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Chaotic Wrestling: Building a Dream, One Brick at a Time

Over the years, Wrestlemania has become synonymous with dream matches. Wrestlemania 18 featured The Rock vs. Hulk Hogan, Wrestlemania 28 gave us The Rock vs. John Cena, and Sting squared off against Triple H at Wrestlemania 31. However, for one local upstart, a dream match comes two weeks before and thousands of miles away from the showcase of the immortals. No, it won’t be in a colossal, open-air stadium. And no, it won’t be in front of tens of thousands of people. None of that matters to the fans, and none of that matters to a man who scoffed at the doubters and pursued his dream.

None of that matters on March 17, when Tewksbury (MA)-native Brick Mastone takes on international superstar Cody Rhodes at Chaotic Wrestling’s signature event, Cold Fury 16.

Growing up, Brick, his brothers, and I all loved wrestling. We would spend countless hours playing the latest WWE video games and creating our favorite wrestlers from the past. The funny thing was, numerous visits featured Auntie Laurie saying, “Sorry [The Trillest], the boys aren’t allowed to watch this.”

Yet, 20 years later, my cousin now lives “this.”

All wrestling fans—Brick and myself included— have fantasies of walking down the entrance ramp and raising their fists at each turnbuckle, with the deafening chants of the crowd echoing as they hoist their newly-won championships above their heads. For most of us, this becomes a dream deferred. For Brick, a fateful September night in 2009 served as the first step in making the leap from a dreamer into a doer.

“The real moment when it all clicked and I thought ‘I need to do this now’ was at a September 2009 Ring of Honor show,” said Mastone in a stoic, focused tone. “Bryan Danielson faced Davey Richards in a crazy, awesome 45-minute match. They did a spot where they did plunges into the crowd and Danielson landed right in front of me; it was the coolest thing! I wanted to make people feel the way their story made me feel. That was the defining moment.”

Credit: Harry the Third Photo & Video

A record-setting and nationally-ranked power lifter at Northeastern University, Mastone attended a Chaotic Wrestling fantasy-camp on July 13th, 2013, and never looked back. Sound familiar? Well, it should. That camp is the very same place where WWE superstar Sasha Banks got her start back in 2008. The Woburn-based promotion was also once home to New Day member Kofi Kingston and NXT up-and-comer Oney Lorcan (formerly known as Biff Busick).

Mastone impressed at his visit, came back for another, then enrolled in the New England Pro Wrestling Academy under the tutelage of local wrestling fixtures Sethoran and Johnny Vegas, with the latter now serving as Chaotic Wrestling’s commissioner. Brick then graduated the beginner class and started working directly with Brian Fury, while “too many people to name” also helped him train as he worked to add more wrinkles to his arsenal.

Since becoming a staple at Chaotic shows, Mastone has been traveling all over the Northeast, building a reputation as one of the region’s most imposing grapplers. His devastating move set—which features an earth-rattling spear, a torture-rack spun into a spinebuster, and a variation of the Rock Bottom that announcers have dubbed the “Brick-bottom”—has even carried him past New England borders to New York, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania.

Credit: Harry the Third Photo & Video

As Brick’s skills have sharpened, so has his competition. He has shared the ring with many wrestlers who have made their mark not only in the United States, but also overseas. In arguably the biggest match of his career up to this point, Mastone defeated his mentor, Brian Fury, in an extremely physical contest at Cold Fury 15. This match, among others, has had a lasting impact on his career.

“Last year’s Cold Fury match against Brian Fury was definitely one of the better matches I’ve ever had; it was actually a lot of fun,” Mastone recollects. “Anytime I get to work with the guys I trained with stands out. I also wrestled Warbeard [Hanson], and that was a great learning experience early on.”

However, Brick’s career took an incalculable amount of steps forward on February 24th, 2017, when he decided it was time to take his career into his own hands. In the midst of a hotly contested bout for Chaotic Wrestling’s New England Championship, “The Man of Steel” Mike Verna could take no more of Mastone’s brutality, hitting the challenger over the head with a steel chair. Although Mastone won the match via disqualification, the title remained around Verna’s waist.

Frustrated and hungry for competition, Brick—a man of few words who lets his destruction do the talking— grabbed the mic and took his career into his own hands. “All roads lead to Cold Fury,” Mastone started methodically, “and at Cold Fury 16, I WANT CODY RHODES.”

One of the newest members of the Bullet Club, Rhodes has been facing world-class competition such as Kurt Angle, Michael Bennett, and Juice Robinson since leaving WWE last May. One week after Brick’s shocking challenge, Rhodes accepted.

“It’s still not real,” Mastone said, still in awe that he is receiving this opportunity. “I never thought in a million years that I’d be across the ring from one of best in world. It is such a big opportunity and it is an honor that the I’m trusted by the company to work with him.”

Photo Credit: Harry the Third Photo & Video

Brick is not taking both the trust and opportunity lightly, however. In an effort to make it a quick victory “ala Goldberg,” he has been dropping weight and training fervently to get his cardio up. “I’m down 10 pounds,” Mastone began. “I’m moving better while still maintaining my strength. I’m as strong as ever and faster than ever, so my moves will be more impactful. [Rhodes] is a more seasoned endurance athlete than I am, so I want to put him away early.”

Mastone’s intensified training regimen, along with the passion in his voice, shows that he understands the gravity of this match. Even though he acknowledges that there is no championship belt on the line, he realizes the experience and exposure could be just as valuable at this point in his career. On the biggest stage against his biggest opponent, one thing doesn’t change in Mastone’s mind: he wants to win.

“A win would be a defining moment that would launch my career from being a solid worker in New England to someone who has more opportunity to gain recognition across the country,” Mastone concluded. “It would help me breakout of New England. If I do well and impress, it might open up opportunities down the road.”

Although the Brickster has been training and strategizing more thoroughly than ever, his confidence doesn’t blind him from the fact that nothing in life is certain. He knows victory is within his grasp, but he haphazardly acknowledges that defeat is just as close.

“Losing would crush me because this match is something I’ve been working very hard towards,” Mastone somberly declared, “and I don’t see losing as an option. It’s one of those things where, if I lose, it could do some real damaging things to my psyche.”

Credit: Harry the Third Photo & Video

When analyzing the present, the future, and the possibilities, human nature can’t help but take over, as Mastone reflects on his young but gratifying journey into the world of professional wrestling:

“It’s way more than I thought it ever could be…I went in thinking it would be neat to do; it was something I always wanted to try, just to see what happens. Now, I’m part of a school that has a great lineage of success. I’ve been able to keep pace with successful peers and am about to have the biggest match of my life against the best. No matter what happens, I’ve lived a dream just doing it, and also because of all of the friendships and dreams I’ve had as a result of it. If Friday were my last match, I’d be satisfied; but I don’t plan on stopping any time soon. “

So, Brick Mastone, any final words for Cody Rhodes? Maybe a warning?

“You’ve been around the world, but you’ve never been in my world.”

Good luck cousin. Make us proud. Kick his ass.


Chaotic Wrestling’s Cold Fury 16 takes place on Friday March 17, 2017 at the North Essex Community College gymnasium at 100 Elliot Street, Haverhill, MA.

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