Fantasy Football Stock Watch

Who's Rising, Falling and Why

 Below, find all the news and moves that truly impact the fantasy value needle, with no stone left unturned. We ground each breakdown in our Fantasy Stock Formula, analyzing which factor(s) have seen a change (Talent, Opportunity, Surrounding Talent, Coaching Scheme, Risk, and Upside) to identify Risers, Fallers, Penny Stocks, and Value Holes.

New 49ers OT Mike McGlinchey Boosts Jerick McKinnon and Jimmy Garoppolo
Both Jerick McKinnon and Jimmy Garoppolo receive healthy Surrounding Talent boosts with the addition of athletic-freak T Mike McGlinchey. If one question lingered for a 49ers offense that's burgeoning under Kyle Shanahan, it was a lackluster offensive line.  The unit ranked was graded 20th by PFF in 2017, despite averaging the seventh-highest in yards before contact for runners (1.86). The glaring hole was RT Trent Brown, who struggled mightily, especially in run-blocking, and McGlinchey is going to fill this to perfection.'s Lance Zierlien described McGlinchey as a "very fluid athlete with background as tight end" with "natural movements and able to make cross-face and cut-off blocks." This fits Shanahan's Zone Blocking Scheme to perfection, as this requires blockers who can move and seal off "zones," both at the point of attack and down the field. Thus, Jerick McKinnon sees a healthy boost, with lanes to be even more open, and a freakish athlete who'll dominate downfield in the screen game. Meanwhile, Jimmy Garoppolo now has his protection bookended by two beastly tackles in McGlinchey and Joe Staley. More time is nothing but a positive, for both Garoppolo as well as surrounding weapons like Marquise Goodwin and George Kittle. All-in-all, the rising 49ers are plugging their most gaping holes, and all fantasy ships are rising with less leakage.      
New Giants Workhorse Saquon Barkley Deserves Top-Five Overall Consideration in Fantasy Football Drafts
Saquon Barkley lands in the ideal spot for his fantasy football value with the New York Giants. His Talent is generational. Pat Shurmur is a bellcow breeder. This offense drips in explosive potential. All the fantasy stars have aligned for a Top Five overall season for Barkley.  Running Backs don't get more "complete' than Barkley, who's not unfairly compared to a "Bigger Barry Sanders." He's incredibly versatile, legitimately on par with Le'Veon Bell and David Johnson in terms of butter-smooth route running despite a monstrous 230+ lb frame. Speaking of size, Barkley's powerful enough to get the tough yards, yet shifty and elusive enough to win in space.  He can hit the home run or burst through the pile for a tough TD. Simply put, he does it all. And no one can squeeze more from a versatile back than new HC Pat Shurmur. From Steven Jackson, to LeSean McCoy, to what Dalvin Cook was becoming (and even *gag* Trent Richardson), Shurmur has ridden a three-down workhorse whenever able. According to PFF's Scott Barrett, Shurmur's RB1s have averaged 308.7 carries per season (83.9% of team's share) + 61.3 targets -- insane overall volume, especially in a committee-plagued era. The Bellcow Enthusiast might have his most versatile threat yet. Lastly, the offensive situation may be perfect. Behind an aging Eli Manning, the Giants are ready to hand the offensive reigns over to a 25+ weekly carry bellcow; prior to the draft, Todd McShay noted as much, stating: "I've heard very strongly that there are important people in the building who believe in Saquon Barkley and being a physical, run-first team. Barkley can be the face of the team for the next 10 years." The New York post noted, "the Giants view Saquon Barkley as a near-perfect prospect... a better player than Ezekiel Elliott." Yet, Manning still has enough juice to keep this offense and the explosive Surrounding Talent churning. The Giants have an explosive stable of receiving weapons, obviously highlighted by Odell Beckham Jr., and rounded out by blossoming freaks Evan Engram and Sterling Shepard. This unit should move the ball with ease, creating consistently long and sustained drives, in addition to plenty of scoring opportunities. Boxes can't be stuffed, and Barkley should find oodles of space underneath to flourish in the receiving game. The Giants line is mediocre and the only "negative" here; still, Nate Solder's addition should certainly help. Simply put, Barkley couldn't have landed in a juicier situation for his fantasy football value. His insane combination of Talent, Usage, Surrounding Talent, Coaching Scheme and Upside make him well worth a Top-Five overall selection.
