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Survivor: Game Changers Episode 7 Fantasy Recap

As we head into our seventh episode of the season– a two hour episode (thank you very much) –we’re looking at an inevitable merge on the horizon and the contestants are going to have start playing hard if they’re going to last longer than the group of all-stars they have found themselves pitted against. Fantasy points are going to be hard to come by, as the group immunities will be cast aside in favor of more rare (and valuable) individual rewards.  How are the remaining contestants going to play the game as the numbers get whittled down?  Check out our latest Survivor: Game Changers Episode 7 Fantasy Recap to find out!

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Nuku – Day 19

In the aftermath of the explosive Jeff Varner tribal council that literally made national news, the Nuku Tribe licks its wounds back at camp the following day.  Sarah, still fuming about Varner’s tactics, tells Tai they all may have forgiven Varner but she doesn’t.  Tai says that’s OK and then he cries (-1) just thinking about it.  She talks to Zeke and tells him he’s just Zeke to her, solidifying herself as a wonderful person.  Debbie nods approvingly, desperate to make this about how tolerant she is in some small way.  Zeke tells us he really likes the people he’s playing with and appreciates how people came to his defense, but he’s here to win the million so let’s get back to it.  I could not agree more.

Merge Beach

The tribes approach and there is a huge buffet of food on a table, but there’s also something hidden under a small tablecloth.  Jeff Probst tells them they are merging, but in order to enjoy the buffet one person from each tribe must volunteer to not take part in it.  The volunteers will each get like one cracker and a sip of iced tea or something (that’s what is under the table cloth) while the others feast like 20 feet away.  Who will martyr themselves?  Brad and Tai each volunteer.  With Tai it seems really selfless, with Brad it seems more strategic—he says, “it’s what Monica (his wife) would do”.

The merge is on and it’s better than Christmas!

Sierra reminds us she is still sitting on her legacy advantage which she can only use with 6 or 13 people left—and there are 13 people left right now.  Will this come into play on today’s double episode?  Only time will tell.

Brad and Tai chat and make a loose alliance as they sit together starving.  Tai really seems to like Brad, who tells us he may be assuming the Caleb role for Tai.

As they enjoy the buffet, everyone is having a good time.  Debbie especially seems to be really jovial and tipsy.  She then confides in us that she is not drinking at all, she just wants people to think she is drunk.  Oh Debbie, you clever dog, you!  She clearly learned this in some sort of Acting Pretend Drunk class that she took some summer on a lark.  I’m not sure why pretending to be drunk is part of her current strategy, but I’ll take it because it’s pretty good TV.  She is grinding pretty seriously on Cirie at one point, and demonstrates that despite her extensive training in multiple fields, she is clearly not trained as a dancer.  She moons Tai at one point and has to have her ass blurred out (+1) just to keep things interesting.

Merged Tribe – Day 19

Back at the new, big tribe Debbie, taking Cochran’s advice from Exile Isalnd, apologizes to Brad attempting to bury the hatchet.   Zeke tells the new, large tribe about the tribal fiasco with Varner, so now everyone knows about him being transgendered and everyone seems cool with it.  Debbie tries to talk over him at one point to demonstrate her amazing support of Zeke but someone tells her to let him talk.  Just for the record, I am totally cool with Zeke being transgendered and letting everyone know about it in a safe space, but it would’ve been great TV if there was some huge, religious Bible thumper who just started screaming about how this was all an affront to God or something.

Brad is scrambling, trying to secure numbers.  He seems to be pretty focused on Michaela and Hali as the first two to go, as they were on the outs in his old tribe anyway.  He says Michaela would be his first choice.  Pretty much everyone seems on board with Michaela being the target, initially.

Everyone wants to make sure Michaela doesn’t find out because she’ll go nuts about it.  Sierra tells Zeke they just need to stick to the plan and Michaela will go out which is true but almost never happens.

Later on, Zeke is talking with Cirie and Andrea.  He says the three of them and Sarah should be the four to go to the end.  He thinks Michaela could be a number down the road to work with, so he is not as 100% on board to get rid of her as a lot of people are.  He tells us (correctly) that these are the last moments of people pretending to get along and that there are two factions (Brad and Sierra’s group and his and Cirie’s group) that are going to go to war here soon.

Hali knows she is kind of on the outs and notices no one is working with her.  She’d like to work with Michaela, so she decides to light a fire under her to stir things up.  She tells Michaela that her name has been thrown around (which is true).  Michaela takes Cirie aside and basically plays the “we’re both black women and I want to show we can work together” card which is not the worst card to play at all.  Cirie clearly likes her and wants to help but doesn’t want to blow her own spot up while helping her.  We’ll see where this ends up going.

