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Survivor Game Changers: Updated Fantasy Scoring Rubric

The 34th installment of Survivor kicks off on Wednesday, March 8th!  Here’s our patented RSJ scoring system for your Fantasy Survivor Leagues–it’s a scaled down (and frankly, better organized) version of the original one that we put out. Here’s a downloadable spreadsheet you can use to input scoring in real time. Good luck!



Winning Team Immunity    +3 (for each member participating)

Winning Individual Immunity    +5

Winning Individual Reward Challenge    +3

Winning Team Reward    +1 (for each team member participating)

Getting Taken on a Reward by a Winner   +1( for each person taken along)


Being Picked Last In Anything   -1

Vomiting In a Challenge (although this does occur the most frequently in challenges, this could happen any time) -2

Leaving a Challenge (this can be getting helped by the crew, leaving for a bribe, anything) -3

 Tanking a Challenge   -5 (for each person involved/with knowledge of the plan)


Getting/Earning an Idol Clue     +1

Finding a Hidden Idol  +3

Playing an Idol at Tribal Council   +3

Playing a Fake Idol at Tribal Council    -5


Pulled out of the game due to family emergency   -2

Pulled out of the game due to injury or illness      -5

Getting Kicked Out of the Game (like Russell Hantz’s nephew)   -8

Quitting the game    -10



Reading Tree Mail Aloud to the Tribe    +1

Having To Get Blurred Out By the Camera due to Partial Nudity   +1 (1 max per episode)

Making Fire Without Supplies, Spearing a Good Fish, Being the Person to Kill the Chicken    +2 (for any of these accomplishments)

Doing intentional damage to the camp, people’s things or rifling through someone’s bag       +2  (if you go through a lot of people’s bags in 1 episode, you only get the 2 points once—not for each person whose privacy you violated)


Getting Tended To Or Checked Out by Medical   -1 (nullified if they pull you out of the game)

Crying   -1 (can be multiple times in an episode, but has to be in different scenes to count more than once)



Winning A Fire Challenge at tribal council    +3


Getting Voted Off   -5

Getting any Vote Cast Against You   -1  (points nullified if you are the one voted out or if you play an idol)



Getting a Jury Spot    +1, goes up 1 point each spot. (in other words, if you are the 3rd member of the jury, you’d get 3 points)

3rd Place   +10 (if the finals have only 2 people, this is not awarded)

2nd place +15  (if the 2 finalists who do not win end up with the same number of votes, they each get 12.5 points)

Winner   +20

Getting Votes In the Finals   +1 per vote received


Getting Kicked Off the Jury Somehow   -5

Getting Zero Votes in the Finals   -2

Before drafting your Survivor fantasy team, be sure to check out our “Meet the Cast” article. If you have any questions about setting up your league, feel free to hit us up on Facebook or Twitter. Also, check back each week for our Fantasy Survivor episode reviews. 

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