The Browns Select Baker Mayfield, Whose Fantasy Football Stock is Now on Hold
The Browns selected Baker Mayfield with the No. 1 overall pick in the 2018 draft, potentially dismantling his 2018 fantasy football stock. With Tyrod Taylor already named the starting quarterback for the 2018 season by Hue Jackson, Mayfield is a strange selection here. Mayfield is NFL-ready, while a guy like Sam Darnold would have benefited from a year behind Taylor to further develop. Barring an injury to Taylor, Mayfield will be fantasy irrelevant in 2018. But for 2019 and beyond, an offensive core of Mayfield, Carlos Hyde/Duke Johnson (if re-signed), Josh Gordon (if re-signed), Jarvis Landry and David Njoku could be very special. The Browns are building an explosive, fantasy-relevant offense and now they have the face of their franchise, along with some elite talent around him. Another reason to love the fit would be the Browns' incredible offensive line, which caters to Mayfield's mobility inside and outside of the pocket. He'll be able to scan the field from a clean pocket, instead of getting murdered behind a bad offensive line, ala Andrew Luck with the Colts. Love the player and love the pick for the future of the franchise, but we'll likely be without Mayfield's magic for his entire rookie season, which is too bad.
Rob Gronkowski Says He’ll Play for Patriots in 2018
After a roller coaster of an offseason, Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski announced via Instagram that he will indeed return to the team for the 2018 season.  The news shouldn't come to a complete shock to fans, but after his childish antics at a recent promotional event at Gillette Stadium on Saturday where he basically disrespected and mocked the team, Gronkowski took to Instagram on Tuesday evening to write, "I met with coach today and informed him I will be back for the 2018 season with the Pats. I have been working out, staying in shape and feel great. Looking forward to another championship run. #bandsamakeherdance" This all started after the Super Bowl where an emotional Gronkowski hinted at potential retirement, which then led to rumors of him joining the WWE or even acting in Hollywood. But with Tom Brady's agent, Don Yee announcing yesterday that Brady is committed to the team for the near future, it would've be tough to imagine Gronk walking away from his quarterback and his teammates. Even with the losses of Dion Lewis, Brandin Cooks and Nate Solder, the Patriots return the majority of their potent offense. Gronk is currently The Wolf's TE1, while Brady is currently his QB4.
Adam Schefter: Tom Brady Still Has Not Committed to Play in 2018
Adam Schefter dropped a doozy of a tweet Wednesday morning when he stated, "Patriots’ QB Tom Brady still has not committed to playing in 2018, even though people who know him believe he will back coming season, league sources told ESPN." Although Schefter followed up his tweet with this, "My money would be on him playing football for the foreseeable future, but what goes on away from the football field, I don't know." A source told Schefter. "I don't know." It's still sketchy that this is coming out at this point of the offseason -- especially after missing the first few days of OTA's. One would think that Brady would make a decision by next Thursday's draft so the Patriots could find his immediate successor, but who knows at this point. The Patriots have been connected to just about every top quarterback in this draft, including Baker MayfieldJosh RosenLamar Jackson and Kyle Lauletta -- and they have the draft capital to move up into the first half of the first round. Bill Belichick needs to clean up the Alex Guerrero situation and make his quarterback happy for the foreseeable future, especially since he traded Jimmy Garoppolo for pennies on the dollar. Will the Patriots really enter the 2018 season without the greatest quarterback and tight end of all time? It should be an interesting next few weeks.
