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Wolf's Big Board:     Tuesday, May 30, 2017     Tier One - The Big Three   1 ) David Johnson (ARI) RB1   2 ) Le'Veon Bell (PIT) RB2   3 ) Ezekiel Elliott (DAL) RB3   Tier Two - High-end WR1 and RB1s   4 ) Antonio Brown (PIT) WR1   5 ) Julio Jones (ATL) WR2   6 ) Mike Evans (TB) WR3   7 ) Odell Beckham JR. (NYG) WR4   8 ) DeMarco Murray (TEN) RB4   9 ) Melvin Gordon (LAC) RB5   10 ) LeSean McCoy (BUF) RB6   11 ) Jay Ajayi (MIA) RB7   12 ) AJ Green (CIN) WR5   13 ) Jordy Nelson (GB) WR6   14 ) Michael Thomas (NO) WR7   15 ) Dez Bryant (DAL) WR8   16 ) Devonta Freeman (ATL) RB8   Tier 3 - Lower-end RB1 and WR1s, elite second options   17 ) Lamar Miller (HOU) RB9   18 ) DeAndre Hopkins (HOU) WR9   19 ) TY Hilton (IND) WR10   20 ) Leonard Fournette (JAX) RB10   21 ) Rob Gronkowski (NE) TE1   22 ) Brandin Cooks (NE) WR11   23 ) Demaryius Thomas. (DEN) WR12   24 ) Jordan Reed (WAS) TE2   25 ) Doug Baldwin (SEA) WR13   26 ) Amari Cooper (OAK) WR14   Tier 3.5   27 ) Todd Gurley (LAR) RB11   28 ) Carlos Hyde (SF) RB12   29 ) Christian McCaffrey (CAR) RB13   30 ) Jordan Howard (CHI) RB14   31 ) Marshawn Lynch (OAK) RB15   32 ) Davante Adams (GB) WR15   33 ) Alshon Jeffery (PHI) WR16   34 ) Isaiah Crowell (CLE) RB16   35 ) Tyreek Hill (KC) WR17   36 ) Keenan Allen (LAC) WR18   37 ) Spencer Ware (KC) RB17   Tier 4 - Elite QBs, Solid #2 RBs + WRs, side TE1s   38 ) Bilal Powell (NYJ) RB18   39 ) Tom Brady (NE) QB1   40 ) Sammy Watkins WR19   41 ) Aaron Rodgers (GB) QB2   42 ) Travis Kielce (KC) TE3   43 ) Terrelle Pryor (WAS) WR20   44 ) Allen Robinson (JAC) WR21   44 ) Mike Gillislee (NE) RB19   45 ) Mark Ingram (NO) RB20   46 ) Golden Tate (DET) WR22   47 ) Jamison Crowder (WAS) WR23   48 ) Greg Olsen (CAR) TE4   48 ) Tevin Coleman (ATL) RB21   49 ) Willie Snead (NO) WR24   50 ) Doug Martin (TB) RB22   51 ) Michael Crabtree (OAK) WR25   52 ) Brandon Marshal (NYG) WR26   53 ) Julian Edelman (NE) WR27   54 ) Donte Moncrief (IND) WR28   55 ) Drew Brees (NO) QB3   56 ) Ameer Abdullah (DET) RB23   57 ) Jimmy Graham (SEA) TE5   58 ) Tyler Eifert (CIN) TE6   59 ) Martavis Bryant (PIT) WR29   Tier 5 - Last Startable WRs and RBs + TE1 Candidates   60 ) Pierre Garcon (SF) WR30   61 ) Eric Decker (NYJ) WR31   62 ) Jarvis Landry (MIA) WR32   63 ) Larry Fitzgerald (ARI) WR33   64 ) Samaje Perine (WAS) RB24   65 ) Joe Mixon (CIN) RB25   66 ) CJ Anderson (DEN) RB26   67 ) Matt Ryan (ATL) QB4   68 ) Stefon Diggs (MIN) WR33   69 ) Emmanuel Sanders (DEN) WR34   70 ) Ty Montgomery (GB) RB27   71 ) Hunter Henry (LAC) TE7   72 ) Corey Davis (TEN) WR35   73 ) Adrian Peterson (NO) RB28   74 ) Kelvin Benjamin (CAR) WR36   75 ) Delanie Walker TE8   76 ) Paul Perkins (NYG) RB29   77 ) CJ Prosise (SEA) RB30   78 ) Eddie Lacy (SEA) RB31   79 ) Dalvin Cook (MIN) RB32   80 ) Theo Riddick (DET) RB33   81 ) Frank Gore (IND) RB34   82 ) Cameron Meredith (CHI) WR38   83 ) Mike Wallace (BAL) WR39   84 ) DeSean Jackson (TB) WR40   85 ) Martellus Bennett (GB) TE9   TIer 7 - side QB1s and Top WR and RB Lottery Tickets   86 ) Andrew Luck (IND) QB5   87 ) Derek Carr (OAK) QB6   88 ) Kirk Cousins (WAS) QB7   89 ) Marcus Mariota (TEN) QB8   90 ) Philip Rivers (LAC) QB9   91 ) Ben Roethlisberger QB10   92 ) Dak Prescott (DAL) QB11   93 ) Jameis Winston (TB) QB12   94 ) Joe Williams (SF) RB35   95 ) Derrick Henry (TEN) RB36   96 ) Kareem Hunt (KC) RB37   97 ) Jamaal Williams (GB) RB38   98 ) Davante Parker (MIA) WR41   99 ) Josh Doctson (WAS) WR42   100 ) Ted Ginn (NO) WR43  
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DraftKings Strategy: NFL Divisional Playoffs

