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2017 Fantasy Football Rankings: Top 150 Big Board, Pre-Training Camp Edition

Mandatory mini camps have wrapped up, I’ve prematurely ejOTAlated all over the place, and the time is ripe for an updated Fantasy Football Top 150 Big Board. After all, Fantasy Wolves don’t wait until August to grab a crap ESPN magazine from some seedy 711 for a gross, outdated cheatsheet. Instead, we prey on those fantasy sheep by understanding where the fantasy football market stands at all times, capitalizing upon the bargains, avoiding the rip-offs, and knowing who’s rising and falling with the latest news (look for my Market Report this week for an in-depth look at all the above).

With that in mind, I’ve updated all my rankings to reflect the latest OTA developments. Yes, I’m well aware to not overreact to every little puff piece and verbal blowie, but some developments (more creative role and/or consistent usage, unexpected positional battles, new coaching schemes, etc.) are absolutely important to monitor.

More importantly, I’ve taken the time to grade every single player using our very-own Fantasy Stock Formula. This is an absolute must-read to understand our unique, edge-gaining system that identified David Johnson the #2 overall player last season, and we’ve made sure to use it to it’s fullest in season two. With all relevant fantasy angles (Talent, Usage, Scheme, Surrounding Talent, and Risk) considered for every important player, these rankings could not be more in-depth, holistic, or unbiased; many players I was originally super-high on have fallen, while some unsexy but quality fantasy assets have risen. This is a major differentiator between us and the dull, inaccurate fantasy pack, so make sure to check it out.

Thus, for the aforementioned individual player summaries and positional summaries, check the link below:

For scoring and roster purposes, these rankings assume:

  • 1/2 PPR Scoring and 4 points passing TDs (the two fairest and most popular ways to score)
  • 1 QB, 2 RBs, 3 WRs, TE, Flex, and 5 bench spots (not wasting my or your time with K and Def at this point)

This is still early, and I would absolutely love feedback on where you think I am insanely off or spot on. Sound off in the comments, or find me on Twitter @RotoStreetWolf to rip my soul to shreds… and to have yours destroyed in return. Without further adieu:

