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Fantasy Baseball Waiver Wire Adds Week 21

Hello everybody and welcome to another week of Waiver Wire Adds! This is the time of year where rosters will start to expand and teams will try out some young players to see what they have. Sometimes you can find gold in those rookies because generally it takes pitchers a little bit of time to get a full scouting report on a new hitter while the opposite is not usually as true, so the young hitters get an advantage for their first tour of the league. Outfield continued to experience a lot of turnover this week with Yoenis Cespedes going down among others. Additionally, for anybody still trying with Jason Kipnis, he has once again found himself on the DL. I have some options for your teams if either of these players need replacing, and even if you are looking for specific categories to climb. On to the adds!

Curtis Granderson, OF, Los Angeles Dodgers (40% Owned On Yahoo):

Curtis Granderson is a very known commodity. He hits for a shit average, he takes a ton of walks and he goes on random home run streaks. Well right now, with his new team, Granderson is on a homer streak. He has 6 home runs over the past two weeks and if you haven’t already done so, now is the time to grab him and ride the rest of the streak out. Sometimes getting moved to a new team can energize a player, and I think that’s happening with Granderson. If you need home runs, I wouldn’t hesitate to pick him up (especially in leagues that use on base percentage instead of batting average).

Brandon Phillips, 2B, Atlanta Braves (35% Owned On Yahoo):

Okay, Brandon Phillips is the opposite of a sexy name. He’s frankly old as dirt. However, Phillips has quietly put up a .289 average with 11 home runs and 10 stolen bases this season. Basically, you drafted Jason Kipnis to give you some power with speed and a decent average and Phillips is doing a reasonable job of providing those same things. A player with these numbers at second base would undoubtedly be owned in many more leagues if people separated the name from the numbers. Highly recommended for the final month if you need a second baseman who won’t hurt you.

Kevin Kiermaier, OF, Tampa Bay Rays (23% Owned On Yahoo):

I suggested adding Kevin Kiermaier (and the rest of the Tampa Bay outfield) months ago. Then his infamous hip injury occurred while sliding into first (don’t do that kids). I imagine because of his long absence, Kiermaier was dropped in most leagues and people just forgot he existed. In a limited 258 at bats this year, Kiermaier has put up 10 home runs and 11 stolen bases which is very nice production. While it’s a shame we can’t see what he would have done over the full season, we can still benefit from the kinds of numbers he’s averaging per at bat and get a nice power/speed boost for our lineups here.

Lucas Giolito, SP, Chicago White Sox (19% Owned On Yahoo):

As the centerpiece for the offseason trade of Adam Eaton, the White Sox are counting on Lucas Giolito to be a solid contributor to their pitching staff sooner than later. Giolito certainly has the pedigree to be a top of the line starter, but the recent results have been less than ideal. I’m not entirely sure how I feel about Giolito’s chances to be a major contributor down the stretch, but I think you have to at least add him to your bench and watch him for a start or two to see how he’s rolling. This could be a situation similar to Jose Berrios, where the second time is the charm for a great young pitcher. No guarantees here, but he’s worth a roster spot just in case his talent shines through.

Delino DeShields, OF, Texas Rangers (15% Owned On Yahoo):

Much like Byron Buxton in last week’s article, Delino DeShields is essentially just a speed play. However, speed is at a premium as we discussed last week, so players like this can make all the difference for the stretch run. DeShields has 6 stolen bases over the past two weeks and 25 stolen bases overall. He’s also batting .274 so he won’t kill you in that category. Again, don’t expect much else from DeShields, but if he can get you another 5-8 stolen bases over the final month, that may be enough to move the needle in the stolen base category for many of you.

That’s it for this week my friends! Keep grinding on the waiver wire and don’t forget to holler at me in the comments below.