I should’ve seen it coming. Odell Beckham Jr. and the Giants receiving core partying in Miami, the week leading up to a pivotal playoff game.  From the perspective of a die hard Giants fan — whose last two playoff runs were Super Bowl wins that ran through Lambeau field — this initially seemed like OBJ being OBJ just trying to shake off some pressure before a big game. While that may have been the case initially, my boy Eli Manning summed up the aftermath the best by saying: “You do things, you’ve got to back it up.” While I think my girlfriend’s 1 year old Turkish niece could have articulated it better, Manning was completely right. It takes a lot for someone like easy Eli to call someone out, so you know that this ill-advised move by the Giants “polarizing” play-makers pissed off a TON of people. For any of you who read my last column, urging members of the DFS community to consider Eli Manning (who played pretty well by the way), Paul Perkins and Odell Beckham (not so much) – father forgive me, for I have sinned.

One of the beautiful things about DFS is the ability to redeem yourself with another shot after a forgettable effort in the week prior. Despite my Giants picks, I still managed to bring to you the likes of eliminated pawns such as Kenny Stills, Jarvis Landry, Zach Zenner, and DUH Le’Veon Bell . Let’s call it a Wild Card wash, shall we?

The Divisional Round of the 2016-2017 playoffs leaves us with 4 intriguing match ups that should be much significantly more entertaining and far less heartbreaking than the massacres we witnessed throughout Wild Card weekend which separated opponents by 13+ points in each game. You can expect a lot of action in DraftKings with offensive juggernauts such as Rodgers, Brady, AB, and Zeke still in play this weekend. Let’s not forget about the pride of Idaho, Brock Osweiler, whose American Football performances are as night and day as his twin brother Edward from Twilight.

As the second round of playoff action approaches, I’m going completely against my morals by stacking my chips on the Cowboys in front 100,000 Blake Sheltons at AT&T Stadium. With this weekend counting as the last significant Daily Fantasy Football weekend of the year, the pressure is on to Cowboy the fuck up and win some cash! YEEHAW!


Dak Prescott

DraftKings Salary: $6,000 Projected Points: 24 Projected Ownership: 18%

Prescott is an absolute bargain at home versus a shitty Packers secondary that seems to lose its defensive mojo as a whole on the road. The Rookie is averaging 23.4 DK points per game in Jerry’s house this season, which illustrates his ability to thrive in front of a home crowd. Did I mention that the Mississippi State product has the 2nd highest projected pts/salary ratio on FantasyLabs this week? Out of all the Cowboys I’m starting this week, Dak may be the safest pick.

