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Dancing With the Stars Episode 2 Fantasy Recap: Who was the First to get Eliminated?

On Dancing With the Stars Episode 2, we said goodbye to Chris Kattan and Witney Carson (Jazz): 22 (6-5-6-5) — the first couple eliminated from the competition. There’s nothing bad to say about Chris; his reasons for being on the show, his energy, and his story will be remembered. Unfortunately this is a DANCE contest. You MUST deliver on the dances, show improvement and ease of movement — all these things keep you from elimination each week.

Overall, this week on Dancing With The Stars was pretty interesting to see — and perhaps orchestrated for that very reason. (Is it me or are there a lot more open chested, shirtless, muscular men this season?) A lot of contestants we saw come running out of the gate last week fell a bit this week. Others excelled and climbed to the top of the leaderboard. Simone is going to help my fantasy team (first place after Week 2) significantly, but I’m starting to wonder if Rashad or Normani are going to take home that trophy? They might. And if these three make it to the final — which they most likely will — WATCH OUT!

I was hoping to see more improvement from Nick, especially given that he’s partnered with Peta. Disappointing numbers, but I believe he has a fan base to keep him in a few more weeks. I think Nancy is on an upswing, along with David, and could surprise us later down the road as the “most improved” of the season. Bonner is my secret (not anymore) favorite on the show. As a professional, I teach people of all backgrounds, abilities, ages, etc. and what I love about him is that he’s not naturally good, he’s out of his element, but he’s making progress. And THAT is the reason why I teach, THAT is the purpose of this show. I’m REALLY eager to see how he does down the road.

So who’s in jeopardy? Charo, Mr. T, Erika… that’s my bottom three! T goes home!

Dancing With the Stars Episode 2 Fantasy Scoreboard

Rashad – 63

Simone – 61

Normani – 59

Heather – 58

Nancy – 56

David – 55

Erika – 52

Bonner – 51

Nick – 49

Charo – 46

Mr T – 42

Chris – 39 (but -20 for a last place finish) = 19

Dance Breakdowns


Normani Kordei and Valentin Chmerkovskiy (Cha Cha) : 32 (8-8-8-8)

Normani showed us why she’s paid to tour the world. You can’t help but want to watch her — the expression, the energy, and the evident natural technique she’s showing for ballroom. Her Cha Cha proved to me she’s got what it takes to make it all the way to the end. Imagine what these two will be like when she’s not on tour? Unstoppable — perhaps. Her scores will continue to get higher but expect as the weeks go along that the judges start to get a bit stingier.

Rashad Jennings and Emma Slater (Viennese Waltz) : 32 (8-8-8-8)

It’s become evident through two weeks that Rashad is THE guy to beat. He’s without a doubt the frontrunner among all the male celebrities. After seeing last week’s Cha Cha and his quite graceful dance this week (soften those arms though, they’re flying out like you want to close line someone) I think it’s a guarantee he’ll be in the final. I have nothing too bad to say about this guy. He’s strong, supports Emma, and danced a well timed Viennese Waltz. His fantasy value is SKY high! Don’t forget NFL teams, he’s still on the free agent market.

Heather Morris and Alan (Maksim Chmerkovskiy) (Jive) : 30 (8-6-8-8)

A few thoughts on this routine: Yes, it was full of energy. Yes, the “Beyoncé Style” hip hop break in the middle was pretty sick. Yes, she’s a good dancer. BUT, I may be the Debbie Downer here and agree with Len. I don’t think there was enough jive elements within this performance. The dance break was NOT jive. Heather’s was okay — but would like to see more in the knees and sharper kicks. Don’t get me wrong, Heather is going for the trophy, but she’s got several other women doing the same. Let’s hope we don’t see any drop in scores as she’s held to a higher degree.

Simone Biles and Sasha Farber (Cha Cha) : 29 (7-7-7-8)

Well, I don’t agree with the scores given on this one and I’ll tell you why. Although her entrance was a little too long and filled with tricks… it was actually pretty smokin’ hot. The actual Cha Cha portion of her dance was far more sharp than the others of the night — who also scored 7’s. This wasn’t her best dance and it disappoints me because it should be her strength. I think back to my favorite Cha Cha of all-time from Shawn Johnson. It was content filled, fun and excellently executed. I think she’ll continue to put up the consistent numbers with a slight increase, but as it gets to the halfway point, expect all these women to try and outdo this tumbling, head-standing Olympic gymnast.

