return for TNF against the Giants after missing one game with a concussion
  • The Jaguars will stick with Blake Bortles the last two games of the season after firing Gus Bradley. Not that you were planning on playing Bortles anyways.
  • The Texans expect to start Tom Savage in Week 16, meaning owners can happily rejoice putting DeAndre Hopkins back in their lineups.
  • Texans RB Lamar Miller promised that he “will play Week 16”. No indications if it was a pinky-promise though.

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  1. Diandra

    May 20, 2017 at 6:35 am

    Aha! The early date of the recording explains it, because I’ve never really noticed issues like that on any of the other episodes. By the way, I’ve highly recmdmenoed episodes of your podcast to several friends as an excellent way to be introduced to Fiasco. I can’t say enough about how good your Fiasco games are — and your CoC games as well. Keep up the excellent work!

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