Honorable Mention: Matt Ryan

Totally Fucked: Brock Osweiler

Running Backs

Ezekiel Elliott

DraftKings Salary: $8,500 Projected Points: 23 Projected Ownership: 45%

It pains me to say this, but Ezekiel Elliott will be the NFC’s unanimous selection for Rookie of the Year in 2016. This chipmunk-faced ball handler has single-handedly made everyone forget about DeMarco Murray and that other hobgoblin Darren McFadden in a matter of one year. I don’t see the Packers above average defensive line limiting Zeke from getting his when his team needs him the most.

Devonta Freeman 

DraftKings Salary: $5,900 Projected Points: 25 Projected Ownership: 23%

I expect Devonta to get overlooked a lot this week for two reasons: 1. the other talented RBs on this weekend’s slate 2. Seattle’s “ferocious” defense coming to town. What a lot of people forget is that Seattle’s D has really only been marginal outside of the 12’s stomping grounds this season. Need more convincing? Take note of Devonta’s DK points at the Georgia Dome over the last 5 Falcon home games: 28.70, 37.50, 26.50, 21.70 & 21.80. Three of these opponents possess above average run defenses in the Packers, Cardinals and Chiefs. Best believe Papa Krall gon’ get some!

Honorable Mention: LeGarrette Blount

Totally Fucked: Ty Montgomery

Wide Receivers

Julian Edelman

DraftKings Salary: $6,800 Projected Points: 31 Projected Ownership: 27%

If Tom Brady secretly had a male lover, I’m pretty sure his name would be Julian Edelman. The amount of butt-buddy synchronicity between these two makes Matt Damon and Ben Affleck question their relationship. I’ve picked against the Patriots far too many times to know better, and I really don’t care that they’re going against a “#1 ranked Houston defense.” Even Houston knows they’re going to get shredded, and I think the TB12 – minitron connection will be a large part of that outcome with Gronk no longer in the picture.

Dez Bryant

DraftKings Salary: $6,600 Projected Points: 21 Projected Ownership: 22%

I really fucking hate this guy. Nonetheless, Dez is a serious deep ball threat (and I mean that in every sense of the word), and there is no one in that secondary man enough to step to him. Here lies a match up between two offensive heavyweights that Vegas has scoring a total of 52.5 combined points. With that being said, I would be very surprised if Dez doesn’t steal some pom-poms or do the nae-nae in the end zone at least once during this game.

Terrance Williams

DraftKings Salary: $3,100 Projected Points: 13 Projected Ownership: 5%

I hate to sound like a broken record but the Packers legit have NO ONE you’ve ever heard of that can cover. $3,100 for a 2nd receiver in a high scoring game while lined up against an unheralded rookie? Me likey.

Honorable Mention: Davante Adams

Totally Fucked: DeAndre Hopkins

Tight End

Travis Kelce

DraftKings Salary: $6,100 Projected Points: 20 Projected Ownership: 20%

Kelce has been the most dominant tight end in the NFL while causing match up night terrors for opposing defensive coordinators. To complement this fact, the guy has scored greater than 20 DK points in 38% of his games this year. As a tournament play, you have to like those odds. Safe to say I’ll be catching Kelce in 60-70% of my lineups this weekend.

Honorable Mention: Jared Cook

Totally Fucked: Austin Hooper/Levine Toilolo (LOL) 


Jason Witten

DraftKings Salary: $3,600 Projected Points: 12 Projected Ownership: 10%

*DJ Khaled voice* anotha’ one. 

I also really like Jared Cook in this game, but Witten is known for showing up in big games and I think he can be counted on for his usual 6 receptions for 66 yards in this contest as one of Dak’s most reliable targets.

Honorable Mention: Le’Veon Bell

Totally Fucked: Jeremy Maclin


Kansas City Chiefs

DraftKings Salary: $3,400 Projected Points: 10 Projected Ownership: 11%

The Steelers offense seems to play more like the Browns when outside of “jagoff” country. I think KC takes care of business, frustrating Big Ben and co. at one of the loudest stadiums in the league this Sunday. Gotta love the value that Tyreek Hill adds via the return game on special teams as well.

Honorable Mention: New England Patriots

Totally Fucked: Green Bay Packers 


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