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WWE Fantasy: Raw and Smackdown Recap 3/27-3/28

We just had ourselves two entirely different shows here, RotoStreeters. The Smackdown brand showed how to prep an audience to part with their hard earned money, and RAW showed why no television show should ever be 3 hours long. What the hell was this Big Show “over the top” challenge, where people THREW HIM OVER THE TOP ROPE, 6 days before he is allegedly the favorite to win a battle royal?!? It’s like if one week before the Battle of the Bastards, Ramsay Bolton had pushed Jon Snow off his horse into dog poop, and rode away laughing.

As a fan, you just hate to see such illogical show writing undercut the performers on the biggest week of their respective years. Smackdown, however, did not have those problems, running HOT segments all night long. It ended with a Attitude Era cliffhanger about the existence, and whereabouts, of Bray Wyatt’s long-thought dead sister, Abigail, whose grave Randy Orton desecrated recently. All of their marquee matchups, AJ Styles vs. Shane McMahon, The Miz vs. John Cena (featuring their girlfriends), and the aforementioned Wyatt vs. Orton were given space, time, and content.

WWE Weekly Fantasy Scorecard

Carmella 3
Alexa Bliss 2
Austin Aries 2
Bayley 2
Bray Wyatt 2
Chad Gable 2
Heath Slater 2
Jason Jordan 2
Mojo Rawley 2
Neville 2
Rhyno 2
Sami Zayn 2
Sasha Banks 2

Fantasy Analysis

The Big Valbowski will take his lumps here for having only 2/3rds of this week’s fantasy picks prove worthwhile. In this week’s preview, I told you to:

3 things: Cruiserweights not named Aries or Neville, Smackdown Women, and anyone not already in their own Wrestlemania match.

The Good

Top Performer of the Week: Carmella (Smackdown Women) 3 Points

Points Scored By People Without Their Own Mania Match: 12

The Bad

Points Score by People With Their Own Mania Match, besides Smackdown Women: 8

The Ugly

Points Scored by Cruiserweights not named Austin Aries or Neville: 0

All in all, if you stuck with The Big V, you maybe got Carmella or Alexa Bliss, and picked up some of those tag team points on Smackdown. If not, here’s a shot of me looking at your and your opponents teams, 5 minutes after Smackdown went off the air.

In the meantime, check out our Wrestlemania history lesson and don’t forget to print out our excellent Wrestlemania 33 Scorecard

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