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Fantasy Survivor: Game Changers Cast Rankings and Football Comparisons

Fantasy Survivor: Game Changers has arrived (scoring rubric here), and The RSJ has you covered for all your draft needs. Though I’m not nearly as grizzled in the Survivor Game as The Truth, his in-depth cast write ups and my newfound fandom over the past five seasons have painted what I believe to be a vivid picture of Season 34’s cast.  With both their episode-to-episode upside (idol finding, challenge winning, etc) & overall longevity in mind, below are my Game Changers Cast Rankings and Football Comparisons:

Tier One – The Elite Workhorses

Similar to 2017 Fantasy Football Big Boards, Fantasy Survivor features a clear-cut top-three. Consider the following prospects the “three-down workhorses” of Survivor, who are equally capable of dominating challenges as they are navigating the social game (in their own ways). They’ve also all proven capable in the idol game, and are generally useful around camp, making these names solid point producers in all major point categories, as well as huge threats to go the distance.


1) Malcolm Freberg:  With great vision (especially for idols) physicality and endurance for all types of challenges, and a smooth social game that’ll keep him around a while, Malcolm’s versatility brings to mind David Johnson.  Unlike many others, Malcolm has never finished in the top-three, and this lack of a clear target should allow his game to fully flourish all season.


2) Tony Vlachos: I’m fairly new to Survivor, but I did watch Brains vs. Brawn vs Beauty, and man, Tony was flatout dominant.  An idol and challenge beast, alongside an aggressive yet persuasive social game, Tony brings the same scoring versatility of Malcolm; yet, as a past winner, is more established, harkening a likeness to Le’Veon Bell. Similar to Bell, Tony will be points monster on the field, but this aforementioned “past winner” target makes him a huge risk for an early season-ending exit.

3) Ozzy Lusth:  Though not quite as versatile at the above two, Ozzy also projects as a points workhorse. Similar to Ezekiel Elliott, Ozzy is capable in all facets of the game, but really thrives in one area–fishing.  Ozzy is likeable and has hopefully learned from past mistakes, which could make him a real threat to win it all.

Tier Two – Useful Point Producers

Though their game isn’t quite as multifaceted and their ceilings are a bit lower, these names are like reception and/or yardage beasts in fantasy.  These players are all useful enough to keep around, yet not too threatening to eliminate early, which will keep them eligible for team reward points and longevity jury bonuses.

4) Tai Trang: As an quick twitch athlete with a well-rounded likeability, Tai carries a high floor and high ceiling, not unlike Antonio Brown. People generally want to work with him, he’ll be competitive in all challenges, and Tai should be counted on for a deep run.

5) James JT Thomas: Similar to Odell Beckham, we’ve seen bonafide, “all-time-greatness” out of J.T., and we’ve seen nightmarish, headcase type of play. Also similar, the boom feels realer than the bust, but J.T remains one mental lapse (aka sharing an idol with Russel Hantz for no reason) away from permanent elimination.

6) Zeke Thomas – Akin to Jordan Howard, Zeke had a strong rookie debut, and has both the ceiling to explode into the elite and win the entire thing, or to taper off with a disapointing plod-filled effort. Still, with the ability to connect well with women and men alike, my money’s much more on another lengthy run.

7) Sandra Dias-Twine – After winning two titles in two tries, Sandra sits as the indisputable Survivor GOAT.  Down at 7, I’m clearly thinking she has a major target on her back and could be in for an early season exit.  Yet, just like if Adrian Peterson lands in the right spot and sips from the Fountain of Youth, Sandra could carry investors to a title if her game remains timeless.


Tier 2.5

8) Michaela Bradshaw: Flashy, mouthy, and a greater risk than her skillset should warrant, Michaela presents as this crop’s Dez Bryant. Her brash personality and overall threatening aura will both yield monstrous weeks, and history suggests we’re bound for some serious nudity points during exuberant challenge celebrations. Nonetheless, in the brutal double edged sword that is Survivor, this “swag” is exactly what makes Michaela a constant risk to be eliminated.

9) Cirie Fields:  According to The Truth, Cirie is “pretty smart, pretty likable, and reasonably good at challenges,” making her an unexciting, but highly useful jack-of-all trades, akin to Devonta Freeman.


10) Ciera Eastin: Willing to vote off her own mother, Ciera is certainly scrappy. She could make a deep run as a non-intimidating threat who’s still strategic, and thus could rack up jury points, (the Survivor equivalent of yardage); this likens her to a Julian Edelman.  Just like her New England counterpart struggles finding the endzone, Ciera will rarely make splash plays like a challenge win or blindside, even if her floor is fairly sturdy.  

11) Aubry Bracco – A paramount goat in her past season, Aubry’s skillset remains similar for another “carry my weak ass to the finals” run.  She’ll do minimal en route, however, making her a standard plodder ala Rob Kelley.

12) Andre Boehlke: Neither the Truth or myself recognize her, meaning Andrea will likely lack any type of “boom.” Still, she has sturdy 5th and 7th place finishes to her name, making Andrea a prime low-ceiling, high-floor prospect in the mold of Jarvis Landry.

Tier Three – Boom or Bust

This Tier either flashes the upside to be big time challenge / idol producers, or could make deep runs thanks to serious uselessness; nonetheless, the floor is a complete zero, making these prospects potential season-swingers or losers. Floor chasers should go after the goats below. 

13) Caleb Reynolds: Though Caleb flashed all the tools to be a long-term player in this game, his injury history is highly concerning, lasting less than 5 episodes before needing a medical evacuation. This harkens Donte Moncrief, who has glimpses of a dominant WR1, but has struggled to ever put together a full season.

14) Brad Culpepper: Though he should be physically dominant, Culpepper was surprisingly ineffective in challenges, while being wholly unlikeable in the social game. Thus, the former NFL pro reminds us of Chris Ivory — he’ll leave a few bruises, but ultimately be meaningless.


15) Debbie Wanner: A lock for some nudity and a bevvy of strange one-liners, Debbie will annoy and entertain in equal amounts.  No one active quite captures this creature’s essence, so we turn to Chad OchoCinco as our most apt comparison.

16) Sierra Dawn Thomas: Sierra will do nothing of note, bore you to tears, and yet you won’t be upset with the points at the end when she’s carried into the top-five Think Kyle Rudolph.

Tier Four – The Useless

As alluded to throughout the article, Survivor is such a double-edged sword. Those who have the most dominant skillsets to rack up fantasy points are simultaneously the threats who’ll be brought to the chopping block early and often. As such, the below people certainly hold value, since they bring legitimately nothing to the table — thus, they’ll be prime “goat” candidates to be carried to the end. Deciding which of these schmucks will be carried to the end versus who’s uselessness will get them a Week 1 vote off is near impossible… and so we pick names out of a hat:

17) Hali Ford: She looks like 90% of the girls on Tinder — some real potential in her pics, but ultimately a disappoint when you realize they were from five years and a pregnancy ago.

18) Jeff Varner:  S.A.W.F.T

19) Sarah Lacina: I’ll quote Truth here:

I am certainly not expecting much from this alleged game changer.  But a lot of people weren’t expecting Tom Brady to be all that coming out of college either.  Is Sarah Lacina the Tom Brady of Survivor?  I don’t know, can a walrus be an effective lumberjack?  You just have to toss it a chainsaw and stand back to find out, I guess.

20)Troyzan Robertson: You know what Troyzan’s face reminds me of? A guy who’ll be voted off first.


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