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DraftKings Strategy: NFL Championship Weekend

If you’re reading this, its not too late.

If you’re smart, you read up and took The Kid’s advice last week and won yourself some cold hard cash. While not the ideal contest-winning scenario, a win is a win – just ask the New England Patriots.

Last week, I was really hot on the Cowboys offense, and thus was rewarded with $60 in winnings in Draftkings 1/4 millionaire maker contest. The Dak to Dez connection was on fire and even Jason Witten got in on the fun. Minitron showed up and Devonta Freeman proved that the Seahawks “great” defense was overated just as I predicted. On the flipside, I was pretty disappointed with Zeke’s efforts in what turned out to be a pass-happy affair, while Chiefs tight end – Travis Kelce pulled an OBJ 2.0 – letting his emotions fizzle both himself and my fantasy lineup out of championship contention.

Aside from what went wrong, what my lineup does speak to is the fact that 6.5/9 of my picks were dead-on. Had Elliott and Kelce played like their usual extraterrestrial-selves we would be talking a 3-4 figure cash prize! The winner of the 1/4 milli maker contest, “TitsonBroadway” put up 220 DK points and took home the tuna while simultaneously leaving the rest of us feeling ashamed and confused. Regardless, the divisional round proved that the models and analytics I have been using have some serious potential to score big in Draftkings for the last slate of the NFL season. With that being said, LETS GET IT!


Aaron Rodgers

DraftKings Salary: $8,100 Projected Points: 35 Projected Ownership: 28%

Personally, I would pay $9,000 with the way Capitan Queso is playing right now. Over his last 4 games (including the playoffs) A-Rod has put up A-God’s numbers with an average of 34.1 DK points per game. I’m forced to believe Olivia Munn is behind this (or in front of this) in some way – given their strong playoff chemistry *google Aaron Rodgers – Olivia Munn snapchat bj* 

Whenever you have a QB that makes Jared Cook look like a Hall of Famer- get him as much exposure as possible.

Honorable Mention: Matt Ryan

Brock Osweiler Impersonation: Ben Roethlisberger

Running Backs

Ty Montgomery

DraftKings Salary: $5,600 Projected Points: 25 Projected Ownership: 35%

It’s safe to say that Montgomery ate his chunky soup last weekend racking up a generous 25 fantasy points vs a decent cowboys defense. Montgomery is the epitome of a FLEX player as he has the ability to hurt the opposition both running and catching the ball. Although a relatively chalky play, I think Montgomery becomes a large part of the Packers gameplan with Davante Adams (ankle) and Jordy Nelson (ribs) not at 100%.

LeGarrette Blount

DraftKings Salary: $4,400 Projected Points: 16 Projected Ownership: 17%

If there’s one thing I know about the Patriots offense its that I know absolutely nothing at all. Other than the TB12-JE11 connection, every other patriots player is basically unpredictable when Gronk isn’t suiting up. With the majority of Draftkings relying heavily on another big performance from Dion Lewis, I’m going with the heftier of the hash brothers in this match up with LeGarrette Blount. Despite the fact that Lewis is the better back, I still think that giant pot-smoking son of a bitch, Blount, converts on 2-3 goal line carries as I expect the Patriots to have ample opportunities to score at home.

Honorable Mention: Devonta Freeman

Brock Osweiler Impersonation: Christine Michael

Wide Receivers

Julian Edelman

DraftKings Salary: $7,300 Projected Points: 28 Projected Ownership: 55%

See above for my last comment regarding consistency in the Patriots offense. Minitron has consistently come up in a mega way for Belichick and the New England faithful all year long. While Pittsburgh has not been kind to opposing receivers this year, I don’t see it getting in the way of a third-straight performance of 25+ points as Edelman remains Tom Brady’s #1 butt buddy.

Randall Cobb

DraftKings Salary: $5,900 Projected Points: 22 Projected Ownership: 28%

While Cobb didn’t make a tremendous impact in a game that featured 34 Green Bay points last week, lets not forget what he did against the Giants in the week prior *116 yds and 3TDs*. Other than Ty Montgomery, GB is depleted in the healthy offensive weapon department while gearing up for a shootout in Atlanta. Regardless of who is on the field, expect Rodgers to throw the ball accurately to whoever possesses a yellow helmet and a pair of legs. In this case, we can count on Cobb to be our guy.

Mohammed Sanu

DraftKings Salary: $4,500 Projected Points: 15 Projected Ownership: 38%

Sanu has fit in nicely with the Falcons arsenal over the last couple of weeks putting up 13 and 14 points respectively. Additionally, I think there is a good chance that his target share could go up with Julio not playing at 100% due to a lingering toe injury that has limited his ceiling recently. Sanu also has seen the largest snap count out of any Falcons WR over the last 4 weeks by a wide margin. I’m going to gamble on the Atlanta’s #2 in a match-up with a Packers D that is ranked 3rd to last in the league vs opposing receivers.

Honorable Mention: Geronimo Allison

Brock Osweiler Impersonation: Sammie Coates

Tight End

Jared Cook

DraftKings Salary: $5,100 Projected Points: 20 Projected Ownership: 55%

“Jared Cook is my TE1 this week” – is a scary conclusion. Now that the Travis Kelces and Jimmy Grahams of the world are no more, this is the sad reality that we face. But is it really that sad? Cookie has somehow managed to attract 20 targets over his last 2 games in the absence of target monster Jordy Nelson, and I don’t see any sign of that slowing down given his 25 point performance last week in Dallas. Cook is essentially the only viable option available this week sans-Martellus Bennett.

Honorable Mention: Martellus Bennett

Brock Osweiler Impersonation: Levine Toilolo


Taylor Gabriel

DraftKings Salary: $4,900 Projected Points: 17 Projected Ownership: 20%

In last week’s contest, Gabriel finished second on the team in targets (6) and yards (71). He has also garnered 6+ targets in five of the Falcons last six games. Another fun fact I pulled from FantasyLabs: “As the team’s No. 3 wide receiver, Gabriel will be worth a look on a small slate as he projects to run most of his routes against Damarious Randall — Pro Football Focus’ 114th ranked cornerback.” This match-up looks juicy.

Honorable Mention: Julio Jones

Brock Osweiler Impersonation: Michael Floyd


New England Patriots

DraftKings Salary: $4,000 Projected Points: 11 Projected Ownership: 62%

The Patriots are the only team that doesn’t feature a Dr. Jekyll / Mr. Hyde defense in this slate. This fact begs the question if there is actually any other team out there that that has a realistic shot at winning the Super Bowl. Defense wins championships right?

Honorable Mention: None

Brock Osweiler Impersonation: Falcons, Packers, Steelers

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