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Wolf's Big Board:     Monday, May 29, 2017     Tier One - The Big Three   1 ) David Johnson (ARI) RB1   2 ) Le'Veon Bell (PIT) RB2   3 ) Ezekiel Elliott (DAL) RB3   Tier Two - High-end WR1 and RB1s   4 ) Antonio Brown (PIT) WR1   5 ) Julio Jones (ATL) WR2   6 ) Mike Evans (TB) WR3   7 ) Odell Beckham JR. (NYG) WR4   8 ) DeMarco Murray (TEN) RB4   9 ) Melvin Gordon (LAC) RB5   10 ) LeSean McCoy (BUF) RB6   11 ) Jay Ajayi (MIA) RB7   12 ) AJ Green (CIN) WR5   13 ) Jordy Nelson (GB) WR6   14 ) Michael Thomas (NO) WR7   15 ) Dez Bryant (DAL) WR8   16 ) Devonta Freeman (ATL) RB8   Tier 3 - Lower-end RB1 and WR1s, elite second options   17 ) Lamar Miller (HOU) RB9   18 ) DeAndre Hopkins (HOU) WR9   19 ) TY Hilton (IND) WR10   20 ) Leonard Fournette (JAX) RB10   21 ) Rob Gronkowski (NE) TE1   22 ) Brandin Cooks (NE) WR11   23 ) Demaryius Thomas. (DEN) WR12   24 ) Jordan Reed (WAS) TE2   25 ) Doug Baldwin (SEA) WR13   26 ) Amari Cooper (OAK) WR14   Tier 3.5   27 ) Todd Gurley (LAR) RB11   28 ) Carlos Hyde (SF) RB12   29 ) Christian McCaffrey (CAR) RB13   30 ) Jordan Howard (CHI) RB14   31 ) Marshawn Lynch (OAK) RB15   32 ) Davante Adams (GB) WR15   33 ) Alshon Jeffery (PHI) WR16   34 ) Isaiah Crowell (CLE) RB16   35 ) Tyreek Hill (KC) WR17   36 ) Keenan Allen (LAC) WR18   37 ) Spencer Ware (KC) RB17   Tier 4 - Elite QBs, Solid #2 RBs + WRs, side TE1s   38 ) Bilal Powell (NYJ) RB18   39 ) Tom Brady (NE) QB1   40 ) Sammy Watkins WR19   41 ) Aaron Rodgers (GB) QB2   42 ) Travis Kielce (KC) TE3   43 ) Terrelle Pryor (WAS) WR20   44 ) Allen Robinson (JAC) WR21   44 ) Mike Gillislee (NE) RB19   45 ) Mark Ingram (NO) RB20   46 ) Golden Tate (DET) WR22   47 ) Jamison Crowder (WAS) WR23   48 ) Greg Olsen (CAR) TE4   48 ) Tevin Coleman (ATL) RB21   49 ) Willie Snead (NO) WR24   50 ) Doug Martin (TB) RB22   51 ) Michael Crabtree (OAK) WR25   52 ) Brandon Marshal (NYG) WR26   53 ) Julian Edelman (NE) WR27   54 ) Donte Moncrief (IND) WR28   55 ) Drew Brees (NO) QB3   56 ) Ameer Abdullah (DET) RB23   57 ) Jimmy Graham (SEA) TE5   58 ) Tyler Eifert (CIN) TE6   59 ) Martavis Bryant (PIT) WR29   Tier 5 - Last Startable WRs and RBs + TE1 Candidates   60 ) Pierre Garcon (SF) WR30   61 ) Eric Decker (NYJ) WR31   62 ) Jarvis Landry (MIA) WR32   63 ) Larry Fitzgerald (ARI) WR33   64 ) Samaje Perine (WAS) RB24   65 ) Joe Mixon (CIN) RB25   66 ) CJ Anderson (DEN) RB26   67 ) Matt Ryan (ATL) QB4   68 ) Stefon Diggs (MIN) WR33   69 ) Emmanuel Sanders (DEN) WR34   70 ) Ty Montgomery (GB) RB27   71 ) Hunter Henry (LAC) TE7   72 ) Corey Davis (TEN) WR35   73 ) Adrian Peterson (NO) RB28   74 ) Kelvin Benjamin (CAR) WR36   75 ) Delanie Walker TE8   76 ) Paul Perkins (NYG) RB29   77 ) CJ Prosise (SEA) RB30   78 ) Eddie Lacy (SEA) RB31   79 ) Dalvin Cook (MIN) RB32   80 ) Theo Riddick (DET) RB33   81 ) Frank Gore (IND) RB34   82 ) Cameron Meredith (CHI) WR38   83 ) Mike Wallace (BAL) WR39   84 ) DeSean Jackson (TB) WR40   85 ) Martellus Bennett (GB) TE9   TIer 7 - side QB1s and Top WR and RB Lottery Tickets   86 ) Andrew Luck (IND) QB5   87 ) Derek Carr (OAK) QB6   88 ) Kirk Cousins (WAS) QB7   89 ) Marcus Mariota (TEN) QB8   90 ) Philip Rivers (LAC) QB9   91 ) Ben Roethlisberger QB10   92 ) Dak Prescott (DAL) QB11   93 ) Jameis Winston (TB) QB12   94 ) Joe Williams (SF) RB35   95 ) Derrick Henry (TEN) RB36   96 ) Kareem Hunt (KC) RB37   97 ) Jamaal Williams (GB) RB38   98 ) Davante Parker (MIA) WR41   99 ) Josh Doctson (WAS) WR42   100 ) Ted Ginn (NO) WR43  
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Fantasy Baseball 2017: Two Start Pitchers Week 3

