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Le’Veon Bell Dropped A Diss Track Called ‘Shrimp Bayless’ and it is FIRE

Wow. I’ll admit, I had no idea Le’Veon Bell had been rapping for the better part of a year, never mind the fact that he has BARS. I guess in his spare time¬†from being the best running back in football he’s got the time to lay fire diss tracks on SoundCloud and attempt to end the career of terrible analysts that have the audacity to bad-mouth him.

In all seriousness, I was shocked at how legitimate this track sounded. We’ve seen athletes rapping before – Shaq, Carlos Boozer, etc. – but nobody’s ever really that good. This is kind of like when Ray Allen was in He Got Game, and we saw that it’s possible for a professional athlete to actually be able to do something else. But I’ll tell you one thing, and that’s that I will definitely be a frequent visitor to Juice’s Soundcloud page from now on. Might even make it a policy that I only call him Juice in blogs from now on. Yup, I think I just did exactly that.

My favorite moments:

– The general way that he pins Skip and his pal Shannon Sharpe against each other, making Sharpe look like a genius (not that easy to do) and Skip a moron (incredibly easy to do).

-“Sometimes I hate that you breathing/Think you sick as a germ/You keep on talking all that nonsense I’mma call Richard Sherm”

-“Undisputed was tempting, but I couldn’t get with it/You wanna talk for attention well look, here’s your attention”

-“I guess your vision’s a blur/Guess the only way you like me if I play for the Spurs”

Just a hell of a track, hopefully more to follow from our boy Juice. And the best part of it all?

I have a 9:30 class tomorrow. Is “journalistic responsibility” a good enough reason to skip and watch this? I’m thinking yes.

PS – I’d bet my life savings (not very much but it’s the thought that counts) that he’ll wait till the end of the show to address the track. Anything to get anybody to watch that dumpster fire of a program.

PPS – Undisputed averages about 120,000-130,000 viewers a day. Bell’s track is at 153,000 listens in about 5 hours. Do with that info what you may.

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