Bill Belichick to Cordarelle Patterson: “We’ll make you the player you should be”
Though his name will force most fantasy owners to swallow back puke, Cordarelle Patterson has some very real Penny Stock upside now in New England. This is especially true after Brandin Cooks' departure opened up some deep-ball "Opportunity." Moreover, Bill Belichick hinted at an expanded role for Patterson: “I don’t know what you’ve been through in the past, but basically, we get the job done here,” Patterson says Belichick told the wide receiver. “We’re gonna make you the player that you should be.” Now, this doesn't guarantee a major offensive role quite yet. The player does not mean wide receiverIn fact, it more likely means "Special Teams Ace" and package specialist -- perhaps even more RB-mismatch -- than WR. But there's certainly a well of explosive athleticism and open field vision to tap into here, and Belichick doesn't acquire someone without a specific role in mind. If anyone can unlock his upside and use him properly, it'd be him and Josh McDaniels (who Patterson told: "Just put me on the field. It will take care of itself...That’s something I’ve been doing my whole life, making plays, playmaker.") Of course, carving out any consistent usage and thus fantasy value would require Patterson to fully grasp perhaps the most complex playbook in the league.  Thus, Patterson seems destined for a part timer role... but part time usage is far better than full-time when it's the right designs. 8-10 weekly looks would yield some week-swinging booms to flex spots. Patterson's consistently flashed in the screen and slant game, and a simple package of plays designed to get him in space feels likely. Hell, I would be far from shocked if he lined up in the backfield for at least 4-5 snaps a contest, if not more. Let's not forget the Surrounding Talent upgrade: Tom Brady is far and away the most talented signal caller Patterson has ever played with (and ever will). Penny Stocks are all about shooting for the ceilings, and Patterson shockingly drips in upside for those willing to see it. We have a combination of insane raw talent, improved usage, and enormous surrounding talent score boosts. Will Patterson be a fantasy season changer in 2018? Most likely, no. But he could be an occasional game changer, with the slightest chance to be a true monster, making this a $2 lottery ticket worth scratching. If nothing else, New England D/ST gains some upside.... oh, just sit back and enjoy the highlights.
Dez Bryant Cut by Cowboys; Where Will he Land?
We've heard rumbles for what seemed like months, and finally the Cowboys decided to cut their volatile wide receiver, Dez Bryant.  Since being cut, Bryant has gone off on Twitter, saying "If I didn’t have my edge I got it now... I’m sorry they got to feel me it’s personal... it’s very personal." He also retweeted a writer's tweet saying that Bryant is going to look to play in the NFC East to get revenge against the Cowboys twice a year. The Cowboys wide receiver depth chart is currently headlined by Allen HurnsTerrance Williams and Cole Beasley, while a player such as Noah Brown could be a potential Penny Stock. But with the NFL Draft just under two weeks away, expect the Cowboys to address their putrid receiver group by targeting one in the first round. Some names to keep an eye on are Maryland's DJ Moore and SMU's Courtland Sutton. Check back to read our analysis once Bryant signs with a team.
New Saints WR Cameron Meredith’s Stock Rises Alongside Drew Brees
Now a member of the Saints, Cameron Meredith's "Surrounding Talent" and "Coaching Scheme" Scores receive monster boosts and send his Fantasy Football Stock Score soaring after the Bears blunder his contract.  Though a preseason torn ACL and MCL robbed Meredith of a likely breakout in 2017, the 6'3" monster lands in a prime position to realize his full ceiling with the Saints. For starters, Meredith already flashed blow-up potential when last on the field, despite having to fight through fantasy quicksand. Yes, Meredith still logged double-digit PPR FPs in 7/13 games (including 19 FPs in five of those contests (and 22+ in three (26+ in two)))... while catching passes from Matt Barkley in a John Fox offense (go puke and return). Those outputs aren't achievable in that God awful set-up without some real talent. Now, Meredith exits Fantasy Purgatory for perhaps Fantasy Heaven, landing in the prolific Drew Brees and Sean Payton attack. Yes, the Saints passing offense regressed statistically last year, as Brees was held under 32 TDs for the first time in 10 seasons. Let me repeat: Over the last decade, Brees has thrown 32+ TDs in 9 of 10 seasons. Sure, he's older, and indeed, the dominant rushing attack will remain a staple. But I'll bet on 90% any day of the week, especially when Meredith -- a wiry, athletic, proven red zone threat -- is brought into the mix. Earlier this offseason, Payton had told reports WR was a "must" add position, and he landed the sneaky most talented guy after Allen Robinson. Expect Brees to return to his 30+ TD wizardry, with Meredith on the receiving end of 8+.
