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Wrestlemania 33 Recap

The Showcase of the Immortals has came and gone, and left us nursing a Glenlivet 15 hangover, and the judgmental looks of the non-wrestling female fans in attendance where The Big Valbowski and friends had a little too much fun. The so called “Wrestlemania moments” of WWE, are times where you forget where you are, what you are watching, and that it’s scripted, and lose your shit. If you are a Game of Thrones fan, think of The Red Wedding for reference.

WWE is at it’s best when they hit these moments multiple times in a single Wrestlemania. After last years marathon trainwreck — where booking mistakes compounded on each other to create a towering mass of terrible — this year they hit a grand fucking slam in their tag team title match, and there were great moments and matches sprinkled throughout the night.

Pre Show

Neville retained his Cruiserweight Title against veteran Austin Aries, in a match that would have headlined any “rival” promotions PPV of the month.

Rob Gronkowski jumped the barricade, and was accosted by a female security guard who apparently didn’t get the memo that he was part of the show. Gronk helped his Hype Bro Mojo Rawley win the Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal.

Baron Corbin‘s rise to the top of WWE will have to wait, as Dean Ambrose defended his title. While it may seem like a fall from grace for Ambrose after being in a marquee match with Brock Lesnar last year, a win’s a win.

Main Card

Shane O’Mac exceeded all expectations and gave AJ Styles a legit match. He also flew around quite a bit, ultimately costing himself the match with a missed Shooting Star Press.

The best saga in WWE is finally over. Kevin Owens has defeated former best friend Chris Jericho to win the United States Title in the great match we all expected out of these two. With Jericho’s band Fozzy set to go on tour, this is probably the last big time match we will see out of Jericho for a while.

The women of RAW were afflicted by a case of confusing booking leading up to how exactly all four of these women found themselves here, and why Bayley got the belt on a random episode of RAW, but this match itself was solid. Bayley retained to a huge ovation.

HOLY SHIT. This was a “jump up and throw the queso against the wall” moment, not just a “Wrestlemania moment”. The most viral and viewed, non-WWE North American wrestler, is Broken Matt Hardy, and WWE not only scooped him and his brother Jeff Hardy up, but they are now the WWE Tag Team Champions, and back on RAW in a HUGE way.

The Miz being cheered like a hero to start the match was fantastic, but after that, an episode of Total Bellas played out. Cena and Nikki won and got engaged, yawn.

The expected inclusion of Samoa Joe and Finn Balor did not happen, instead the student defeated the teacher cleanly in this ruthless No Disqualification match.

Randy Orton‘s time as Wyatt Family double agent, getting close to the throne to coronate Bray, before ripping it from his grasp was well played out. The lack of Sister Abigail, and the bizarre projections of maggots and worms onto the ring led this one to underwhelm, but the story is done.

The mega match delivered. They found a creative way to draw out a few good minutes of action with Goldberg‘s limitations, and crowned Brock Lesnar as the new champion.

The Smackdown Women were given the “bathroom break” slot between the two main events, but they got a good amount of time, showcased their talent, and got Naomi crowned as champion.

Two years in a row, Wrestlemania has ended with Roman Reigns winning to a pissed off crowd — and he’s supposed to be a good guy. What a bizarre scene. The Undertaker is always must see television, but not the greatest way to end a show.

Overall this was a great show, and a return to form for Wrestlemania after last year’s debacle. Once the Dave Meltzer match ratings are done, we’ll take a look at how The Big V and Trillest did on their predictions and Vegas Odds.

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