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Auction Domination: 2017 Fantasy Football Auction Values

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Wide Receivers

Wide Receiver Dollar Values (Standard Leagues)

NameReceiving YardsTouchdownsCompletionsFantasy PointsYahoo 10 Team Dollar ValueYahoo 12 Team Dollar ValueESPN 10 Team Dollar ValueESPN 12 Team Dollar Value
Julio Jones15009100204$40$37$32$31
Antonio Brown140010110200$38$36$30$30
Mike Evans12001285192$35$33$28$27
Jordy Nelson11001290182$31$30$25$25
Odell Beckham12001090180$30$29$24$24
AJ Green1300895178$29$28$24$24
Dez Bryant10501170171$27$26$21$22
Michael Thomas11001095170$26$26$21$21
Demaryius Thomas1150995169$26$26$21$21
Amari Cooper1200885168$26$25$21$21
DeAndre Hopkins1200790162$23$23$19$19
TY Hilton1250685161$23$23$18$19
Michael Crabtree10001085160$23$23$18$19
Davante Adams10001075160$23$23$18$19
Allen Robinson1100880158$22$22$17$18
Doug Baldwin1100885158$22$22$17$18
Devante Parker1100875158$22$22$17$18
Tyreek Hill9501070155$21$21$17$17
Brandin Cooks1000970154$20$21$16$17
Kelvin Benjamin1050880153$20$20$16$17
Alshon Jeffery1150685151$19$20$15$16
Brandon Marshall950975149$18$19$15$16
Jarvis Landry1100690146$17$18$14$15
Martavis Bryant950865143$16$17$13$14
Emmanuel Sanders1000775142$16$17$13$14
Eric Decker850970139$14$16$12$13
Sammy Watkins1000665136$13$15$11$12
Terrelle Pryor1000675136$13$15$11$12
DeSean Jackson1000655136$13$15$11$12
Stefon Diggs1000685136$13$15$11$12
Donte Moncrief800965134$13$14$10$12
Tyrell Williams900760132$12$13$10$11
Larry Fitzgerald950695131$11$13$9$11
Jeremy Maclin950680131$11$13$9$11
Jamison Crowder950680131$11$13$9$11
Willie Snead950675131$11$13$9$11
Adam Thielen950675131$11$13$9$11
Golden Tate1000585130$11$13$9$11
Marvin Jones900665126$9$11$8$9
Pierre Garcon900680126$9$11$8$9
Kenny Britt1000470124$9$11$7$9
Rishard Matthews850660121$8$10$6$8
Julian Edelman950485119$7$9$6$8
Breshad Perriman800660116$6$8$5$7
Keenan Allen850575115$5$8$4$6
John Brown850560115$5$8$4$6
Mike Wallace900470114$5$8$4$6
Corey Coleman900470114$5$8$4$6
Cam Meredith900470114$5$8$4$6
Randall Cobb800570110$3$6$3$5
Robby Anderson850460109$3$6$3$5
Tavon Austin750565105$1$5$1$4
Cole Beasley800475104$1$4$1$3
Jordan Matthews800470104$1$4$0$3
Robert Woods800470104$0$4$0$3
Corey Davis800450104$0$4$0$3
Allen Hurns700550100$0$3$0$2
Devin Funchess700550100$0$3$0$2
Ted Ginn700545100$0$3$0$2
JJ Nelson700545100$0$3$0$2
Tyler Lockett700550100$0$3$0$2
Josh Doctson75045599$0$3$0$2
Kevin White75046099$0$3$0$2
Kenny Stills65054595$0$1$0$1
Brandon LaFell70045594$0$1$0$0

Wide Receiver Dollar Values (PPR Leagues)

