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420 Viewing Guide: Navigate Netflix like a Pro

I’m high & have Netflix. What next?

For centuries, marijuana enthusiasts have turned to Netflix as a source of mindless, time-devouring entertainment. It is an obvious choice, as there are probably hundreds of thousands of hours worth of stuff to watch. Nicolas Cage movies, alien truther shows, a never-ending fireplace. You know, entertainment!

The issue for us folks who dabble in the pot, is that there are too many options. It’s paralyzing. Your viewing experience becomes three-quarters scrolling.

Lucky for you, I’m here. Take my hand, and I’ll guide you through some of the hidden gems and worthwhile programming that Netflix has to offer this holiday season.

When you’re done, please be sure to comment angrily about not only the ones I missed, but also about how all of these movies and shows that I like actually suck. Without further adieu, find a flow chart that captures your high mind and what it deserves to watch:

(Note – for a cleaner / printable view, click this link



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