Welcome to Two Start Pitchers Week 3, where we breakdown the two start pitchers from April 17th-April 23rd. With the rotations beginning to lock in, we can confidently start predicting two start pitchers moving forward (although the Phillies have an issue on their hand with the recent, and annual, injury of Clay Buchholz). Not a lot of options reside at the top tier this week, so it will be important to make the right decisions this week regarding your two start streamers. So be wise, and let’s analyze the best two starters for the upcoming week.

Never a Doubt

  1. Yu Darvish, TEX (@OAK, vs. KC)
  2. Max Scherzer, WSH (@ATL, @NYM)

You read that right, I am going with my boy Yu Darvish over Max Scherzer. They both have massive strikeout potential on two start weeks and their individual talents are matched by very few in the league. Granted, Scherzer is, in my opinion, the better pitcher, but I am not here to evaluate the better talent. I am here to evaluate their weekly situation, and this week, in my opinion, Darvish gets the ever so slight advantage. Scherzer struggles somewhat against the Atlanta Braves and the Mets are absolutely pulverizing pitchers right now. Buy one Home Run, get one free. Also, he gets two road starts, and everyone likes their own home cooking. Darvish, on the other hand, gets two weak lineups, one at home and the other in the Grand Canyon called the Oakland Coliseum. I will face the jury at the end of next week, but I will go against the grain and stick to my first instincts.

Borderline Aces

  1. Danny Salazar, CLE (@MIN, @CWS)
  2. Michael Fulmer, DET (@TB, @MIN)
  3. John Lackey, CHC (vs. MIL, @CIN)
  4. Mike Fiers, HOU (vs. LAA, @TB)

Mike Fiers does not normally inspire a ton confidence in me really, which seems like a strange admission for someone in the Borderline Ace designation. But, he has two mouth-watering matchups against weak offenses. His stuff is electric and he can pile up the strikeouts and wins this week, so I’d grab him and start him with confidence. Danny Salazar might belong in that top tier as he plays on arguably the best team in the American League and strikes out hitters by the bundle, but the Twins offense is not as bad as you think and he has two road starts, so he will have to accept leading the second-tier charge. Sorry Danny Boy, but not really.

Very Good

  1. Joe Musgrove, HOU (vs. LAA, @TB)
  2. Bartolo Colon, ATL (vs. SD, @PHI)
  3. Steven Wright, BOS (vs. TB, @BAL)
  4. Ivan Nova, PIT (@STL, vs.NYY)
  5. Marcus Stroman, TOR (vs. BOS, @LAA)

I could copy and paste what I said about Fiers and apply it to Joe Musgrove. The matchups are great and I believe people undervalue Musgrove. Also, if you could not tell, I am all in on the Astros hype train for this 2017 MLB Season. A name I target in all my leagues, Ivan Nova, faces his old team and a scuffling Cardinals lineup in a juicy two start week. Since moving to Pittsburgh, Nova has blossomed into a Number 2 type starter and this year has begun with a bang. Now, that Pirates offense limits his wins and value, but at this point we should not turn our heads to this 13 start stretch with Pittsburgh.

