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How to Set Up a Fantasy Bachelorette League

Fantasy Bachelorette has arrived!

Ladies, boyfriends, and tool bag fantasy addicts rejoice! May 23, 2016 not only marks the return of JoJo’s beautiful bosom to our TV screen, but also signifies The RSJ’s premiere of Fantasy Bachelorette.

As has been explored quite frequently here, I’m a fantasy addict of the highest levels. Consequently, I have been #blessed (#cursed) with the gift of making anything into a fantasy league (we’re already deep in the process of Fantasy Game of Thrones)

The Bachelorette will be no exception.

Perhaps you’ve seen Chris Harrison coldly telling ladies, “Pack up your things, say your good byes,” since Alex Mitchel in 2002. Or maybe you’re “just doing your duty” (lol, fooling no one bro) and being a quality significant other.

Regardless of your original investment, be prepared to care a whole lot more. With bragging rights, trash talk, side bets all on the line, viewing The Bachelorette has never been so exciting.

Below is our first run at a scoring system. Feedback is always welcome. Between now and Ms. Fletcher’s return, The Truth will be making his RSJ debut with rankings and analysis on all the contestants. A customizable scoring tracker will be released.   We’ll post and analyze the results of our Expert Draft. And of course we’ll be tracking all the roses, crying, boozing and groping that occurs on JoJo’s quest for love.

  Fantasy Bachelorette  Scoring System


As the foundation for your survival on the show, Roses similarly are the key Fantasy Bachelorette success. Yes, general behavior and dating success can create separation, but you’ll need a few rose-earning studs if you plan to win your league.


  • First cocktail to Top 10 rose = +2
  • Top 10 rose = +3
  • Final 4 (hometown dates) = +6
  • Top 3 = + 10
  • Top 2 = + 15
  • Winner + 20


  • First Rose of Season (First Impression rose) = +10
  • First Rose of Episode = +3
  • Rose on Group Date = +3



  • Getting kicked off before first cocktail party rose is given= -10
  • Getting kicked off before any rose ceremony for poor behavior= -5

The words we all want to hear…

Hooking Up / Sex Related

True, roses may be the “yardage” of leagues: consistent, dependable, week-to-week points. Hook ups and particularly sex, however, are like the touchdowns. The huge plays. Finding that person she can’t keep her hands off is like drafting that red zone monster, and how you separate from the other consistent rose gainers.


  • Quick Peck = +1
  • Full makeout = +3

**Must be significant action / seeing other people first between sessions before it counts as a second make out (non example = making out, chatting for a few seconds, sucking face again)

  • Heavy groping = +3
  • Implied Sex (includes fantasy suites)= +10


  • Profess Virginity = -10
  • Forego fantasy suite or sex offer = -10
  • Jojo makes fun of your kissing / love-making ability = -5



There’s bound to be a 1-on-1 dating machine, a true target monster or workhorse back. Meanwhile, being left alone on an island is akin to a stud tearing an ACL: done for the year and leaving your roster in serious jeopardy.

  • Getting invited on a 1-on-1 date = +2
  • Having celebrity join your 1-on-1 date = +5
  • Private Concert = +5 (only if awkwardness is embraced and music is dance to)
  • Getting the blessing of a family member  = +7
  • Drinking wine or champagne straight out of the bottle with JoJo’s mom = +7


  • Negative family reaction to you = -5
  • Being left alone on date site as JoJo leaves with another = -10



General Behavior

Given the frequent tools selected for this show, negative points far outweigh the positives. Be wary of falling into an interception or  fumbling machine here.


  • Getting completely hammered = +3
  • Unsanctioned Fight Initiator= +5
  • Unique First Arrival = +3
  • Nudity (on-screen & censored, not implied) = +5


  • Snitching i.e  “XX Is not there for the right reasons” = -3
  • Crying = -5
  • Lose unsanctioned fight = -10
  • Over the top, out-of-place confession / revelation = -3
  • Confessing your love before hometown dates = -3
  • Unintentionally expelling gross bodily fluid (piss, vomit) =  -5
  • Discovered significant other = -3

Interested in your own league?

Ready to get your own league up and running? Awesome.

If you’d like to track the results live, click the link below to prompt a download of the official RSJ Fantasy Bacehlorette score tracker:

Download our Official Bachelorette Scoring Tracker Here

Otherwise, keep your eyes peeled for our Weekly Recaps where our resident Fantasy Bachelorette experts will update all the scoring action for you.

Then, ensure your own dominance by checking out The Truth’s rankings throughout the weekend, as well as our Live Expert Draft and Pick Analysis.

UPDATE: Draft Prep

Tier 1 Scouts – The Truth’s Top 5 Guys

Tier 2 Scouts -The Truth’s 5-10 Contestants 

Happy drafting everyone. Cheers to fantasy addiction and Chris Harrison’s smug grin!