Immunity Challenge #1

For our first individual immunity challenge, we have the old “stand on your tip toes and press a block against a board with your head for as long as you can possibly take it” challenge.  This is the type of game that will eliminate half the people in less than a minute probably, and true to form Hali, Troyzan, and Zeke go out in like three seconds.

Cirie follows suit shortly thereafter and then Debbie goes out despite her years of training as a Head Balancer.  Michaela goes out despite some valiant saves on her part before the end.

Five minutes in, Ozzy falters and is eliminated.  Aubry then drops her block out of nowhere.  Brad can’t take it anymore and all of a sudden, he’s done too.

At the 25 minute mark Tai, Andrea, Sarah, and Sierra are the only ones left which is impressive because a woman has never won this challenge and three of our final four remaining are female.  Sarah drops hers and then Sierra goes out.  Andrea stumbles but recovers, and suddenly Tai loses his grip and his block falls.  Andrea wins the first individual immunity of the season (+3) with a very solid effort.

Maku Maku – Day 21

Back at camp, people start scrambling to secure votes.  Sierra feels like she is in control of the game—which may be true.  She feels like Hali and Michaela are on the outs but for some reason she fears Hali has an idol because she seems more confident than she did when they played before.  She wants to split the votes between the two of them.  Sierra tells Cirie the plan and that they are going to tell the two targets they are voting for Zeke because everyone likes him and he’d win in the end if he got there.

Cirie tells us she doesn’t like the Michaela plan because that’s a potential ally for her down the road.  Obviously, she wants Hali gone first.  She starts lobbying for this result with Zeke and a few others.  Zeke then talks to Sierra and Debbie about it and after he leaves they laugh about how he wants to be in charge.  Sierra says, laughing, “there’s a new sheriff in town”.  Whoa, boy.

Cirie confides in Michaela that she is trying hard to save her.  She tells her the plan to vote for Zeke is a lie, but she still needs Michaela to vote for him to maintain appearances—she doesn’t want anyone to know she is trying to help Michaela.  We’ll see how the votes go—usually plans like this get messed up somehow.

Tribal Council #1

At our first merged tribal council which will also decide our first jury member, it’s pretty evident that Michaela and Hali are the only two really possible victims at first.  Debbie says she will not be shocked by what is happening at tribal tonight—she says she knows what is going to happen.  Michaela and Hali both make kind of weak pleas about themselves not being strong and how there are other, bigger threats out there.

After a while, it kind of comes out that they suspect Hali as having an idol.  Hali says if someone asks her to, she’ll empty her pockets and bags to prove she doesn’t have one.  No one steps up and asks, so she doesn’t strip for us and the vote commences.

The votes end up going two for Zeke (-2), four for Michaela (-4), and the rest for Hali, who is eliminated (-5) and becomes our first member of the jury (+1).

Cirie is successful (for the time being) in keeping Michaela around.  She had Michaela and herself cast dummy votes (for Zeke and Michaela respectively) so no one will know they are working together.  Pretty slick move, I have to admit—and right now no one is the wiser.

Maku Maku – Day 22

Back at camp, Michaela is super relieved, and she knows that Cirie stuck her neck out and saved her.  Cirie tells her absolutely NOT to tell anyone they are working together.

Now, Cirie and Zeke are discussing alliance strategy and Cirie says to him that they have numbers with Aubry, Andrea, Michaela and a couple others if they play it right.  Paranoia is starting to set in across the board, though.  You can tell there are major cracks forming.

Andrea is talking to Zeke and says they can’t tell Debbie or Tai what’s going on (which to me makes sense since either rof those two would be a real risk to tell anyone around what was happening).  She thinks they should take out Sierra (the head of the other alliance) and then DebbieZeke is now thinking he’s not in control (which he isn’t) and he doesn’t like it.  He thinks Brad and Sierra are threats but that really Cirie and Andrea are the power players in his group and maybe they need to go first.  The wheels are turning all over the place now.

Reward Challenge

The contestants are divided into two groups.  The groups will split up and have two people untie a net of wooden fish in the water, then drag those fish back to shore.  Then a couple team members will untie the fish, put them on hooks, and carry those fish up the beach to the last members of their teams.  The last two team members will use the fish to solve a puzzle.  The winning team will get a day of relaxation at the Marshalls® Lounge.

Fine Egyptian sheets? Luxurious robes? Scented shampoos? Must be a Marshalls Lounge coming our way!

The teams are split up as follows:

Team 1: Ozzy, Troyzan, Tai, Andrea, Zeke, and Debbie

Team 2: Brad, Sarah, Michaela, Aubry, Cirie, and Sierra

Ozzy and Troyzan go into the water for Team 1 while Sarah and Brad swim for Team 2.  Surprisingly, Brad and Sarah untie their fish first and have a lead, but one of their fish gets unhooked, floats away and they have to go back and get it!  This gives Ozzy and Troyzan the lead as they hit the shore.

