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Auction Domination: 2017 Fantasy Football Auction Values

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Running Backs

Running Back Dollar Values (Standard Leagues)

NameRushing YardsRushing TouchdownsReceiving YardsReceiving TouchdownsReceptionsFantasy PointsYahoo 10 Team Dollar ValuesYahoo 12 Team Dollar ValuesESPN 10 Team Dollar ValuesESPN 12 Team Dollar Values
David Johnson120015700365298$72$69$64$64
LeVeon Bell14009700380282$66$64$60$60
Ezekiel Elliott140014300130260$57$57$53$54
LeSean McCoy120012400250244$51$51$48$50
Melvin Gordon120012300140228$45$46$43$45
Jay Ajayi14009200035214$40$42$39$41
Jordan Howard11009300135200$34$37$35$38
Todd Gurley11009250135195$32$35$33$36
Devonta Freeman80010400250192$31$34$32$35
DeMarco Murray11006300245188$29$33$31$34
Isaiah Crowell10009300035184$28$32$30$33
Marshawn Lynch90011100015166$21$26$24$28
Leonard Fournette9508150125164$20$25$24$28
Lamar Miller9505250235162$19$25$23$27
Bilal Powell9004350250161$19$24$23$27
CJ Anderson9007200125158$18$23$22$26
LeGarrette Blount900105005155$17$22$21$25
Doug Martin9505200125151$15$21$20$24
Frank Gore8006200230148$14$20$19$23
Adrian Peterson8008200020148$14$20$19$23
Carlos Hyde9006150125147$14$20$18$23
Paul Perkins9006200025146$13$19$18$23
Mark Ingram7504350245146$13$19$18$23
Eddie Lacy8008100115144$13$19$17$22
Ty Montgomery7006300140142$12$18$17$22
Spencer Ware7504350130140$11$17$16$21
Mike Gillislee850750010132$8$15$14$19
Theo Riddick4001600475130$7$14$13$18
Danny Woodhead2502600570127$6$13$12$18
Christian McCaffrey5004400245126$6$13$12$17
Ameer Abdullah8004200025124$5$12$11$17
Derrick Henry6508100015123$4$12$11$17
Jonathan Stewart70085005123$4$12$11$17
Joe Mixon7004200125120$3$11$10$16
Kareem Hunt7505150020120$3$11$10$16
Dalvin Cook6503300125119$3$10$10$15
Jeremy Hill6008100010118$3$10$10$15
Tevin Coleman5005250225117$2$10$9$15
Matt Forte6005250030115$1$9$9$14
Terrance West7505100010115$1$9$9$14
Rob Kelley7505100010115$1$9$9$14
Darren Sproles4501450355114$1$9$8$14
Shane Vereen5001400350114$1$9$8$14
CJ Prosise5002400240114$1$9$8$14
Duke Johnson4501500255113$0$9$8$14
Jamaal Charles6004200030104$0$6$5$11
Darren McFadden6003200125104$0$6$5$11
Charles Sims400140025098$0$4$3$10
Tim Hightower450420012095$0$3$3$9
James White200050045094$0$2$2$9
D'Onta Foreman600410001594$0$2$2$9
Rex Burkhead500410011090$0$1$1$8
Samaje Perine60045001089$0$0$0$7
DeAndre Washington650115001086$0$0$0$6
Latavius Murray400420003084$0$0$0$6
Robert Turbin450320002583$0$0$0$6
Jalen Richard350025034078$0$0$0$4
Jamaal Williams400410001074$0$0$0$3
Thomas Rawls450310001073$0$0$0$3
Gio Bernard250130024073$0$0$0$3
Chris Thompson250130014567$0$0$0$1
TJ Yeldon350025014066$0$0$0$1
Brendan Oliver400020012566$0$0$0$1

Running Back Dollar Values (PPR Leagues)

