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DFS WEEK 17: Last Minute Utopian GPP Line Up

Tis’ the season! Executives are embarrassing themselves, drinking lethal amounts of liquor while awkwardly hooking up with their assistants at holiday parties…men are quietly apologizing to their dogs after being forced to dress them up in patronizing reindeer costumes by their girlfriends…and a select few troubled children are getting their crap beaten out of them by the Christmas Krampus. Holiday cheer is spreading like the Bubonic Plague, and if we’re lucky there’s a little snow on the ground and a little extra eggnog left to get through this sometimes stressful period. The end of the year is also the end of the Fantasy Football Playoffs and DFS regular season. The weekend where every fantasy player, FanDuel to Yahoo, comes together to simultaneously burn the $50 check that grandma sent to them for Christmas trying to win their money back on daily fantasy football.

Late December, for me, usually consists of family gatherings, overeating, football on Saturdays, and occasionally some mushrooms. OK, maybe not the shrooms, but generally speaking, I spend an equal amount of time running around like a chicken with its head cut off as your any of you do. This year however, I managed to settle all of my gift buying endeavors prior to the holiday itself.

Pretty great right?

With all of my gift buying for others out of the way, the only person left to please this Christmas season was the DFS St. Nick himself, yours truly. What could possibly put a smile on my face better than taking down a big prize in DraftKings last milli’ maker of the regular season? Not a whole lot…

This week, I’m going to slab together all of my data in one supreme ass kicking lineup, and offer it to you on a tray with cookies and milk.


Matthew Stafford – Detroit Lions – $6,000 – Projected DK Points: 24 Projected Own: 7%

Running Backs

Rex Burkhead – Cincinnati Bengals – $3,500 – Proj. DK Points: 19 Proj. Own: 11%

Darren Sproles – Philadelphia Eagles – $4,100 – Proj. DK Points: 17 Proj. Own: 5%

Wide Receivers

Jordy Nelson – Green Bay Packers – $8,100 – Proj. DK Points: 24 Proj. Own: 33%

Julio Jones – Atlanta Falcons –$8,400 – Proj. DK Points: 23 Proj. Own: 24%

Aldrick Robinson – Atlanta Falcons – $3,400 – Proj. DK Points: 15 Proj. Own: 24%

Tight End

Eric Ebron – Detroit Lions – $3,600 – Proj. DK Points: 14 Proj. Own: 7%


David Johnson – Arizona Cardinals – $9,800 – Proj. DK Points: 32 Proj. Own: 33%

Defense/Special Teams

Arizona Cardinals$3,000 – Proj. DK Points: 12 Proj. Own: 10%

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