NameReceiving YardsTouchdownsCompletionsFantasy PointsYahoo 10 Team Dollar ValueYahoo 12 Team Dollar ValueESPN 10 Team Dollar ValueESPN 12 Team Dollar Value
Antonio Brown140010110310$43$42$37$35
Julio Jones15009100304$41$41$35$34
Mike Evans12001285277$33$34$28$28
AJ Green1300895273$32$33$27$27
Jordy Nelson11001290272$31$33$27$27
Odell Beckham12001090270$31$32$26$27
Michael Thomas11001095265$29$31$25$26
Demaryius Thomas1150995264$29$31$25$26
Amari Cooper1200885253$26$28$22$23
DeAndre Hopkins1200790252$26$28$21$23
TY Hilton1250685246$24$26$20$22
Michael Crabtree10001085245$23$26$20$22
Doug Baldwin1100885243$23$26$19$21
Dez Bryant10501170241$22$25$19$21
Allen Robinson1100880238$21$24$18$20
Jarvis Landry1100690236$21$24$17$20
Alshon Jeffery1150685236$21$24$17$20
Davante Adams10001075235$20$24$17$20
Devante Parker1100875233$20$23$16$19
Kelvin Benjamin1050880233$20$23$16$19
Larry Fitzgerald950695226$18$21$15$18
Tyreek Hill9501070225$17$21$14$18
Brandin Cooks1000970224$17$21$14$17
Brandon Marshall950975224$17$21$14$17
Stefon Diggs1000685221$16$20$13$17
Emmanuel Sanders1000775217$15$19$12$16
Golden Tate1000585215$14$19$12$15
Terrelle Pryor1000675211$13$18$11$15
Jeremy Maclin950680211$13$18$11$15
Jamison Crowder950680211$13$18$11$15
Eric Decker850970209$13$17$10$14
Martavis Bryant950865208$12$17$10$14
Willie Snead950675206$12$16$9$14
Adam Thielen950675206$12$16$9$14
Pierre Garcon900680206$12$16$9$14
Julian Edelman950485204$11$16$9$13
Sammy Watkins1000665201$10$15$8$13
Donte Moncrief800965199$10$15$8$12
Kenny Britt1000470194$8$13$6$11
Tyrell Williams900760192$8$13$6$11
DeSean Jackson1000655191$7$13$5$11
Marvin Jones900665191$7$13$5$11
Keenan Allen850575190$7$12$5$10
Mike Wallace900470184$5$11$4$9
Corey Coleman900470184$5$11$4$9
Cam Meredith900470184$5$11$4$9
Rishard Matthews850660181$4$10$3$8
Randall Cobb800570180$4$10$3$8
Cole Beasley800475179$4$10$2$8
Breshad Perriman800660176$3$9$2$7
John Brown850560175$2$9$1$7
Jordan Matthews800470174$2$8$1$7
Robert Woods800470174$2$8$1$7
Tavon Austin750565170$1$7$0$6
Robby Anderson850460169$0$7$0$6
Kevin White750460159$0$5$0$4
Corey Davis800450154$0$3$0$3
Josh Doctson750455154$0$3$0$3
Allen Hurns700550150$0$2$0$2
Devin Funchess700550150$0$2$0$2
Tyler Lockett700550150$0$2$0$2
Brandon LaFell700455149$0$2$0$2
Ted Ginn700545145$0$1$0$1
JJ Nelson700545145$0$1$0$1
Sterling Shepard600555145$0$1$0$0

Overall note on wide receivers, if it seems like wide receivers are valued low compared to running backs (particularly at the top end), it’s because they are. Again, if you want a top receiver, you’ll have to overpay to get one relative to their value. This is because as we established, there are very few workhorse backs anymore, while there are countless wide receivers who are likely to catch 70+ balls this year. The gap between the best receivers and the lesser ones is smaller than the gap at running back, which is why you see that the top players how lower values. As I said, I have no problem with spending over on the more consistent top level wide receivers, but I’d feel more comfortable putting that money into top running backs and going for the second tier of wide receivers.

Obviously I’m high on Julio Jones as I have him rated slightly ahead of Antonio Brown. In a snake draft I would still probably take Brown ahead of Julio for the consistency, but I do believe that the Falcons are going to get Julio more involved in their red zone attack this year. The yards are always there for Julio, so I think he has a chance to put together one of those magical seasons.