2017 Top 150 Big Board (Pre- Training Camp)

Overall Rank (ECR)Name (Team)Positional RankMovement 
Tier One - The Big Three
1 (1)David Johnson (ARI)RB1
2 (2)Le'Veon Bell (PIT)RB2
3 (4)Ezekiel Elliott (DAL)RB3
Tier Two - High-end WR1 and RB1s
4 (3)Antonio Brown (PIT)WR1
5 (5)Julio Jones (ATL)WR2
6 (8)Mike Evans (TB)WR3
7 (6)Odell Beckham JR. (NYG) WR4
8 (15)Jay Ajayi (MIA)RB4(+3, Previously 11)
9 (10)Melvin Gordon (LAC)RB5
10 (7)LeSean McCoy (BUF)RB6
11 (9)AJ Green (CIN)WR5
12 (14)DeMarco Murray (TEN)RB4(-4, Previously 8)
13 (12)Jordy Nelson (GB)WR6
14 (13)Michael Thomas (NO)WR7
15 (11)Devonta Freeman (ATL)RB8
Tier 2.5 - Remaining WR1s and Gronk
16 (18)Dez Bryant (DAL) WR8
17 (16)TY Hilton (IND)WR9
18 (22)Rob Gronkowski (NE)TE1(+4, Previously 21)
19 (23)DeAndre Hopkins (HOU)WR10
20 (19)Amari Cooper (OAK)WR11(+6, Previously 26)
21 (31)Brandin Cooks (NE) WR12
22 (26)Demaryius Thomas. (DEN)WR13
23 (20)Doug Baldwin (SEA)WR14
Tier 3 - High-End #2 RBs and WRs, Elite TEs
24 (24)Leonard Fournette (JAX)RB9
25 (21)Todd Gurley (LAR) RB10
26 (28)Isaiah Crowell (CLE)RB11(+8, Previously 34)
27 (39)Christian McCaffrey (CAR)RB12
28 (17)Jordan Howard (CHI) RB13
29 (25)Lamar Miller (HOU)RB14(-12, Previously 17)
30 (34)Marshawn Lynch (OAK)RB15
31 (63)Tyreek Hill (KC)WR15(+5, Previously 35)
32 (35)Sammy WatkinsWR16(+9, Previously 40)
33 (47) Jordan Reed (WAS)TE2
34 (38)Davante Adams (GB)WR17
35 (33)Travis Kelce (KC)TE3(+8, Previously 42)
36 (32)Keenan Allen (LAC)WR18
37 (43)Terrelle Pryor (WAS)WR19(+6, Previously 43)
38 (41)Michael Crabtree (OAK)WR20(*Helped by grading, +13, Previously 51)
39 (73)Martavis Bryant (PIT)WR21(+20, Previously 59)
Tier 4 - Remaining #2 RB & WR options, elite QBs, High-End TE1s
40 (36)Carlos Hyde (SF)RB16(-12, Previously 28)
41 (27)Alshon Jeffery (PHI)WR22(-8, Previously 33)
42 (40)Joe Mixon (CIN)RB17(+23, Previously 65)
43 (29)Allen Robinson (JAC)WR23
44 (37)Tom Brady (NE)QB1
45 (30)Aaron Rodgers (GB)QB2
46 (42)Golden Tate (DET)WR24
47 (71)Willie Snead (NO)WR25
48 (68)Jamison Crowder (WAS)WR26
49 (48)Greg Olsen (CAR)TE4
50 (55)Julian EdelmanWR27
51 (55) Larry Fitzgerald (ARI)WR28*Helped by grading (+11, Previously 63)
52 (85)Doug Martin (TB)RB18
53 (54)Mark Ingram (NO)RB19
54 (57)Tevin Coleman (ATL)RB20
55 (60)Ameer Abdullah (DET)RB21
56 (52)Ty Montgomery (GB)RB22(+14, Previously 70)
57 (69)Jimmy Graham (SEA)TE5
58 (67)Tyler Eifert (CIN)TE6
Tier 5 - Flex RBs, Upside WR3s, and Elite QB1s
59 (86)Adrian Peterson (NO)RB23(Riser, +14, Previously 73)
60 (84)DeSean JacksonWR29(+26, Previously 80)
61 (53)Spencer Ware (KC)RB24(-24, Previously 37)
62 (76)Mike Gillislee (NE)RB25(*Hurt by grading, -18, Previously 44)
63 (59)Stefon Diggs (MIN)WR30
64 (45)Jarvis Landry (MIA)WR31
65 (72)Brandon Marshall (NYG)WR32(*Hurt by grading, -13, Previously 52)
66 (108)Rob Kelley (WAS)RB26(+34, Previously Unranked)
67 (56)Bilal Powell (NYJ)RB27(*Hurt by grading, -28)
68 (70)Danny Woodhead (BAL)RB28(+32, Previously Unranked)
69 (99)Jeremy Maclin (BAL)WR33(+31, Previously Unranked)
70 (81)Theo Riddick (DET)RB25(*Helped by grading, +10, Previously 80)
71 (50)CJ Anderson (DEN)RB30
72 (74)Paul Perkins (NYG)RB31
73 (44)Drew Brees (NO)QB3(-17, Previously 55)
74 (51)Emmanuel Sanders (DEN)WR34
75 (66)Donte Moncrief (IND)WR35(*Hurt by grading, -22, Previously 54)
76 (90)Eric Decker (TEN)WR36(-15, Previously 61)
