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Fantasy Baseball Waiver Wire Adds Week 17

Hello everybody and welcome back for week 17 of Waiver Wire Adds. There haven’t been too many large impact trades just yet with the exception of the JD Martinez deal, the Todd Frazier deal and the Madson/Doolittle deal. With the Frazier deal, there were two main beneficiaries of the deal. One of which I will discuss in a moment and the other is Yoan Moncada who I suggested that you pick up last week here. In the JD Martinez deal, the only real beneficiary as far as playing time is Mikie Mahtook who you can look at if you’re desperate for an outfielder, but otherwise, I don’t think he has enough talent to make much of a difference for the average fantasy team. I made mention of the Madson/Doolittle deal in the comments section of last week’s Waiver Wire Adds but I will cover it this week since there is now more clarity in how that trade has panned out. The other big news from the week is the injury to Carlos Correa which appears to have a 6-8 week window of recovery. Obviously this is a huge blow as Correa had been playing like the top shortstop in baseball over the past month or so and has been the case with Mike Trout, Freddie Freeman, Trea Turner, etc. you just can’t replace talent like this. I do have a few suggestions for those of you who lost Correa and are in desperate need of a middle infielder.

Dixon Machado, 2B/SS, Detroit Tigers (0% Owned on Yahoo):

As trade talks heat up, Ian Kinsler appears to be on his way out of Detroit. In particular it would seem that Milwaukee has been talking a long look at Kinsler. That means that I wouldn’t rush to pick up Eric Sogard coming off of the DL and I wouldn’t necessarily bet on a huge rebound and playing time boost for Jonathan Villar. It also means that the Tigers are going to need to fill a hole at second base if they do indeed move Kinsler. I’d count on Dixon Machado to get the playing time for the Tigers and while he won’t provide any power for you, he is capable of putting up double digit steals over the rest of the season. He also has a capable enough bat that if he were given a spot higher in the order to hit, he may also be a good source of runs for you. Obviously a guy like Machado is not going to replace a guy like Correa and they offer very different skill sets, but if you can try to make up for Correa’s power elsewhere and add Machado for some steals, you may be able to survive the next month and a half without Correa. Even if you weren’t a Correa owner, some extra steals can make a big difference for many teams. Obviously this add only works out if Kinsler gets moved but we should know about that within the next week and if you have an extra spot on your roster, it doesn’t hurt to preemptively make the move.

Rhys Hoskins, 1B, Philadelphia Phillies (5% Owned on Yahoo):

Rhys Hoskins is exactly the type of player that I love. He hits for a moderate average, has tons of power and is patient enough to take a walk. For perspective, Hoskins has 22 home runs in the minors this year and he had 38 home runs last year. Tommy Joseph is a capable and solid 1B ahead of Hoskins (which is why Hoskins is still in the minors) but I view Hoskins as a more talented version of Joseph. Apparently the Yankees aren’t yet satisfied and may be in the market for a 1B in addition to the recently acquired Todd Frazier and there is a very strong possibility that Joseph could be the guy they are targeting. Even if the Yankees don’t bite on Joseph, the Phillies have no reason to keep him and every reason to give Rhys Hoskins some playing time in the majors so I expect Joseph to be dealt this week. In my opinion, Rhys Hoskins is the kind of young power hitter who can get the call up in late July and go on a solid enough tear through August and September to get you 15 or so home runs. While he may not flat out win your league for you, he can be productive from the jump and I’d be looking to add him wherever possible before a Joseph trade occurs because his ownership is likely to rise up to 40% or more as soon as Joseph is out of the way. Grabbing a talent like this before the rest of the fantasy world catches up is how you gain an edge!

Amed Rosario, SS, New York Mets (14% Owned on Yahoo):

Yet another speculative add based on trade rumblings, Amed Rosario might perhaps be the most talented of the bunch. The best we can do is read the tea leaves and use the information we’ve been given to dictate our decisions. It seems overwhelmingly likely that the Mets make a move before the trade deadline. They have discussed moving a number of players including Jay Bruce, Asdrubal Cabrera, TJ Rivera, Lucas Duda, Addison Reed and even some of their starting pitching. Where there’s smoke, there’s fire and I have to assume some of these players will get dealt. If either Asdrubal or Rivera (or both) get moved, it is a safe bet that top prospect Rosario will get the call up shortly thereafter. He is a shortstop who is capable of hitting for a high average with about 15 home runs and 20+ stolen bases over the course of a full season. Obviously, you’re not getting him for a whole season but a guy who can average numbers like those at a weak position is definitely somebody you want on your roster the rest of the way. Again, he is the kind of player that may ease some of the pain of a Correa loss or just be a great middle infield addition for those who need one. Jump now before the crowd!

Tyler Clippard, RP, Chicago White Sox (20% Owned on Yahoo):

Outside of Yoan Moncada, Tyler Clippard appears to be the main fantasy value gainer from the Todd Frazier deal. It was always assumed that Tommy Kahnle would inherit the closer job when David Robertson inevitably got traded but it turned out that both players got traded to the Yankees together leaving no heir for the Chicago closer job. As the throw-in piece from the Yankees in the deal, Tyler Clippard became the most experienced relief pitcher for the White Sox and was anointed closer because of it. Make no mistake, Tyler Clippard is not a very good pitcher at this point in his career and if anybody else in the Chicago bullpen steps up at all, he is likely to cede the closer role to them. However, the White Sox bullpen is not very good and as such, Clippard may be able to run at closer for at least a little while if not the rest of the season. As long as you keep expectations in check and you are only concerned with getting some saves, Clippard is worth the pick up.

Sean Doolittle, RP, Washington Nationals (42% Owned on Yahoo):

Okay so last week I suggested picking up Matt Grace as he was getting the saves chances for the Nationals prior to their deal for two relievers. Matt Grace now has zero value so feel free to drop him if you had him. When the Nationals acquired both Ryan Madson and Sean Doolittle, my first instinct was to expect a closer by committee with Madson being the main guy and Doolittle chipping in. So far that hasn’t happened as there have been two saves chances and both have gone to Doolittle. Now, Madson has pitched two scoreless eight innings and Doolittle has let up a run in each of his appearances so I’m not completely convinced that Doolittle is the guy, however, you have to pick up the guy who’s getting the saves until it changes. If Doolittle is owned in your league but the Madson owner gave up and dropped him, I’d pick him up in case he starts getting the call (although he’s owned in 54% of Yahoo leagues). Also, Bryce Harper indicated that the Nationals may still be in the market for one more reliever, so it’s possible that neither of these guys is the closer a week from now. Either way, grab one or both and hope for the best until you have reason not to. You’ve got to love saves!

That’s it for this week my friends. Remember, you always want to look at a real life trade and speculate on how that trade effects both lineups so you can pick up on a value before others come to the same realization. In particular, your first thought should be to look at who is replacing the major name being traded (i.e. Moncada for Frazier, Clippard for Robertson, etc.) and determine if that replacement player has the potential to help your team. We’ll be back next week to cover what I imagine are going to be some big moves. Until then, don’t be shy, holler at me in the comments below!