The Grass Won’t be Greener for Jordy Nelson with the Raiders
Jordy Nelson's Coaching Scheme, Usage and Surrounding Talent scores to take a hit playing second fiddle in a downgraded passing game. New Oakland Raiders WR Jordy Nelson will see a decrease in three major categories while in his new digs in the Bay Area. No longer acting as his former boy toy's security blanket in Aaron Rodgers, Nelson will thrust into Derek Carr's offense, which struggled mightily compared to 2016. Nelson seems to be a fill in for the departed Michael Crabtree -- which might seem good at first, before diving into the stats. With new Head Coach Jon Gruden at the helm, this means potential great things for Amari Cooper. As The Wolf pointed out in prior articles about Gruden's hire, his West Coast scheme likes to stretch the defense and get the ball in his best player makers' hands. WR1s in Gruden's offenses have flourished in the past as he "funnels looks and production to his top target." He's ALWAYS produced a 1,000 yard receiver and only once had under 122 looks. You think that's going to be the 32 year old Nelson? Nah, me neither. He's surely not the WR1 we all knew and loved in Green Bay, and now he's slowly dwindling away to WR2 status on his team as his career starts to fade.
Chris Hogan Benefits Most from the Brandin Cooks Trade
With Brandin Cooks' 114 targets up for grabs, Chris Hogan's Opportunity Score rises and he should be in for a big 2018. After Tom Brady was able to throw for 500 yards without Brandin Cooks during the Super Bowl, the writing was on the wall for Cooks -- not to mention he was entering a contract year. Chris Hogan's role changed with the arrival of Cooks and then he was able to settle down in Cooks' role once Malcolm Jenkins put Cooks out to pasture. Hogan registered six receptions for 128 yards and a touchdown on eight targets as the team's intermediate and deep threat in the Super Bowl, and he should find himself in that position next season. Not only does Brady trust Hogan in clutch situations, but he also trusts him deep. In 2016, Hogan was tied with DeSean Jackson with a 17.9 yards per reception average. We expect a monster season for Hogan in the 65-850-8 range.
Leonard Fournette and Andrew Norwell will Steamroll Opposing Defenses
Leonard Fournette's Surrounding Talent Score will increase with the addition of the road grader that is Andrew Norwell.  Though linemen often are overlooked by fantasy owners, Andrew Norwell‘s (PFF's No. 3 ranked guard) signing may go down as one of 2018’s most crucial. Granted, the only player we truly care about here is Leonard Fournette, but Norwell will stabilize the only glaring weakness on an otherwise punishing run-blocking line, allowing Fournette to run even more freely in his sophomore campaign. Fournette's health is admittedly a huge concern. Yet, Norwell’s presence all but guarantees weekly RB1 production for as long as Fournette lasts. Hopefully, it’s all 16 and a masterpiece. To read more about this beastly combo, click here.
OJ Howard’s Stock Tumbles After Bucs Re-Up Cameron Brate
With the Bucs spending a first rounder on OJ Howard and Cameron Brate set to hit free agency, the future as clear for the former Crimson Tide tight end... or so we thought.    After finishing his rookie season on a high note, it looked like OJ Howard was set to take the reigns as the clear TE 1 in Tampa Bay; that was until the Bucs re-signed the always solid Cameron Brate. Howard dripped in TE1 upside with a high talent score, but it will be tough for Howard to fulfill high fantasy football expectations. Now, Tampa Bay will mostly run two tight end sets, with Brate vulturing Howard’s potential touchdown production. Before the Bucs re-signed Brate, Howard was slated as The Wolf’s TE12 in his “Too Early” Big Board. But with Brate returning, those dreams have been laid to rest, as he is currently slotted at TE19.   To be more depressed about this, click here.