Tai and Andrea begin untying the fish for Team 1 and make good progress.  Aubry and Michaela start untying for Team 2 and are doing well, but they are significantly behind.  Tai and Andrea finish really quickly and run their fish up the beach.  But wait!  They forgot a fish and have to go all the way backOzzy is visibly disgusted with this choke (understandably).

Aubry and Michaela get to the top of the beach first allowing Cirie and Sierra to start the puzzle for Team 2 with a good sized lead.  Finally, Zeke and Debbie start the puzzle solving for Team 1.  They gradually cut into the lead and it ends up going down to the wire.  Zeke and Debbie beat them to the punch at the end and win the reward for their team (+1 each) in a huge comeback!  This was definitely a blown opportunity for Team 2.

Maku Maku – Day 22

Cirie and Sierra are back at camp and are really upset that they lost the challenge.  Cirie talks about how this is like not being able to provide for her four children—a parallel I admit I don’t really get.  She gets really emotional though, and she ends up crying (-1).

Marshalls® Lounge Reward

This is just a big ad for Marshalls.  We listen to the six lucky players on the reward shill for the bargain priced department store for a while before Tai breaks the monotony by running by naked and his ass and junk have to be blurred out (+1).  The group encourages Troyzan and his allegedly huge hog to follow suit, but he politely declines.

Zeke takes Debbie and Tai aside and suggests they go after Cirie and Andrea instead of Brad and Sierra.  For some reason Zeke thinks he can sway anyone with his logic and they will not suspect he is in this for himself at all.  He plants the seed that Andrea was telling him not to tell Debbie anything about their plans and then just lets it sit there for her to digest.  Debbie tells them they are aligned on this and that they should vote out Andrea.  She then turns to us and basically says she’s not moving into the Zeke camp any time soon.  She says she wants to make a big move but she doesn’t need Zeke to make it.  Uh oh, Zeke.

Immunity Challenge #2

This is the tried and true “everyone climbs to the top of a pole with very shallow grooves to try to get your feet into and holds on for as long as they can” challenge for the second individual immunity of the show.  Just as an aside, Sierra participated in this challenge once in the past and lost while Ozzy has done this challenge two times in the past and has won both times.

Doing this for an hour ain’t no picnic

Just like the previous immunity challenge, this is the type of contest that will see some Survivors fall off immediately.  Cirie goes down right away and is out.  Brad can’t hold on and is also out very quickly.  Aubry then goes out and Debbie is eliminated despite her years of pole grabbing training.

Zeke then goes out and Sierra follows suit.  Troyzan and his massive dong are the next casualties, and then Sarah finally can’t take it anymore and is eliminated.

At the 20 minute mark, we are down to our final four contestants.  Michaela has done really well but eventually folds and basically climbs down after Ozzy announces he is planning on breaking his previous record.  At 40 minutes, Andrea can’t last any longer and essentially falls down like fifteen feet after a seriously great effort.  That leaves us with only Tai and Ozzy remaining.

They both look unbelievably strong at this.  After an hour, Ozzy talks a little shit and says something to the effect of “I know what’s to come and it’s bad.  I’ve been there before.  If I win, I can go fishing today.  If not, we’ll all go hungry” which is kind of a chicken shit approach in my opinion.  It seems like he is playing up his fishing skills way too much for this point in the game.  Tai basically says “sorry buddy” and keeps on going.  Ozzy is great at this, but I am positive he’s never had to face anyone like Tai who is basically like a tree climbing maniac.  And sure enough, at about the one hour and 35 minute mark, Ozzy is broken and goes down.  Tai wins individual immunity (+3).

In Tai’s victory speech, he says he can’t believe he beat Ozzy—the queen—at this challenge.  He then immediately corrects himself and calls him the king, but it was still a pretty damn funny thing for him to say.

Maku Maku – Day 24

Back at camp, Zeke is happy Andrea (who has supposedly been in his alliance from Day 1) didn’t win immunity.  In his mind, he is gearing up for a huge battle.  He talks to Sierra and tells her that her name is getting thrown around by Andrea and company.  She is understandably skeptical and afterwards says Zeke talks to her like she is stupid.  Sierra then goes to Cirie and blows Zeke up, telling her he is talking about voting out Andrea and her.

When Cirie reports this to Andrea, she is understandably livid.  They immediately talk about voting out Zeke.  The tide has really turned against Zeke now (although I don’t think he knows it) and everyone seems ready to vote him out.

