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Fantasy Politics: Donald Trump Betting Lines for March 13th – 20th

The week started with a bang and ended with nary a whimper, in the world of President Donald J. Trump. Granted, besting the following tweet last weekend would have taken a Herculean effort even for our tweeter-in-chief:

A quick aside: You gotta love how Trump hedged here on describing Obama. Maybe, his predecessor isn’t sinister. Perhaps, he’s just mentally impaired. That’s responsible tweeting there.

Since last weekend, though, his Twitter feed has been relatively tame. Except for the odd tweet ripping Arnold Schwarzenegger for his “pathetic” ratings on “The Apprentice,” Trump was uncharacteristically restrained on Twitter.

Not happy: In response, the President Donald Trump and former star of the show lashed out in Twitter rant, saying he was fired due to 'pathetic ratings'

So what’s next?

That’s exactly what we’re going to try and predict, and then make into a game, here at The Roto Street Journal. Sure, it’s a departure from football,The Bachelor” or WWE. It’s the staid world of politics. Yet, if there’s ever a time to bring fantasy into politics and carryout our mission of “spreading the thrill of fantasy as far and wide as possible,” it’s now.

So whether you need a fantasy fix, or just want to make better of a presidency where the only sure thing is its unpredictability, we’re going to give it a go.

Rules and a framework? We’re working on it. Feel free to send suggestions, or if you hate the idea let us know, too.

For now, we’ll start on some simple bets that you’ll be seeing every Sunday here:

Donald Trump Betting Lines for March 13th – March 20th

Over/under tweetstorms from Trump = 2.5 

Bang the over all day here. Trump’s been eerily quiet this past week, so the law of averages calls for him tweeting with a vengeance. And the source of his ire? Pushback against the bill introduced to replace the Affordable Care Act. Tea party conservatives, think Ted Cruz, and more-moderate Republicans have already raised reservations about the proposal. It’s likely Trump’s patience will wane this week culminating in an outburst on Twitter. 

Note – A “TweetStorm” is a rapid succession of four or more tweets centered around the same topic

Over/under Trump tweets that end with an adjective!  =   7.5

Sad! Bad guy! This is Trump’s equivalent of a mic drop, and he’s liberal in their use. Given my prediction on a Twitter-heavy week, we’ll set the bar high, with seven. For comparison’s sake, last week he only used these zingers three time: Weak!, A NEW LOW, and my personal  favorite Bad (or sick) guy!

Who will have the worst week in the Beltway? 

Sean Spicer -150

Reince Priebus Even

Kellyanne Conway +150

Stephen Bannon +200

Ivanka Trump +500

Sean Spicer might have the toughest job in Washington, parsing the president’s oftentimes bizarre musings for the news media. He’s recently responded to a question saying it’s “above his pay grade.” He also celebrated the recent jobs numbers that painted a rosy picture for the U.S. economy. Reports of upticks in employment “may have been phony in the past, but it’s very real now,” he said, almost in a self-deprecating way. Trump raised doubts with the validity of positive jobs numbers in the past under President Obama. Now, that’s he’s president and the numbers are good, there are no problems. Spicer’s in an untenable situation, dealing with the dogged press and a boss who takes PR into his own hands without giving his underlings any heads-up. Most weeks, it’ll be a safe bet Spicer is in the thick of it.

What to look for in the week ahead: Trump’s first meeting Tuesday with German Chancellor Angela Merkel, a study in contrasts.

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