Kirk Cousins lands in ideal spot with Minnesota, set for career bests
Now in Minnesota, Kirk Cousins' "Surrounding Talent" and "Coaching Scheme" scores both receive healthy boosts, setting the stage for a Top Five QB finish. With a strong and accurate arm, magnetic leadership qualities, and strong durability, Cousins has all the makings of a potential franchise QB. He’s now in the perfect spot to prove this in Minnesota. The Vikings drip in offensive firepower: Adam Thielen is among the league’s smoothest route runners, is deceptively fast down the field, and consistently finds the soft spots on a defense. Meanwhile, Stefon Diggs has flashed elite traits in all three seasons, at times putting the entire passing attack on his back for 10+ reception games. He’s a gym rat and pure lover of the game, thus working on his craft nonstop. Meanwhile, Kyle Rudolph is enormous yet can fly down the seams, while Dalvin Cook is dangerously explosive in the receiving game out of the backfield. Additionally, new OC John DeFilippo, is appropriately praised for his incredible work with Carson Wentz and Nick Foles in 2017. Not that Cousins’ game leaves a ton to be desired, but if DeFilippo can squeeze historic postseason runs out of Foles, he certainly could take Cousins to another level. The Vikings were already one of the league’s top offenses in 2017, ranking 10th in total yardage and 11th in scoring. Both Kirk Cousins and new OC John DeFilippo are capable of sending this unit towards the top five. To read a more in-depth breaking of all things Vikings, click here.    
Rex Burkhead Set for Dion Lewis Role, Maybe More?
Rex Burkhead is the ultimate Bill Belichick-type player who does everything asked of him -- whether it be on special teams or in a specific role. In this case, Burkhead did everything asked of him during his first season, and could be awarded the lead back role in year two.   With Dion Lewis no longer in New England, Mike Gillislee in the dog house and James White securing his third down duties, Burkhead brings the type of versatility that Belichick adores from his first and second down back. He can run the ball effectively and is a plus-receiver out of the backfield, which keeps the opposing defense off-guard. It's up to debate if Burkhead can carry a 16 game load -- as he's never been asked to do so -- but he'll definitely be given the chance after re-signing in New England to the tune of a 3-year, $9.75 million deal. The Patriots will potentially add a running back in the draft, but it's Burkhead's job to lose right now.   To learn more about Burkhead's potential role, click here.  
Jay Ajayi’s Path to an RB1 Bounce Back has been laid
Jay Ajayi's "Opportunity" score sees a dramatic increase with LeGarrette Blount headed to Detroit. Understandably, many owners who rode The Jay Pain Train in 2017 will steer far clear of Ajayi in 2018. However, True Wolves must have a short-term memory, or otherwise be blinded to the tremendous upside Ajayi (and other rebound candidates) offer in 2018. With Blount's disgusting presence removed, Ajayi's path to 20+ touches in 2017’s highest scoring offense (29.0 PPG) just became a whole lot clearer, especially at the goalline. Even when Blount was around, Ajayi averaged 75.3 total yards from scrimmage in his 10 games with the Eagles — a 1205 yard pace in a 16 game season, which would’ve ranked 15th among RBs last year. At minimum, this pace should be sustained while increasing Ajayi’s TD upside substantially. He’s set for heavy, valuable volume, behind the league’s best offensive line, amidst an incredibly explosive and creatively called attack. This is the ultimate RB1 recipe, and the bitter taste of Ajayi’s bust-filled 2017 is creating one of the best 2018 fantasy football investing opportunities. Despite being brutally burned last season, I’m hammering the “Double Down” bet here and going all-in on Ajayi yet again -- especially at his 44th Experts Consensus Ranking. For a more detailed breakdown of Ajayi's soaring ceiling, click here.