Some Upside Here

  1. Ariel Miranda, SEA (vs. MIA, @OAK)
  2. Brandon McCarthy, LAD (vs. ARI, @ARI)
  3. Robbie Ray, ARI (@LAD, vs. LAD)
  4. Tom Koehler, MIA (@SEA, @SD)
  5. Mike Leake, STL (vs. PIT, @MIL)
  6. A.J. Griffin, TEX (@OAK, vs. KC)
  7. Josh Tomlin, CLE (@MIN, @CWS)
  8. Jimmy Nelson, MIL (@CHC, vs. STL)
  9. Lance Lynn, STL (vs. PIT, @ MIL)
  10. Zack Wheeler, NYM (vs. PHI, vs. WSH)
  11. Yovani Gallardo, SEA (vs. MIA, @OAK)
  12. Jaime Garcia, ATL (vs. WSH, @PHI)
  13. Eduardo Rodriguez, BOS (@TOR, @BAL)
  14. Jordan Montgomery, NYY (vs. CWS, @PIT)
  15. Shelby Miller, ARI (@SD, vs. LAD)
  16. Amir Garrett, CIN (vs. BAL, vs. CHC)
  17. Chase Anderson, MIL (@CHC, vs. STL)
  18. Derek Holland, CWS (@NYY, vs. CLE)
  19. Jered Weaver, SD (@ATL, vs. MIA)
  20. Andrew Triggs, OAK (vs. TEX, vs. SEA)
  21. Phil Hughes, MIN (vs. CLE, vs. DET)
  22. Jesse Hahn, OAK (vs. TEX, vs. SEA)

Ariel Miranda would probably be just as shocked by this rating as you are, but lets delve a little deeper. Two starts at Safeco and the aforementioned Grand Canyon, check. Two scuffling offenses, check. Plays for a good team…check? The Marines have stumbled out of the gates but they are a good all around team and should be turning it around shortly. Another sneaky name makes an appearance high on my list. Tom Koehler pitched well in two no decisions in Washington and against Atlanta. Now, he travel to two pitcher parks and get to play the aforementioned Miranda and spot starter Zach Lee. I know the superhero creator Stan Lee, but Zach ain’t no Hulk or Iron Man. Jordan Montgomery made his much anticipated debut ANNNNNND…did OK. The strikeouts are lovely and he gets two juicy matchups. Keep your eyes peeled on this potential rocket. Let’s group the next three together as they all have similar profiles this week. Amir Garrett, Chase Anderson and Derek Holland are pitching very well right now, but we still cannot fully trust them. Also, each has one, if not two, difficult matchups. This week should clarify the murky futures of each of these pitchers. As a note of preference, I truly believe Holland has staying power for the rest of the season. I always liked him on Texas and cannot forget that solid stretch he had through multiple injuries.

Cross Your Fingers and Pray

  1. Blake Snell, TB (@BOS, vs. HOU)
  2. Jason Hammel, KC (vs. SF, @TEX)
  3. Kyle Gibson, MIN (vs. CLE, vs. DET)
  4. Jesse Chavez, LAA (@HOU, vs. TOR)
  5. Ubaldo Jiminez, BAL (@CIN, vs. BOS)

Blake Snell has the ability to strikeout your entire team, but also has the ability to walk your entire team. With Boston and Houston on the slate, you can find better options. Ubaldo Jiminez intrigues me. He gets one layup in Cincinnati but then a toughy at home against the Red Sox. As a Boston fan, however, I know he has the potential to shut down their lineup. However, it is much more likely he will last 4.1 innings, walk 4 and allow 3 runs.

Please No

  1. Tyler Skaggs, LAA (@HOU, vs. TOR)
  2. Matt Andriese, TB (@BOS, vs. HOU)
  3. Zach Lee, SD (vs. ARI, vs. MIA)

Unfortunately, I had some hope for Tyler Skaggs to break out this year but woof is he off to a miserable start. Visiting Houston and then hosting Toronto does not sound like the medicine a sane doctor would order to cure his current travails.

Come back to Roto Street Journal every Friday to see the two start ranks and how to best build your rotation for success. Good luck navigating the week, and happy streaming!

To contact me with any questions or general fantasy baseball discussion, please email me at or tweet me @AJGamballer.

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