Sierra and Debbie are kind of chummy now, and they are in the hammock together chatting.  Sierra says the obvious choice is to get rid of Zeke right now.  Debbie nods and says if she really wants to do something big they should get rid of… Ozzy.  This is probably the least crazy thing I have ever heard her say.

Now Debbie runs around telling people about her new plan gleefully.  She is crazy insecure and is taking a huge amount of pleasure in being the person letting people know what’s going on.  She does point out to us that she has an extra vote, which could end up being a factor.  We’ll see how this shakes out.

Tribal Council #2

Hali trots in as the first member of the jury to observe quietly.  Sarah says everyone seems like a bunch of single people looking to hook up, so if anyone wants to go on a date, she’s available.  Jeff Probst asks Ozzy if he feels any pressure after losing that challenge and Ozzy talks about how he has value because he can catch fish and they have nothing to eat at camp.  Again I have to stress that I think this is too much emphasis to be putting on his fishing value.  On day three or four, maybe this gets you some pull—and maybe like twenty seasons ago.  At this point (especially playing against returning all-stars) no one is keeping someone around just because he can catch fish.

Zeke is then asked what’s up and he gives a rambling but brilliant sounding assessment of how to get to the end.  Tai is like “wow, he’s impressive”, which is true.  Cirie says she is going to vote based on who she can trust.  Zeke, of course, has no idea she doesn’t trust him.  And now, it’s on to the vote.

As Jeff Probst is about to go tally the votes, Debbie stops him and says she wants to cast her extra vote which is a shock to everyone (of course).  As the votes are finally read off, it starts with a vote each for Zeke, Ozzy, Sierra, and Aubry (who they told Zeke to vote for—proving he is now completely in the dark).  Then the votes start piling up for Zeke and Ozzy.  They go back and forth and all of a sudden are tied at 4-4.  Ozzy never saw this coming at all.  He gets the next two votes and is eliminated—Debbie’s vote ended up being unnecessary but in the end she got the guy she wanted to get.

Ozzy is noticeably pissed off as he gets his torch snuffed out and wishes them all “good luck eating”.  It is true, the remaining contestants will not be eating well this evening.  Ozzy, it appears, will be dining on sour grapes tonight.

Fantasy Scoring Breakdown (Episode 7)

Andrea: 6 points (team reward, individual immunity)

Aubry: -1 point (1 vote cast against her)

Brad: 0 points

Cirie: -1 point (crying)

Debbie: 2 points (team reward, nudity blur)

Hali: -4 points (voted off, 1st jury spot)

Michaela: -4 points (4 votes cast against her)

Ozzy: -2 points (team reward, voted off, 2nd jury spot)

Sarah: 0 points

Sierra: -1 point (1 vote cast against her)

Tai: 6 points (team reward, individual immunity, nudity blur, crying)

Troyzan: 1 point (team reward)

Zeke: -5 points (team reward, 6 votes cast against him)

Total Fantasy Scoring Breakdown (First 6 Episodes)

Andrea: 22 points (team reward x 3, team immunity x 5, individual immunity, crying)

Aubry: 7 points (team reward x 2, team immunity x 2, 3 votes cast against, crying)

Brad: 15 points (team reward, team immunity x 5, crying)

Caleb: -5 points (voted off)

Ciera: -5 points (voted off)

Cirie: 21 points (team reward, team immunity x 7, crying)

Debbie: 13 points (team reward x 3, team immunity x 3, nudity blur)

Hali: 5 points (team reward, team immunity x 3, 1 vote cast against, voted off, 1st jury spot)

JT: 10 points (team reward x 2, team immunity x 2, idol clue, found idol, voted off)

Jeff Varner: 1 point (team reward x 2, team immunity, ridiculed by Jeff x 2)

Malcolm: -2 points (team reward, team immunity, voted off, crying)

Michaela: 4 points (team reward x 2, team immunity x 3, 7 votes cast against)

Ozzy: 17 points (team reward x 3, team immunity x 5, caught a fish, voted off, 2nd jury spot)

Sandra: 0 points (team reward x 2, team immunity, voted off)

Sarah: 16 points (team reward x 2, team immunity x 5, crying)

Sierra: 13 points (team reward, team immunity x 5, 1 vote cast against her)

Tai: 22 points (team reward x 3, team immunity x 3, idol clue x 2, found idol x 3, played idol, 2 votes cast against him, nudity blur, crying)

Tony: -5 points (voted off)

Troyzan: 21 points (team reward x 2, team immunity x 5, idol clue, found idol)

Zeke: 12 points (team reward x 3, team immunity x 5, 6 votes cast against him)

Check back next week for our Survivor: Game Changers Episode 8 Fantasy Recap.

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