Tyrod Taylor set for QB1 Stats with Cleveland’s Stacked Cast, Explosive Scheme
Traded to Cleveland, Tyrod Taylor receives major "Surrounding Talent" and "Coaching Scheme" upgrades following the Browns' wild offseason. With minimal firepower to play with, Taylor has largely delivered the QB1 goods in Buffalo; in both 2015 and 2016, he was the QB8 in points per game with a banged up Sammy Watkins and Robert Woods as his top targets. Instead of Zay Jones and a limping Jordan Matthews, TyGod will now  sling to Josh Gordon (potential top-five talent), Jarvis Landry (arguably the top slot weapon in the game) and Corey Coleman, (an athletic freak not far removed from receiving awards as the top collegiate wideout). Meanwhile, Duke Johnson ranks among the top receiving backs in the game, and last year’s first round TE David Njoku still drips in the raw athleticism to develop into a nightmare matchup. Beyond just the skill positions, Taylor also lands behind one of the NFL’s top lines. Moreover, he leaves behind Buffalo's vanilla schemes for the always explosive Todd Haley. Though Haley has never worked with a QB of Tyrod's mobility, the new OC is adamant in crafting offenses around his players’ strengths. Expect plenty of rollouts, bootlegs, and designed runs. Moreover, Haley loves attacking teams vertically, which fits into Tyrod’s abilities to buy time in the pocket, as well as drop dimes deep. We have the perfect marriage of an underrated talent, meshing with a proven play caller, and joining now-loaded weapons cabinet. The only risk is losing the job to an highly-touted rookie -- admittedly a real concern -- but I firmly believe TyGod will do just this... and yield QB1 numbers for his games played regardless.   For more surrounding Tyrod Taylor and all of Cleveland's new toys, click here
Mitch Trubisky’s Weapons Cabinet now stacked; Ideal Late Round QB2 Penny Stock
After enormous "Surrounding Talent" and "Coaching Scheme" upgrades, Mitch Trubisky's path to a Jared Goff-esque breakout is very real.   

Allen RobinsonTaylor Gabriel, and Trey Burton, oh my! Talk about a Surrounding Talent upgrade — Trubisky's weapons cabinet, once headlined by (puke) Kendall Wright, now features a bevy of athletic field stretchers. This is ideal, as the creative, aggressive, and vertically-minded Matt Nagy replaces the infuriatingly conservative John Fox, also landing Trubisky a healthy “Coaching Scheme” score boost. A vertical cast + a vertical coach = perfection for the strong-armed Trubisky, who was graded third by PFF on 20+ yard passes. Jared Goff followed very similar upgrades in Sean McVay and his bolstered weaponry to a QB1 breakout, and Trubisky’s own arm is all that stands between him and a similar explosion.

The “Shanahan” Effect: Jerick McKinnon now a Bonafide RB1 

With his "Opportunity" and "Coaching Scheme" scores skyrocketing as the expected 49ers Featured Back, Jerick McKinnon now drips in RB1 upside.

 Kyle Shanahan’s “Zone Blocking” run game has facilitated monster RB1 seasons whenever the talent fits the scheme... and even when it doesn't (cough, Carlos Hyde, cough). In fact, five of Shanahan's last 6 lead backs have been Top 15 fantasy producers, including monster outputs most recently from Devonta Freeman and Alfred Morris, while "stalwarts" like Steve Slaton have notched over 1,500 total yards and 10 TDs in this offense. McKinnon is set to be the next featured monster, according to Shanahan's mouth (and the 49ers wallet).  McKinnon is now the league’s fourth richest back thanks to a monster 4-year, $30 million deal -- not "complementary" money by any means. Moreover, Shanahan has done nothing but heap praise since signing the versatile back: “I got lost watching his film, there’s so much I liked,”; “He’s an issue for teams,”; “He’s good on third down... and also first and second.” Apparently, Shanahan has found his next horse, which is a fantasy football bet I'll always hammer. All signs point to a monster 1,500+ total yard, 8-10 TD, 50+ reception season. For more on the Shanahan’s Zone Blocking Scheme and McKinnon’s fit in it, click here.

