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Auction Domination: 2017 Fantasy Football Auction Values

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Tight Ends

Tight End Dollar Values (Standard Leagues)

NameReceiving YardsTouchdownsReceptionsPointsYahoo 10 Team $ ValueYahoo 12 Team $ ValueESPN 10 Team $ ValueESPN 12 Team $ Value
Rob Gronkowski11001275182$36$33$31$28
Travis Kelce1100685146$23$21$20$18
Greg Olsen1100685146$23$21$20$18
Jordan Reed850880133$18$17$16$14
Tyler Eifert800860128$16$15$14$13
Jimmy Graham850665121$13$13$12$11
Delanie Walker750660111$9$10$9$8
Kyle Rudolph750675111$9$10$9$8
Eric Ebron750670111$9$10$9$8
Martellus Bennett650760107$8$8$8$7
Austin Sefarian-Jenkins750555105$7$8$7$7
Julius Thomas550860103$6$7$6$6
Jack Doyle600765102$6$7$6$6
Hunter Henry55074597$4$5$5$5
CJ Fiederowicz60056090$1$3$3$3
Coby Fleener65045589$0$2$2$2
Zach Ertz70036588$0$2$2$2
Charles Clay55056085$0$1$1$1
Cameron Brate60045084$0$0$0$1
Zach Miller60046084$0$0$0$1

Tight End Dollar Values (PPR Leagues)

NameReceiving YardsTouchdownsReceptionsPointsYahoo 10 Team $ ValueYahoo 12 Team $ ValueESPN 10 Team $ ValueESPN 12 Team $ Value
Rob Gronkowski11001275257$33$29$31$25
Travis Kelce1100685231$25$23$24$19
Greg Olsen1100685231$25$23$24$19
Jordan Reed850880213$20$18$19$16
Tyler Eifert800860188$12$12$13$11
Jimmy Graham850665186$12$12$12$10
Kyle Rudolph750675186$12$12$12$10
Eric Ebron750670181$10$10$11$9
Delanie Walker750660171$7$8$8$7
Martellus Bennett650760167$6$7$7$6
Jack Doyle600765167$6$7$7$6
Julius Thomas550860163$5$6$6$5
Austin Sefarian-Jenkins750555160$4$5$5$5
Zach Ertz700365153$2$3$3$3
CJ Fiederowicz600560150$1$3$3$3
Charles Clay550560145$0$1$1$2
Coby Fleener650455144$0$1$1$1
Zach Miller600460144$0$0$0$1
Hunter Henry550745142$0$0$0$1
Cameron Brate600450134$0$0$0$1

I still have Rob Gronkowski atop the mountain because as wonderful as Travis Kelce may be, he doesn’t have Tom Brady throwing him the ball. Gronkowski is a touchdown machine on a team which I believe will be racking up the passing scores this year. You’re always taking a chance with Gronk’s health, but no tight end can match his per game production when he’s on the field. Tight end is one of the few positions where I advocate taking a risk on injury because for whatever reason the biggest injury risks are also the biggest touchdown scorers.

I’m high on Tyler Eifert because he’s one of the few players in the NFL who I believe can come close to or even match Gronkowski’s touchdown production. Eifert is often hurt, but when he does play, he scores. This year, with a lousy offensive line, I expect Andy Dalton to look for the quick pass to Eifert often, especially in the red zone.

The last of the players at this position that I’m abnormally high on is Austin Seferian-Jenkins. Pretty much nobody has Jenkins on their radar, but I think he’s a top 10 tight end this year and that’s with a two-game suspension already in tow. On a per game basis, I think Jenkins has the chance to put up top 6 PPR tight end numbers this year. My reasoning is that the Jets have literally nobody to throw the ball to, compounded further by Quincy Enunwa going down for the season. Jenkins was already lighting it up at camp and he’s a big target. I see an old Antonio Gates/Tony Gonzalez role for Jenkins, where he is the best receiver on the team. Now, I don’t expect many touchdowns because the Jets offense is miserable, but he can certainly lead the team in receptions and he likely won’t even be drafted in most leagues.

The only two tight ends that I think I rank lower than most are Jordan Reed and Hunter Henry. I think both are super talented players and I hate to project them where I did. However, Reed is already hurt again and the guy just can’t stay healthy. I do advocate taking on risk with Gronk and Eifert so I wouldn’t advocate against taking Reed based on the same premise, but because he’s already showing injury signs. I had to knock him below guys like Kelce and Greg Olsen who are more steady.

Henry is a player where I think my projection might be too conservative. My concern with Henry is that Gates is still around, Allen is returning, Tyrell Williams looked like the real deal last year and Travis Benjamin might actually be healthy again. There are a lot of mouths to feed on the Chargers and while I think Henry has a nose for the end zone, I just don’t see a path to him getting any more than 50 receptions on this team (barring injuries of course).

Okay, that’s it for the projections and dollar values. I tried to explain what I believe will be some of the more questioned projections and the dollar values that necessarily accompany those projections. Make sure that you keep in mind that these are player values and not expected auction prices as there is a difference between the two (which I explained at the top). Use these numbers to give yourself a clear indication of how much players are worth and where the bargains are. Any comments or discussion about prices or projections are highly welcomed in the section below! We’ll be back next Wednesday with an identification of who I think are some of the biggest bargains and traps based on Yahoo and ESPN dollar values.

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