NameRushing YardsRushing TouchdownsReceiving YardsReceiving TouchdownsReceptionsFantasy PointsYahoo 10 Team Dollar ValuesYahoo 12 Team Dollar ValuesESPN 10 Team Dollar ValuesESPN 12 Team Dollar Values
David Johnson120015700365363$69$63$66$59
LeVeon Bell14009700380362$69$63$66$59
LeSean McCoy120012400250294$49$46$48$45
Ezekiel Elliott140014300130290$48$45$47$44
Melvin Gordon120012300140268$41$40$41$39
Jay Ajayi14009200035249$35$35$36$35
Devonta Freeman80010400250242$33$33$35$34
Jordan Howard11009300135235$31$31$33$32
DeMarco Murray11006300245233$31$31$33$32
Todd Gurley11009250135230$30$30$31$31
Isaiah Crowell10009300035219$26$27$29$29
Bilal Powell9004350250211$24$25$26$27
Theo Riddick4001600475205$22$24$25$26
Lamar Miller9505250235197$20$22$23$25
Danny Woodhead2502600570197$20$22$23$25
Mark Ingram7504350245191$18$20$21$23
Leonard Fournette9508150125189$17$20$21$23
CJ Anderson9007200125183$16$18$19$22
Ty Montgomery7006300140182$15$18$19$21
Marshawn Lynch90011100015181$15$18$19$21
Frank Gore8006200230178$14$17$18$21
Doug Martin9505200125176$14$17$18$21
Carlos Hyde9006150125172$12$16$16$19
Paul Perkins9006200025171$12$15$16$19
Christian McCaffrey5004400245171$12$15$16$19
Spencer Ware7504350130170$12$15$16$19
Darren Sproles4501450355169$11$15$15$19
Adrian Peterson8008200020168$11$15$15$19
Duke Johnson4501500255168$11$15$15$19
Shane Vereen5001400350164$10$14$14$18
LeGarrette Blount900105005160$9$13$13$17
Eddie Lacy8008100115159$8$12$13$17
CJ Prosise5002400240154$7$11$11$16
Ameer Abdullah8004200025149$5$10$10$15
Charles Sims4001400250148$5$10$10$14
Joe Mixon7004200125145$4$9$9$14
Matt Forte6005250030145$4$9$9$14
Dalvin Cook6503300125144$4$9$9$14
James White2000500450144$4$9$9$14
Mike Gillislee850750010142$3$8$8$13
Tevin Coleman5005250225142$3$8$8$13
Kareem Hunt7505150020140$3$8$8$13
Derrick Henry6508100015138$2$7$7$12
Jamaal Charles6004200030134$1$6$6$12
Darren McFadden6003200125129$0$5$5$11
Jonathan Stewart70085005128$0$5$5$10
Jeremy Hill6008100010128$0$5$5$10
Terrance West7505100010125$0$4$4$10
Rob Kelley7505100010125$0$4$4$10
Jalen Richard3500250340118$0$2$2$8
Tim Hightower4504200120115$0$1$1$8
Latavius Murray4004200030114$0$1$1$7
Gio Bernard2501300240113$0$0$0$7
Chris Thompson2501300145112$0$0$0$7
D'Onta Foreman6004100015109$0$0$0$6
Robert Turbin4503200025108$0$0$0$6
TJ Yeldon3500250140106$0$0$0$6
Rex Burkhead5004100110100$0$0$0$5
Samaje Perine60045001099$0$0$0$4
DeAndre Washington650115001096$0$0$0$4
Brendan Oliver400020012591$0$0$0$3
Jamaal Williams400410001084$0$0$0$1
Thomas Rawls450310001083$0$0$0$1

The top running backs have a very high dollar value because there’s such a huge gap between the elite at this position and the rest of the chaff. I would definitely look to invest heavy dollars at a top-end running back in auctions because their actual value and likely draft price are very close, so you won’t really be overpaying by putting your money into these players. Not surprisingly, the top 8 running backs on the list are all expected to be workhorses with little to no competition. In an NFL that likes to rely on 2, and for many teams 3 players at that position, getting the volume of a top player at this position is a huge advantage.