Tier 2 : Middle of the Pack

Bonner Bolton and Sharna Burgess (Viennese Waltz) : 29 (8-6-8-7)

Perhaps one of the most controversial, wide ranging scores of the night. I personally would have given it a 7 across the board. Although these two have HOT HOT HOT chemistry — perhaps why I’m rooting for them — Bonner is a work in progress. He’s never danced and still learning. It wasn’t the smoothest; he needs to glide more, soften those arms and work on a few things. I liked it, but I’m looking for more from him. He’s got it. But I think his scores will stay around the middle until he hones in on his technique. Beautiful song, beautiful choreography.

Nancy Kerrigan and Artem Chigvintsev (Cha Cha) : 28 (7-7-7-7)

I agree with the judges — this was the safest and simplest, yet a beautifully executed Cha Cha for Nancy. Even though she’s going to have to work harder on character — accentuating those hips a bit — I would’ve given her a few 8’s. Beautiful movements, clean footwork and overall a safe piece. She needs to bring it up a notch if she’s going to stay pace with some to these other sexier ladies. She can definitely do it, she just needs to keep improving to make it to the final. (Let’s hope she’s lasts… we need more of these costumes from Artem).

Erika Jayne and Gleb Savchenko (Foxtrot) : 28 (7-7-7-7)

I ABSOLUTELY can’t stand Erika. Am I alone here? Someone please tell me their thoughts on her! The attitude she displays, her comments, makes me wonder if anyone at home is actually voting for her. And that’s part of the reason I’ve got her near the bottom. Yes, her Foxtrot was sexy — but so is Gleb. Yes, she had some nice lines. No, she’s not worthy of the Mirror Ball trophy. (Perhaps some of you will write me and help turn me around on this girl). I don’t expect top scores all the time from her and it’s going to be a hit or miss each week. She needs to do more elaborate routines, wow the crowd — the “sexy” is only going to get her so far.

David Ross and Lindsay Arnold (Cha Cha) : 27 (7-6-7-7)

I’m really disappointed in Lindsay. Last week David had an unexpected amazing Quickstep. The choreography was clean, simple and showcased his abilities. This week I don’t think that happened. A little more Cha Cha content would’ve shown more potential and gone further with the judges. The guy can dance, well, let’s see more of it. He’s got some heavy hitters ahead of him though but there’s no backing down for the reigning World Series champ.

Tier 3 : The Struggle is REAL

Charo and Keo Motsepe (Paso) : 25 (6-6-7-6)

This woman is OFF HER CHAIN!!! I’m not sure what to even say about this. I don’t believe a 7 should’ve been given. Her timing was off, her actions weren’t synchronized and all she had was crazy energy and Keo throwing her around. Stand still and take feedback. She’s not going to last much longer and it’s possible she could be gone next week. Work on precision and FOCUS Ms. Charo.

Nick Viall and Peta Murgatroyd: (Foxtrot) : 25 (7-5-7-6)

Bachelor Nation is diminishing. Nick is not at the front (at this moment) in the competition. He needs to work on breathing, relaxing those arms (giving them purpose) soften the feet and try to feel the music. You can tell he’s just trying to memorize the routine — different than memorizing who you made out last night on the Bachelor. I’m REALLY rooting for him. I hope he can improve going into Week 3 and he must if he wants to stay in the competition much longer. Gorgeous song choice! Don’t expect strong numbers too soon.

Mr. T and Kym Herjavec (Paso): 22 (6-5-6-5)

Much improved over last week. A bit better in rhythm with Kym but I don’t think Mr. T is going to make it past next week unless he can deliver a promising performance. There’s quite a few others that are easily out scoring him.

We hope you enjoyed Dancing With the Stars Episode 2 as much as we did, and check back early next week for our Episode 3 Preview! Also, if you are still interested, it’s never too late to create your own fantasy league with Fantasizr.

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