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Fantasy Baseball 2017: Hitter Streamers Week 2

With Week 1 in the books, we have laughed, cried, dropped everyone and picked up Sandy Leon and Brandon Finnegan (don’t lie, I know you did). And while everything is not lost after Week 1, each week always seems like the last week of the season, do-or-die, a must win. Well this article will highlight a few hitter streamers this upcoming week with soft schedules, playing in good ballparks and a great opportunity to help out in offensive counting stats. Just don’t forget to write these guys thank you notes next Sunday before dropping them back into the waiver-wire abyss for the rest of the season.

Gerardo Parra, 1B/OF (COL)

For those loyalists, you will remember that Gerardo Parra made an appearance in this same exact article for Week 1. Considering that free-agent signing Ian Desmond still finds himself on the shelf, we can rely on Parra for another few weeks, especially when he has plus matchups against right handed hitters. Like Week 1, Parra will be splitting his time between his home park against the putrid pitching of the San Deigo Padres and then will travel on the road to face the San Francisco Giants. Normally, you do not hear people suggest streaming against the Giants solid starting roatation, especially when those games take place in AT&T Park. However, we cannot ignore the massive potential of Parra’s front-loaded slate against 3 soft-tossing Padres righties (Trevor Cahill, Jered Weaver, Luis Perdomo). Bruce Bochy has not set Matt Cain and Madison Bumgarner’s positions in the rotation yet, so Parra could face both Bumgarner and Johnny Cueto in San Fran. On the other hand, Parra hits Jeff Samardzija very well (10/27 career) and Matt Moore does not really dominate lefties. Ultimately, Parra’s Padre-mashing stats at the beginning of the week far outweighs his potential downside playing in San Fran for 4 games. Fire Parra up with confidence this week.

Ryan Schimpf, 2B/3B (SD)

Staying in Coors Field for streamers is never a bad idea, so Ryan Schimpf finds himself a spot on this week’s list. Schimpf, a powerful, left handed second baseman, has 17 career Home Runs in 225 career at bats against right handed pitching (which is roughly 60% higher than Mike Trout’s career rate, no big deal), sporting a .910 OPS. That is All-Star caliber production against righties. This week, 5 of Schimpf’s 6 games come against right handed pitching, and the only game that is not against a righty comes in Coors against Kyle Freeland, a 23 year old making his second big-league start. The other half of Schimpf’s games take place in the Atlanta against Braves righties (Mike Foltynewicz, R.A.Dickey and Julio Teheran) who struggle against left handed hitters. The Padres lineup contains a few mashers and Schimpf finds himself right in the middle, usually batting fifth, so find him on waivers and look for those runs to pile up this week.

Justin Smoak, 1B (TOR)

From a power and production standpoint the Smoke Monster (Lost friends assemble!) Justin Smoak has fared much better against righties (30 HRs, .717 OPS) than lefties (9 HRs, .657 OPS) over the past 3 years. Now his average might be rather unsightly, but this is a one-week streaming option and we are dumping him as soon as he turns into a pumpkin and his schedule gets more difficult. For this week, he remains in the comfortable confines of the Rogers Centre where he maintains a respectable .240 batting average and well above average .783 OPS since 2014. Enter scene Milwaukee Brewer right handers Wily Peralta and Chase Anderson. Anderson does have reverse career splits and fares better against lefties but neither of these pitchers have all that much success getting hitters out. Smoak then welcomes Baltimore’s rag-tag crew of starters to his home, two of which we are assured to be right handers, and the other is still to be decided, which is never a good sign when you are visiting Toronto and playing against that juggernaut offense.

Travis Shaw, 1B/3B (MIL)

As a former Red Sox, I am quite familiar with Travis Shaw. As such, I know that he is better against righties than lefties (he fluked his way to reverse split stats in 2015 but last year we saw the true Travis Shaw). I also know that when he gets hot, he tends to stay hot. And just like at the beginning of last year, Travis Shaw has come out of the gate hot-hot-hot. And this week, Shaw plays all 6 games in hitters parks (Toronto and Cincinnati) against 4 right handed pitchers, three of which (Bronson Arroyo (13.50 ERA), Scott Feldman (5.79 ERA) and Rookie Davis (12.00 ERA)) did not pitch well in their opening appearance in 2017, and the other, Marcus Stroman, Shaw has dominated in his career (5/10, 1 HR). Given Shaw’s lineup and the protection he receives and the lack of competition for his position in Milwaukee, this could be the one hitter in this article worth keeping for a while after this week, just to see if he is a breakout candidate for 2017…or a flame out like he was in Boston in 2016.

Come back to Roto Street Journal every weekend to check out my top hitter streamers and build your best lineup for success. Good luck navigating Week 2 everyone, and happy streaming!

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