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DRAFT NFL Week 2 Lineup Strategy and Rankings

Hi everybody, welcome to week 2 of PlayDraft DFS Strategy. We’ll be regularly planning to drop on Wednesdays from now forward so we can include the Thursday night games in our draft plans. If any major changes occur between the posting of the article and the end of the week, we’ll be updating the information so if a major injury occurs and you want to know how that has changed the rankings, check back in later in the week. Otherwise, here is what I’m thinking for this week:

QB Rankings

  1. Tom Brady
  2. Drew Brees
  3. Aaron Rodgers
  4. Jameis Winston
  5. Matt Ryan
  6. Derek Carr
  7. Russell Wilson
  8. Marcus Mariota
  9. Philip Rivers
  10. Sam Bradford

RB Rankings

  1. Ezekiel Elliott
  2. LeVeon Bell
  3. LeSean McCoy
  4. Devonta Freeman
  5. Melvin Gordon
  6. Kareem Hunt
  7. Jay Ajayi
  8. Todd Gurley
  9. Leonard Fournette
  10. DeMarco Murray
  11. Ty Montgomery
  12. Dalvin Cook
  13. Lamar Miller
  14. Marshawn Lynch
  15. Mike Gillislee
  16. Terrance West
  17. Carlos Hyde
  18. CJ Anderson
  19. Isaiah Crowell
  20. Jacquizz Rodgers
  21. Thomas Rawls

WR/TE Rankings

  1. Antonio Brown
  2. Julio Jones
  3. Mike Evans
  4. Jordy Nelson
  5. AJ Green
  6. Odell Beckham
  7. Brandin Cooks
  8. Amari Cooper
  9. Rob Gronkowski
  10. Larry Fitzgerald
  11. Michael Thomas
  12. DeAndre Hopkins
  13. Keenan Allen
  14. Doug Baldwin
  15. Tyrek Hill
  16. Stefon Diggs
  17. Michael Crabtree
  18. Davante Adams
  19. Devante Parker
  20. DeMaryius Thomas
  21. Dez Bryant
  22. Jeremy Maclin

3 Team Strategy

I’m particularly interested in rostering one of Tom Brady or Drew Brees this week because based on how both defenses performed in week 1 – we could be looking at huge fireworks on both sides. However, I’m also fine with rolling out Aaron Rodgers this week, so I wouldn’t reach to get my QB in a 3 team situation other than I might go after Brady in round 3 or 4 instead of waiting until the final round if he’s still available. Otherwise, you should be looking to go best available RB or WR (in that order). There really shouldn’t be a huge difference between the #1 and 6 guys at those two positions so just taking the highest ranked player that’s left at either position is how I’d play it.

6 Team Strategy

I’m a lot less confident in my expected performances for the options at QB4-QB6 than I am with the top 3 and, in particular, Brady and Brees. I am proactively trying to roster my QB in round 2 because I think you’ll have an advantage on at least half of the teams drafting. While I think you should still get solid performances across the board from the top 12 WR options, I think there’s a slight gap between the top handful and the bottom handful of the 12 whereas I think the running back pool is overall fairly even (after the first 2 or 3). So for 6 team options, I think I’d try to get a top WR round 1, my QB round 2 and then fill in with the rest over the final 3 rounds (unless you have a top pick in round 1 and can snag one of the big RB).

10 Team Strategy

In the 10 team option, I’d still really like to grab that advantage at QB but I think it’s imperative to make sure you get two RB from the first 12 or so options rather than settling for a low end RB. Ideally, you’ll be able to grab two top end RB in the first two rounds and still snag one of the top 3 QB options in round 3 (although don’t be afraid to take Brady if you’re picking late in round 2 and follow up with a RB in round 3). I’d save my WR for rounds 4 and 5 unless you’re in a position where the top RBs are gone and you can get a guy like Antonio Brown, Julio Jones or Mike Evans. Just make sure you’re picking your WR2 in round 5 unless you missed on one of the better QB options (at which point you should bump QB to the final round).

That’s it for this week! Get out there and win some drafts! Also, as usual, please don’t be shy about asking questions or commenting in the area below!