77 (106)Corey Davis (TEN)WR37
78 (92)DeVante Parker (MIA)WR38(+20, Previously 98)
79 (58)Matt Ryan (ATL)QB4
80 (96)CJ Prosise (SEA)RB32
81 (75)Pierre Garcon (SF)WR39(-20, Previously 60)
Tier 6 - QB1s, TE1s, Last Startable RBs
82 (111)Hunter Henry (LAC)TE7
83 (91)Martellus Bennett (GB)TE8
84 (128)James White (NE)RB33(+17, Previously Unranked)
85 (61) Eddie Lacy (SEA)RB34
86 (65)Frank Gore (IND)RB35
87 (88)LeGarrette Blount (PHI)RB36
88 (64)Dalvin Cook (MIN)RB37
89 (89)Derek Carr (OAK)QB5
90 (78)Kirk Cousins (WAS)QB6
91 (80)Marcus Mariota (TEN)QB7
92 (49)Andrew Luck (IND)QB8
93 (83)Jameis Winston (TB)QB9
94 (93)Ben RoethlisbergerQB10
95 (77)Delanie Walker (IND)TE9
96 (102)Philip Rivers (LAC)QB11
97 (82)Cam Newton (CAR)QB12
98 (117)Jack Doyle (IND)TE10
99 (87)Kyle Rudolph (MIN)TE11
100 (95)Dak Precott (DAL)QB13
101 (62)Russell Wilson (SEA)QB14
102 (107)Tyrod Taylor (BUF)QB15
Tier 7 - Top Penny Stock RBs, Last Startable WRs and TEs
103 (79)Kelvin Benjamin (CAR)WR40(-28, Previously 74)
104 (103)Randall Cobb (GB)WR41
105 (110)Derrick Henry (TEN)RB38
106 (126)Qunicy Enunwa (NYJ)WR42
107 (181)Taylor Gabriel (ATL)WR43
108 (154)Thomas Rawls (SEA)RB39
109 (168)Joe Williams (SF)RB40
110 (118)Kareem Hunt (KC)RB41
111 (112)Samaje Perine (WAS)RB42
112 (124) Marvin Jones (DET)WR44
113 (148)Ted Ginn Jr (NO)WR45
114 (104)Eric Ebron (DET)TE12
115 (97)Zach Ertz (PHI)TE13
116 (121)Jonathan Stewart (CAR)RB43
117 (129)Jamaal Charles (DEN)RB44
118 (116)Mike Wallace (BAL)WR46
119 (144)Robert Woods (LAR)WR47
120 (199)D'Onta Foreman (HOU)RB45
121 (152)Alvin Kamara (NO)RB46
122 (153)Jamaal Williams (GB)RB47
123 (122)Duke Johnson (CLE)RB48
Tier 8 - QB2s, TE2s, and Penny Stocks Galore
124 (94)Cameron Meredith (CHI)WR48
125 (141)Josh Docston (WAS)WR49
126 (101)Corey Coleman (CLE)WR50
127 (125)Tyrell Williams (LAC)WR51
128 (114)Adam Thielen (MIN)WR52
129 (115)John Brown (ARI)WR53
130 (157)Julius Thomas (MIA)TE14
131 (188)Jared Cook (OAK)TE15
132 (120)Eli Manning (NYG)QB16
133 (123)Andy Dalton (CIN)QB17
134 (105)Matthew Stafford (DET)QB18
135 (187)Rex Burkhead (NE)RB49
136 (127)Latavius Murray (MIN)RB50
137 (137)Terrance West (BAL)RB51
138 (113) Kenneth Dixon (BAL)RB52
139 (136)Darren Sproles (PHI)RB53
140 (109)Matt Forte (NYJ)RB54
141 (202)Jesse James (PIT)TE16
142 (128)Kevin White (CHI)WR54
143 (138)Breshad Perriman (BAL)WR55
144 (248)Tim Hightower (SF)RB55
145 (139)Carson Palmer (ARI)QB19
146 (163)Austin Hooper (ATL)TE17
147 (182)Jonathan Williams (BUF)RB56
148 (184)Jacquizz Rodgers (TB)RB57
149 (156)Cameron Brate (TB)TE18
150 (158)OJ Howard (TB)TE19

This wraps up our 2017 Pre Training Camp Big Board. Where is The Wolf insane? Where is he spot on?  Sound off below, or attack him on Twitter @RotoStreetWolf

Plus, these rankings will be constantly updated throughout the summer as training camp storylines develop, so be sure to check-in early and often. To make sure you never miss an update, like our Facebook Page, and follow us on Twitter and Instagram. Plus,  join the #WolfPack, to gain exclusive content and, on August 1st, a free copy of our 2017 Fantasy Football Draft Guide (a $14.99 value). For audio based learners or those with long commutes, make sure to subscribe (and rate us 5 stars) and tune into the Fantasy Fullback Dive on iTunes or Stitcher

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