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Fantasy Baseball Waiver Wire Adds Week 10

Hello everybody and welcome back to Fantasy Baseball Waiver Wire Adds Week 10. Frankly, it’s been a very slow week for big changes. Closers have for the most part been stable this week with only one situation kind of flip-flopping (which I will address shortly). There also have not been many notable call-ups with Super 2 right around the corner, teams are waiting a few more weeks to bring up the big guns. Amidst this lull, however, we do have one major happening — Mike Trout owners will be without their top stud for the next two months (Jean Segura also went down but he isn’t at the Trout level). Unfortunately Trout has a torn ligament in his thumb and surgery was required. He’s expected to be out for two months and I would bet that he has a tough time at least for a while when he returns because thumb injuries greatly impact grip on the bat. If you can get somebody to bite on a trade and stash for Trout right now, I’d highly consider seeing what you can get. Beyond that, Trout is the best player in baseball, you cannot replace him, but I will do what I can to help you at least get by so this week will have a heavy focus on outfield options and for the first time, I will include a few repeat names from prior articles that are still under owned and should be considered.

Brandon Maurer, RP, San Diego Padres (56% Owned on Yahoo):

I shit all over the Padres organization in my article last week because I think they generally don’t know what they’re doing. They continued to prove me right this week with their balancing act at closer. Last week the Padres gave Brad Hand two straight games of closer duty and while they didn’t directly announce a change at closer, it appeared to be a known fact. Following Hand’s two saves, they inexplicably went back to Brandon Maurer who has since racked up 3 straight saves. Maurer peripheral numbers suggest he’s been unlucky this year and I was never convinced that he needed to lose the closer job in the first place, but make up your damn minds in San Diego! Maurer is owned in a little over half of the leagues on Yahoo, which means he may have been dropped in the other half, so he’s worth the add and the hope that the Padres decide not to play games again.

Melky Cabrera, OF, Chicago White Sox (43% Owned on Yahoo):

As a general rule, former PED users tend to be avoided because some fantasy players care about their lack of integrity and others just have a hard time trusting whether their production is real or entirely reliant on the PEDs. Usually, these players tend to still perform at a solid rate because they weren’t necessarily bad before the PEDs but obviously they dip from their peak PED numbers. Melky Cabrera is no exception to the rule. He has been a steady producer ever since he came back from his PED suspension years ago, but he usually doesn’t get much love because people don’t believe in him (constructing a fake website to hide the fact that he knowingly took PEDs also doesn’t help with the trust). Either way, if you need an outfielder who can put up a solid average while also chipping in a bit in power and slightly in speed then Melky is your man. He’s also crazy hot right now with a .333 average and 4 home runs over the past week.

Gerardo Parra, OF, Colorado Rockies (12% Owned on Yahoo):

For a little blast from the past, you can read here what I said about Gerardo Parra in Week 1. David Dahl has yet to return from the DL and it’s not clear when he will do so and what his job will look like at that juncture. In the meantime, all Parra has done is hit. Over the past two weeks, Parra has put up a .500 average with 2 HR and 13 Rbi and it hasn’t just been two hot weeks as he’s hitting .355 over the past month. Parra is capable of solid numbers in Colorado and since it looks like he has more job security now than he previously had, there is no reason not to jump all over him, especially while he’s still playing out of his mind.

Tommy Pham, OF, St. Louis Cardinals (9% Owned on Yahoo):

Tommy Pham is a fairly young player who has not been given a chance to really show what he could do in a meaningful role at the major league level. The Cardinals have been working him into their lineup because of injuries over the past month and Pham has responded with a .304 average, 5 HR and 4 SB. The Cardinals rightly decided to reward Pham by sending Randal Grichuk to the minors and inserting Pham into the everyday role. I think Pham is playing a little over his head and I wouldn’t expect the power to stay quite at the same pace, but this is still a relatively untapped talent that we don’t fully know the potential of yet. For Trout owners that lost their power-speed demon, he may at least be able to offer some small consolation.

Michael Taylor, OF, Washington Nationals (3% Owned on Yahoo):

I previously discussed Michael Taylor in week 5 here. Clearly by his 3% ownership, many people did not get the memo. All of the positives that I suggested Taylor could bring are still present and he has been making good on his power/speed promise by hitting 5 HR and adding in 3 SB over 137 at bats this season. A 15-15 season is within reach for Taylor and while that is a far cry from the 40-30 you were hoping for from Trout, he can at least get you by for the next couple of months, keeping in mind that nobody can completely replace the best player in the game.

That’s it for another week my friends! Hopefully the Trout (and Segura) injury hit your rivals instead of you. If you were the unfortunate one this time, just remember, also keep working the wire and hustling and you can overcome most setbacks. Don’t be afraid to holler at me in the comments below!