Derrick Henry’s Stock Takes a Hit with Dion Lewis Addition
The Titans went out and signed Dion Lewis in free agency who fits new OC Matt LeFleur's offense — which is predicated on merging the running and passing game — like a glove; plummeting Derrick Henry's Opportunity and Usage Score. Derrick Henry went from a legit RB1 who would have warranted a late-first, early-second round pick, to a player who’s currently ranked amongst the likes of Kenyan DrakeCarlos HydeAlex Collins and Rex Burkhead. Sure, things will likely change once training camp rolls around and we get some clarity on how the two backs will be utilized, but it’s extremely difficult to be optimistic about Henry right now. The former Crimson Tide bruiser may be in-line for a double-digit touchdown season, yet the chances of him fulfilling our lofty fantasy dreams are slim. Dion Lewis carries the better fantasy outlook of the two right now and frankly, it might not be debatable. To read more in-depth on this brutal RBBC situation, click here.
Doug Baldwin’s Target Share and WR1 Upside Skyrocketing
Doug Baldwin has far less competition for Russell Wilson’s attention in 2018, and his “Opportunity” score consequently sees a healthy boost. Fellow pass-catchers Jimmy Graham and Paul Richardson have landed in Green Bay and Washington respectively, which opens up oodles of targets (175, 32% target share), especially in the Red Zone (37/73, over 50% tgts). As currently built, Baldwin is the only weapon with established red zone chemistry with Wilson. Recall: Baldwin finished 2015 (his last without Graham) with 14 total TDs, including an NFL-record 12 over an eight week span to close out the season. He trailed only Antonio Brown among WRs for scoring during this span, and is sneakily set up for a similar explosion in 2018. In his last three campaigns, Baldwin’s finished as the WR11, WR8, and WR10 despite never topping 125 targets. As the clear cut target hog for one of the league’s best signal-caller, Baldwin is now in a prime position to exceed all those finishes with his finest campaign yet. Read more about Baldwin’s insane upside here.
Trey Burton is a Mismatch Nightmare in the Bears Offense
Bears head coach Matt Nagy will utilize Trey Burton in the all-important "U" position in his offense. Even with limited production in Philadelphia, the Bears signed Trey Burton to a four-year, $32 million contract to fill a very important position in Matt Nagy's offense. Burton will be utilized mostly in the slot in the "U" position, the same position where Nagy helped Travis Kelce lead all tight ends in yards from the slot in 2017. Burton's size will make him a serious mismatch for smaller defensive backs and his speed will make him very difficult for linebackers to handle. With a high score in Coaching Scheme department of our Fantasy Football Stock Formula, Burton drips in TE 1 upside heading into 2018. Learn more about Nagy's offense and Trey Burton.
Patrick Mahomes enormous upside continues growing with Sammy Watkins added
Mahomes' already-elite "Surrounding Talent" score continues climbing with deep-ball extraordinaire Sammy Watkins joining his stacked weapons cabinet. This offense already oozed in enormous fantasy football upside. Now, the combination of Watkins, Tyreek Hill, Travis Kelce, and Kareem Hunt creates arguably the most explosive juggernaut in the league, and Mahomes will be at the center of it all. Andy Reid, one of the brightest offensive minds in the game, will have limitless ways of attacking and stretching a defense, especially considering Mahomes' cannon arm. His usually more horizontal-based West Coast offense was already becoming far more vertical under Hill, and the big plays will only grow with Watkins, who tracks the deep ball as well as any in the league. With lesser natural ability and weapons, Alex Smith was able to finish as 2017’s No.2 fantasy QB in this setup. Even more is in place for Mahomes to repeat this feat, with genuine upside for a Deshaun Watson / Carson Wentz type of impact Read more about Sammy Watkins' impact on this entire offense here