I’m also high on Davante Adams as I believe that last year was more real than not. Adams showed some real talent on a number of hard catches and appears to have Aaron Rodgers’ trust, there’s no reason to think that will end this year. Yet another Devante, is high on my list as well.

With Jay Cutler at the helm, he’s known to look at the most athletic receiver and key in on that guy for play after play. He did it with Brandon Marshall and later with Alshon Jeffery, and I’m betting that Cutler falls in love with DeVante Parker’s talents over those of Jarvis Landry —¬†especially in the red zone. While I still like Landry and think he could be decent, I wouldn’t be surprised if Landry’s reception totals dropped into the 80s, while Parker’s rose up to a similar number. If I had to pick one player to break out this year and become a top 10 receiver, I think the stars are finally aligning for Parker.

I’m also higher than many on Brandon Marshall. I think Eli Manning likes to spread the ball around, which hasn’t been evident in recent years because Odell Beckham Jr. has been the only real threat he’s had to exploit. With Marshall, I think Eli has a great secondary option when defenses overextend on Odell and particularly, in the red zone where Marshall has always excelled.

On the flip side of Marshall is Beckham. There’s no doubting that he has supreme talent, perhaps more so than any other receiver in the league. He’s also a bit of a stupid idiot. Odell gets caught up in his emotions too easily and can be taken out of games because his head is not always right. Whereas before, when Odell had his tantrums, Eli had no choice but to throw it to him anyways. Now, if Odell starts pouting, I think Eli targets in on Marshall. I still think Odell will be a top end wide receiver, but I expect a little bit of his volume to dissipate and for that reason I have him a bit lower than many (especially those who think he’s the #1 receiver).

I’m also low on a pair of Patriots in Brandin Cooks and particularly Julian Edelman. I think both get ranked too highly based on Patriot hype. I do have Brady as my top QB this year and it’s certainly possible that he could be in line for a 50 TD season (which would make these two receivers more valuable, of course). However, the hallmark of the Patriots team has always been to create mismatches for their opponents by having too many options on the field for their opponents to properly cover. This certainly appears to be the case again this year with Cooks, Edelman, Gronk, Hogan, the 85 running back options, etc. This all benefits the Patriots team and Brady, but I think each player loses some value (except Gronk) because Brady is willing to throw to whomever is open and there will be no volume forcing — like some other teams will be forced to do. Players like Pierre Garcon have value because there is literally nobody else to throw the ball to, while players like Cooks and Edelman lose value because there are too many other options. I think both will be fine players but I just don’t see enough volume for either to warrant paying top dollar.

The last three wide receivers that you may note that I have lower than most are Sammy Watkins, Keenan Allen and John Brown. All three of these players take a hit in my projections because of injury histories. Admittedly, any one of these three receivers could win you your league as they are all very talented when healthy. I am almost certain at least one of these guys will greatly outproduce where I have them ranked, but again, I have to take into account what they have actually done.

I still have Watkins ranked relatively high but I just feel more comfortable with some of the other healthier options I projected above him. I realize that Allen and Brown are much lower than most, but hear me out…

With John Brown, his career high in receptions is 65. While I agree it’s certainly possible that this is the year he finally breaks out with his talent, but he’s already dealing with an injured quad and his history of injuries is too prolific to ignore. To project him for 70-plus catches means that you expect Larry Fitzgerald to fall off, Carson Palmer to regain some of his past abilities and Brown himself to stay healthy. I’m not willing to bet on all of those things happening so I projected Brown conservatively.

Keenan Allen is another player that I just cannot commit to projecting big numbers for. He has only played in 9 games over the past two seasons. Let that number sink in for a moment. Additionally, while everybody assumes he can be a 100 catch guy, his career high is 77, way back in 2014. He also hasn’t gone over 1,000 yards or 4 touchdowns since 2013. While I admit he could have that magical year in him, I can’t project him for numbers he has never come close to and treat it like a certainty that he will reach them. I’m betting on an injury before I’m willing to spend anywhere close to the $20+ dollars that many other websites and magazines would suggest he’s worth.

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