Some players that I’m high on as opposed to many others are Bilal Powell, CJ Anderson and Adrian Peterson. I think Powell showed enough last year towards the end of the season that he should be the main back with Matt Forte coming in as his change of pace. The Jets have very few other options on where to go with the ball, so expect heavy volume for Powell, particularly as a receiver.

CJ Anderson has been very devalued going into this year, and to be fair, he hasn’t exactly been consistent or healthy. However, Devontae Booker looked awful last year and is already hurt, and Jamaal Charles is on a snap count — assuming he’s even able to stay healthy enough for those limited snaps. So while it looks like Anderson has a very crowded backfield with him, I actually think he has the chance to look more like a workhorse than many of the players being drafted around him.

I rate Peterson higher than many just because I think he was brought in to be the guy on the first two downs, with Ingram playing as more of the third down back. I don’t have proof that this will happen necessarily, but anybody who has had Mark Ingram on their team before knows that Sean Payton hates him. I don’t know if Ingram has been banging Payton’s wife on the side or what, but Payton takes every opportunity to hold Ingram back. I see Peterson as the main guy and end zone ram for the Saints, so while he won’t reach close to his old volume in Minnesota, he can be the more valuable half of a 60/40 split.

Devonta Freeman highlights the list of players I have ranked lower than many experts. I still think he’ll be fine but I’d rather spend my money on a guy like Todd Gurley, who has the backfield all to himself and will be relied upon as the centerpiece for a new Rams offense. On the other hand, Freeman has to share with Tevin Coleman and lost Kyle Shanahan as his OC.

DeMarco Murray is a favorite of The Wolf but I just don’t see it. Derrick Henry came on strong over the second half of last year, particularly in the red zone, and this team looks poised to throw a bit more with the additions of Eric Decker and Corey Davis. I still think Murray is the main guy in Tennessee and I would take him for the right price, but I think he belongs a touch below some of the other guys who don’t have a talented young player stealing their goal line carries.

Across the board I’m a bit down on the rookie running backs. I like Leonard Fournette but he plays for the Jaguars so scores are hard to come by and there’s talk that they still might want to get some value out of Chris Ivory at the goal line. I still think Fournette will be in for heavy volume, just be aware of his limitations.

Christian McCaffrey, Joe Mixon and Dalvin Cook are all highly talented, and one of them is likely to break out big this year, but I have varying issues with all of them and that prohibits me from projecting highly for (and spending big) any of them. I like McCaffrey the best of the trio, but Jonathan Stewart hasn’t disappeared and I think Stewart is still the better bet for most short yardage touches and goal line scores. McCaffrey will catch a ton of balls and his upside looks something like Reggie Bush‘s rookie year (when he caught 88 balls), but the Panthers are hardly the 2006 Saints, so I have to temper my outlook a bit.

Joe Mixon is probably the most talented back of these three, but Jeremy Hill isn’t going away and Gio Bernard is still there. While I think Mixon could take over the lead role at any point, it’s also possible we could be looking at a three-way headache most of the year with Hill stealing most of the goal line work. Also, the Bengals offensive line is pretty ugly. I wouldn’t look to spend big here.

Dalvin Cook seems to be strongly in the lead for feature back work in Minnesota since Latavius Murray is just now getting back to practice with his new team. I don’t question that Cook has talent, however, I’m hesitant in investing big money into him for a number of reasons. First and foremost, the Minnesota offensive line was one of the worst in the league last year. Jerrick McKinnon is not devoid of talent but he looked like smoldering ass behind that line and that was a step up from how Peterson looked behind the same line. I just don’t know if Cook is going to be able to score enough in the low-powered Vikings offense — and behind that line — to warrant spending big on. Additionally, Cook was known to fumble a lot in college which as a rookie, gets you benched. All it takes is a few fumbles and a team that is hoping to be competitive like the Vikings, who will be forced to let Murray plod along.

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